Duduma Waterfall


Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall

Near Duduma Falls is the Machhakund (Duduma) Hydroelectric Project.It is a challenge that the governments of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha have collaborated on. The challenge has a whole established capability of one hundred and twenty MW and is product of six units.
Machkund is a Hindu pilgrimage site. The Bonda, Gadaba, and Paraja neighborhood tribes living near the Machkund waterfall.
Duduma Waterfall in Which District: Koraput District, Government Of Odisha, India.

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Duduma Waterfall Nearest Railway Station: Koraput Railway Station is 40.6 kilometers away, Jeypore Railway Station is 42.6 kilometers away and Suku Railway Station is 42.5 kilometers away.
The Majestic waterfall, Popularly known as matsya Tirtha of epic fame falls from a pinnacle of 100 75 mtrs. Set withinside the coronary coronary heart of a picturesque hill, Duduma 70 Kms to the South of Jeypore, and 88 Kms farfar from Koraput is a rocky outlet for the river Machhkund, which flows thru this tough Terrain. Rock-mountaineering enthusiasts can try accomplishing the lowest of the fall from the opportunity thing of the hill, a direction tribals claim can be Terribly Strenuous.

Location –

Duduma Waterfall Machhakund (Duduma)

Travel Info:

Best time to go to: Oct-Feb
District: Koraput
Open Time: Day Time
Popular Cuisine: Local Food
Attractions: Waterfall, Natural Views
Nearest Bus Stop: Machhakund (Duduma)
Nearest Railway Station: Koraput
Travel Options: Taxi, Bus, Train
Nearest town: Machhakund (Duduma)
Distance from Bhubaneswar:

Which is largest waterfall in India?
The Kunchikal Falls

Which is the second highest waterfall in India?
Barehipani Falls

Which is the largest waterfall in Odisha?
Barehipani waterFalls is the largest waterfall in Odisha

Where is Duduma waterfall situated?

Duduma 70Kms to the South of Jeypore

Which is the largest waterfall in Odisha?
Longest waterfall of odisha is Khandadhar waterFall

How to Reach Duduma Waterfall

Duduma Waterfall

Nearest Airpport is Bhubaneswar , Nearest Bus stand is Machhakund (Duduma) & Nearest Railway station is Machhakund (Duduma)

By Air

Bhubaneswar Air port

By Train


By Road

Machhakund (Duduma)

Why is Koraput famous?