planning a trip to  Braham Sarovar Kurukshetra

Braham Sarovar, because the call suggests, is related to Lord Brahma, the author of the Universe.

Taking dip in holy water of sarover all through Solar Eclipse is taken into consideration same to the deserves of acting heaps of Asvamedha Yajnas

According to Local Legends this tank changed into first excavated via way of means of King Kuru the ancestor of Kauravs & Pandavas

The Shiva Linga changed into hooked up right here via way of means of Lord Brahma himself

Annual Gita Jyanti celebrations is hung on banks of bramsarover in November-December

Many devotees do not forget one prikarma of this tank same to creating one go to to all of the tirth mendacity in the holy circuit of Kurukshetra forty eight Kos.

The nearest Airports are at Delhi and Chandigarh, which can be related to Kurukshetra via way of means of street and rail.

Kurukshetra Railway Station, additionally referred to as the Kurukshetra Junction is placed