planning a trip to  Star Monument Bhiwani

A brilliant architecture, big name monument is the Samadhi Sthal of fifth Radha Swami Guru, Shri Param Sant Tarachandji Maharaj who’s famend as Bade Maharaj ji. Read More

This hexagonal shape is built in big name form on the accelerated peak of 6 toes from ground

The monument is 88 toes tall erected with none pillars and columns

This is extraordinary piece of architecture, that whole constructing isn’t always having guide of concrete pillars

A innovative lawn is likewise surrounding this Samadhi which depicts splendor of this vicinity in particular below lights.

The nearest airport is Indira GandhiInternational airport is at a & distance of 124kms

Garib Rath Express are a number of the trains that prevent at this junction. For Railway Enquiry dial 139.

Morni HillsMorni is a village and visitor enchantment withinside the Morni Hills