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Mawlynnong a village frequently mentioned as Gods personal Garden`, is positioned withinside the East Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya and is fine recognized for being the cleanest village in Asia. The city is adorned with the splendor of plentiful vegetables and plants, at the side of neat rows of virtually one hundred huts that residence a extremely good network of the Khasi tribe. Visitors to the village can trek via its forests and discover its lovely little corners whilst additionally playing extremely good perspectives of neighbouring Bangladesh. The citizens of Mawlynnong paintings relentlessly toward preserving the impeccable popularity in their village, that is in reality an initiative that must be emulated with the aid of using all areas of the country. Visitors to Mawlynnong are continually greeted warmly with the aid of using the local people and there may be frequently a good deal to study from them approximately adopting components in their lifestyle, that can show useful to our environment as well. To recognize greater approximately a number of the fine activities whilst you go to Mawlynnong, right here are all our recommendations.
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WHY VISIT Mawlynnong?

Explore Mawlynnong Village
Mawlynnong is a brilliantly deliberate village with systematically organized stores and houses, that are flawlessly inhabited and maintained with the aid of using the locals who are living right here. The complete village should without difficulty byskip off as a massive lovable garden. Visitors are advocated to walk via the spotlessly easy roads and discover the particular plants, timber and plants that bloom withinside the courtyards and out of doors every residence. There are homestays to be had for the ones searching out accommodation, that is a extraordinary concept if you’ll choose to live over and study the neighborhood lifestyle of the Khasi tribe. Don`t overlook to strive the local meals of the Khasi people, at the side of a few retail remedy with handicraft purchasing from the village as well.

Walk Across Jingmaham Living Root Bridge
Humans were manipulating the increase of timber and their roots for a protracted duration of time, and the residing root bridge of Mawlynnong is a exceptional instance that mixes nature and human efforts. The Khasi tribe has been directing the increase of those tree roots for generations to construct this bridge that crosses over the river and is used like every other everyday bridge. The water that flows below is calm and serene in which you may spend a great couple of hours with the aid of using the banks to revel in the remarkable perspectives around. Reaching the bridge takes a few quantity of tough hiking though, which might not be everyone`s cup of tea.

Visit Mawlynnong Waterfall
One of the maximum captivating spots for photographers who go to Mawlynnong, the Mawlynnong Waterfalls are encountered with the aid of using travelers on their manner from Dawki to Mawlynnong village whilst passing via the forests. The waterfalls are in large part unexplored and stay untouched with the aid of using human interferences, with titanic herbal splendor that surrounds the complete region. The sound of the birds and the wind gushing via the thick foliage creates a enthralling atmosphere that enhances the splendor of the waterfall. There are bridges right here that provide even greater camera-worth moments.

Enjoy the Views from Brun Khongmen View Point
The Brun Khongmen Viewpoint is located atop a tall tree withinside the Riwai village, a touch distance farfar from the Living Root Bridge. The point of view may be reached after mountaineering a bamboo shape, additionally recognized the Sky Walk or Bamboo Watchtowers, which rises eighty five ft in top and gives tremendous perspectives of the relaxation of the village and the Bisnakandi region of neighbouring Bangladesh. There are some of bamboo watchtowers located withinside the village; the Brun Khongmen calls for a price for mountaineering the treehouse and gives a number of the maximum top notch perspectives withinside the region.

Boating on Dawki/Umngot River
The River Dawki is famously recognized for its crystal clean water that flows via the forests and rocky landscapes alongside the India/Bangladesh border. Dawki is a border city positioned close by that gets masses of travelers every yr for its scenic splendor, surrounded with the aid of using majestic hills and herbal wonders. The Dawki river serves as a herbal boundary among the Khasi Hills and the Jaintia Hills with a unmarried span suspension bridge that hangs over the river. The freshwater river has such clean water that boats seem to glide withinside the air over it. During the spring season, the boat racing opposition hung on the river brings in even greater travelers. Travellers also can strive out different sports right here like canyoning, kayaking, and river rafting at the side of cliff jumping, mountain climbing and hiking.

Take Pictures with the Balancing Rock
A bizarre but herbal phenomenon, the Balancing Rock is one of the pinnacle traveller points of interest of Mawlynnong and is positioned alongside the outskirts of the village. Consisting of a massive boulder balanced on any other smaller rock, the place makes for extraordinary photographs although it has been enclosed inside a stressed fence for protection measures. The shape has stood withinside the identical function for centuries, withstanding all forms of climate changes. The locals consider the rock formation to be an historic shrine of the Khasi tribes; after the arrival of Christianity in Mawlynnong, the spiritual importance of the balancing rock have become redundant however it nevertheless stays a sight to behold.

Nearest Attraction Mawlynnong, Meghalaya

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