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Angul District is one of the oldest town of Odisha. Angul is an important city and District headquarters. Angul, which lends its name to the District, is known as the business capital of Odisha.Angul Tourism Angul Tourism

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Waterfall in Angul

Tourist locations in Talcher
Places to go to close to Talcher in Angul
This weblog is all approximately a go to to talcher palace and the historic webweb sites close to this metropolis. Talcher is a prime metropolis withinside the Angul district in Odisha. It is located at a distance of a hundred thirty km from the capital metropolis Bhubaneshwar and is properly related through street and rail. It is the coal capital of India having the biggest reserve of coal mines in India. So basically Talcher is an commercial metropolis located at the banks of river Brahmani.

However there are numerous vacationer locations in Talcher which I will describe on this weblog and hopefully, it’s going to appeal to vacationers throughout the world. Scotland Palace is positioned in Scotlandpur village in Talcher. But It has a short records which dates returned to the nineteenth century.

Angul Beach
The pinnacle points of interest to go to in Angul are: Satkosia Gorge Wildlife Sanctuary · Modi Collection · Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary · Malayagiri · Binkei Temple

Angul well-known meals
Famous Food of Angul · Veg Thali Well, Thali is really the huge round plate raised across the circumference on which meals is served. · Vada is a crispy deep

Angul well-known for
Apart from this commercial scenario, Angul is likewise well-known for Satkosia gorge, lovely herbal dense forest, hills, rivers (Mahanadi, Brhamani) etc. The land is fertile because of flowing of river Mahanadi & Bramhani and its tributaries.

Angul well-known Temple
The Jagannath Temple at Angul is thought as “Saila Srikhetra” located at the pinnacle of Sunasagad hill.


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Tourist Places in Angul