similipal reserve forest


similipal reserve forest

Located in Mayurbhanj, Northern Odisha, Similipal Tiger Reserve is an area in which Nature binds you with its awe inspiring beauty, grace, strength and its calmness. The Similipal Tiger Reserve which covers a place of 2750 Sq KM is Odisha`s essential natural world sanctuary.Similipal is known as after crimson silk cotton semul trees, which might be observed abundantly withinside the region. The Tiger Reserve additionally boasts of a big sort of wild orchids which lends a romantic attraction to the woodland. The outstanding Joranda, Baharepani and different smaller water falls waterfalls leaves one spellbound & the majestic Royal Bengal Tiger offers the Tiger Reserve the person which suits flawlessly with the settings.

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Similipal is among the primary 9 precise tiger reserves that had been installed in 1973. Recently likely for the primary time ever an extraordinary Melanistic Tiger or Black Tiger turned into found in Similipal.
The forests is wet deciduous woodland (Monsoon woodland) in nature and the twelve rivers feed the jungles of Similipal. The meandering rivers via the hills of the woodland cascades right all the way down to create the outstanding Baheripani waterfall, in which the water drops from a top of four hundred-metre and Joranda waterfall, in which the water drops from a top of a hundred and fifty meters. All in all Similipal gives a healthful bundle for the character enthusiasts.

Odisha’s Similipal National Park

Similipal Bio-sphere protecting a significant are of 2750 sq. km out of which 303 sq. km from the middle area, thick biosphere reserve is a sanctuary and one of the Tiger Projects and National parks of India. With huge variety of rain falls and edaphic variations, variety from dry deciduous to wet inexperienced forests, it’s far appropriate to extraordinary species of vegetation and fauna. About 1076 species of mammals, 29 styles of reptiles and 231 species of birds are the proud ownership of this plateau. Average imply elevation of Similipal is 900 meters. Tall and luxuriant Sal Trees in big numbers stand like sentries. The good-looking peaks of Khairiburu (1178 meters), Meghasani (1158 meters) and others welcome like smiling receptionists from the emerald heights. Sweet scented Champak plant life freshen the air.

The richly hued orchids at the inexperienced foliage are soothing to the eyes. In the midst of the dense forests, the summer time season stands humbled and the solar receives lost. Several rivers like Budhabalanga, Khairi, salandi & Palpala originate from the hills and meander via the woodland like veins and arteries withinside the body. a lot of them have shaped cascading rapids and foaming falls earlier than leaving for the plains. The panoramic view of the waterfalls at Barehipani (four hundred meters) and Joranda(a hundred and fifty meters) are absolutely spell binding of fish, is observed in abundance in maximum of the rivers.

Shimlipal National Park – Similipal Tiger Reserve


Similipal, which derives its call from Simul (Silk Cotton) tree, is a countrywide park and a Tiger Reserve located withinside the northern a part of Orissa`s Mayurbhanj district. The tiger reserve is unfold over 2750 squarekm and has a few lovely waterfalls like Joranda and Barehipani. The park is surrounded through excessive plateaus and hills, the best top being the dual peaks of Khairiburu and Meghashini (1515m above suggest sea stage). At least twelve rivers reduce throughout the apparent region, all of which drain into the Bay of Bengal. The outstanding amongst them are Burhabalanga, Palpala Bandan, Salandi, Kahairi and Deo.

Flora and fauna:

An amazing 1078 species of plant life inclusive of ninety four species of orchids discover their domestic withinside the park. The flowers is a mixture of various woodland kinds and habitats, with Northern tropical wet deciduous dominating a few semi-evergreen patches. Sal is the dominant tree species here. The park additionally has sizeable grasslands which can be grazing grounds for the various herbivores. These forests boast of many plant life which have medicinal and fragrant properties.

Similipal Tiger Reserve which spreads over 2750 Sq.Kms is part of Central Indian Landscape. Not most effective a Tiger Reserve, Similipal is likewise a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve and additionally part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve. Similipal derives its call from the abundance of Semul or Red Silk Cotton bushes that bloom vividly in its woodland. The good sized stretches of woodland of Similipal is a completely unique composition of deciduous, semi-ever inexperienced, excessive stage Sal, grass land & savannahs. It is the home of extra than 1253 species of flowering plant life, ninety nine species of non-flowering plant life, 21 species of amphibians, sixty two species of reptiles, 361 species of birds, fifty five species of mammals and plenty of species of plant life and fauna but to be identified. Similipal Tiger Reserve placed withinside the northern aspect of the kingdom is likewise blessed with majestic waterfalls like Barehipani, Joranda & Uski, Sitakund-Deokund-Bhimkund waterfalls in its periphery, rocky cliffs and inexperienced valleys dotted in sylvan Sal forests. It bears ninety four species of orchids, lots of them are endemic and endangered and seventy two are Himalayan species.

Similipal Nature Camp and Tour Packages

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