Top 10 Largest Lakes In India



Largest Lakes In India

India has no shortage of lakes. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, our beloved land is dotted with tranquil lakes. Most of them are freshwater lakes, but there are also salt lakes, brackish lakes and many other types of lakes. But in this blog, I will tell you about India’s largest lakes, which are perfect for Instagram photography! Pulikat Lake
Sardar Sarovar Lake
Nagarjuna Sagar Lake

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Top 10 Largest Lakes In India

Vembanad Lake

Location: Kerala State
Type: Brackish and Fresh Water
Area: 2033 sq km
Depth: 12 m

This lake is located in three-different dists of the state. The lake is also adjacent to the popular tourist destination of Kumarakom. This lake is famous for backwater his houseboats, bird his watching and photography. The famous Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race is held on the main part of the lake. This year, the government has made plans to create a boat racing league similar to cricket’s IPL. (sauce). Visit during the winter months to see many migratory birds in and around the lake.

Chilika Lake

Location: Odisha
Type: Brackish water
Area: 1165 sq km

Depth: 4.2 m This lake is the largest in the country. coastal lagoon and the second largest lake in the world. During winter, the country becomes a breeding ground for migratory birds. Over 132 villages fish in this lake. The lake’s main attraction is Naravan Island, which is a designated bird sanctuary. Apart from that, you can find Beacon Island, Breakfast Island, Honeymoon Island, Bird Island, Parikud, etc. See dolphins, enjoy a scenic getaway, discover monuments and take a boat tour of the lake.

Shivaji Sagar Lake

Location: Maharashtra
Type: Artificial & Freshwater
Square Area: 891.7 square kilometers

Depth: 80m river. The lake offers great views for those looking for a picnic spot. Other than that, there are no tourist activities at this water source.

Indira Sagar Lake

Location: Madhya Pradesh
Type: Artificial and Freshwater
Area: 627 square kilometers

This Indira Sagar Lake was createdby damming the Narmada River. Today, he is the second largest source of energy in the country and provides water for irrigation to surrounding villages.

Pangong Lake

Location: Ladakh
Type: Saline
Area: 700 square kilometers
Depth: 100 m

This lake extends from India to China. More than 60% of his lake is in China. The best time to visit the lake is from May to September, as the lake freezes over during the harsh winter months. This lake shore is a run-of-the-mill state campground. Many migratory birds can also be seen. The lake changes color during the day depending on the position of the sun in the sky.

Pulikat Lake

Location: Andhra Pradesh
Type: Brackish Water
Area: 450 sq km
Depth: 10m

This is the 2nd largest brackish water lagoon in india. It is found in both Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The lagoon area of ​​Tamil Nadu is mainly devoted to fishing. This shallow lake is very famous among bird watchers. Thousands of birds visit the lake from autumn to spring. The area is home to over 115 bird species. This is a great place to spot flamingos, spoonbills, kingfishers, ducks and more. For vacationers, many resorts can be found near Pulicat Lake. Thanks to the passable road project, exploring the villages around Pulicat Lake has become much easier.

Sardar Sarovar Lake

Location: Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh
Type: Artificial and fresh water
Area: 375 square kilometers
Depth: 140 m

River Narmada. The area has several temples and monuments. However, the best of all attractions is on the Gujarat side of the lake. The tallest statue in the world, the Statue of Unity, is located near the lake. Thanks to the statues, there are many hideaways and luxury elements around the lake. Many water sports are said to be in development, including paragliding, trekking, boating and rafting.

Nagarjuna Sagar Lake

Location: Telengana
Type: Artificial and Freshwater
Area: 285 square kilometers

This lake is formed by the world’s largest masonry dam. This dam was created as a national green revolution and hydropower project. Today it is a major weekend getaway spot from Hyderabad. Boating and picnics are important activities that can be enjoyed here. Ethipothala Falls, near Andhra Pradesh, is also a major attraction near the lake.

Lok Tak Lake

Location: Manipur
Type: Freshwater
Square Area: 287 square kilometers
Depth: 4.6m

This lake is famous for Pumudis. A large mass of plants floating in the lake that looks like a small island in motion. Here you can find several species of waterfowl and marsh birds. Many birds migrate to this Lok Tak Lake from the north of the Himalayas in india. Try the rhizome, the edible fruit of the lotus from this region. Due to man-made debris and abuse, the lake is losing its natural beauty. So be sure to visit this lake

largest freshwater lake in india

The Wular lake in Jammu and Kashmir is largest freshwater lake in india

largest lake in india upsc

Chilika Lake is largest lake in india

second largest lake in india

Vembanad Lake is second largest lake in india

largest lake in asia

The Caspian Sea is largest lake in asia

largest brackish water lake in india

Chilika Lake is largest brackish water lake in india

largest lake in world

Caspian Sea is largest lake in world

list of lakes in india

list of lakes in india are Chilika Lake, Vembanad Lake, Pangong Lake, Pulicat Lake, Wular Lake, Dal Lake, Loktak Lake, Kolleru Lake, Bhimtal Lake

longest lake in india

Vembanad is longest lake in india

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