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The land in which the Buddha as soon as lived, a land of monasteries – Bihar is visited with the aid of using a great variety
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Patna or Pataliputra has a protracted and storied beyond; dominated via way of means of powerful kingdoms at exceptional instances in records

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The land in which the Buddha as soon as lived, a land of monasteries – Bihar is visited with the aid of using a great variety of Buddhist fans in addition to travelers of different faiths throughout the year. Its affiliation with Buddhism and Jainism makes it a need to go to area for peace seekers, those who would really like to get a sense of the tribal tradition and revel in existence withinside the rural elements of India, and people who would really like to get a glimpse of our wonderful past.

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Things to Do

Derived from the Sanskrit word `Vihara’, this means that monastery, Bihar has an excellent background withinside the context of Indian history. Bihar is placed withinside the jap elements of India located withinside the Gangetic plains, and it stocks its borders with Uttar Pradesh withinside the West, Jharkhand withinside the South, West Bengal withinside the east, and Nepal withinside the North. The religious significance of Bihar comes from the truth that it’s miles the area in which the Buddha as soon as lived and attained Nirvana.

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Best Time to Visit

Winter (November to Mid-March) is the maximum high-quality season for making plans a experience to Bihar. As it isn’t always very intense winter (4⁰ to 10⁰) and a shiny solar maintaining the times heat masses of gala’s are organised at some point of this season. Summer (May to Mid-June) is warm in Bihar registering the common temperature of 43⁰

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Fairs & Festivals

Bihar is an jap kingdom in India and it stocks the ardour and zeal of celebrating the mounted and religious festivals and gala’s of India with the relaxation of the country. Fairs and gala’s have usually been an important a part of existence in Bihar. These gala’s are famous events for social conversation and leisure for the humans of Bihar. In the historical times, Bihar turned into beneathneath the have an impact on of the Vedic religion. There are fascinating myths and legends linked with the inspiration of the festivals and gala’s.

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    Bihar Travel guide

    By Air

    Bihar is well-linked to primary towns of India and the arena through air. Jayprakash Narayan Airport (Patna) and Bodhgaya Airport (Gaya) are the 2 crucial airports of Bihar. Regular flights perform among Bihar and primary towns of the usa like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow. Taxis and buses are to be had from the airport to attain exceptional locations of the kingdom.

    By Train

    There is a big community of National Highways and State Highways which connects Bihar with primary areas of the usa. Bihar is hooked up to regions inside and out of doors the kingdom through those highways. State and personal buses, taxis and automobiles are famous modes of shipping in Bihar.

    By Road

    An exquisite community of railway connects primary and minor areas of Bihar to exceptional elements of the usa thru rail. Patna, Gaya and Bhagalpur are foremost railheads of Bihar. From the railway station, travelers can take taxis or buses to attain their destination.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the famous artwork varieties of Bihar?
    Bihar has a wealthy records of civilisation, tradition and faith and this has brought about the evolution and mixing of many kinds of artwork. The maximum well-known is surely the Madhubani fashion of portray from the Mithila location that dates returned to the time of Ramayana.

    Which are the historical universities in Bihar?
    Bihar has been a cradle of training because the Mauryan time, and that fashion keeps even today, with a number of the maximum performed civil servants and educationists coming from Bihar. The well-known Nalanda University, which turned into one in all the most important and oldest universities withinside the world, turned into positioned in Bihar close to present-day Patna.

    What are the principal gala’s celebrated in Bihar?
    Bihar has a completely unique confluence of Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh, Islamic and nearby tribal traditions which are expressed withinside the manner all of the gala’s are celebrated with terrific pomp and vigour. Chatt Puja is one of the maximum critical gala’s and involves fasting and cleaning rituals withinside the river Ganga. The very last celebratory puja and procession are very colorful devoted to the Sun God.

    What is the relationship of Bihar with Buddhism?
    Present day Bihar turned into the nerve centre of historical India and turned into the hub of political, highbrow and philosophical pastime. Buddha attained Nirvana right here and additionally preached his doctrine in maximum of the principal cities. Famous Buddhist webweb sites encompass Bodhgaya in which the Mahabodhi Temple and Mahabodhi tree are positioned.

    How are the local community of Bihar?
    People of Bihar, generally known as the Biharis, are simple, hospitable and self-respecting humans with well-advanced political instincts and cultural sensibilities. Cloth artwork from Madhubani and Mithila, silk from Bhagalpur, cotton material handwoven in Patna and Bihar-Sharif, tribal crafts from the wealthy tribal belt of Jharkhand, baskets, and carpets woven in Obra withinside the Aurangabad district (Bihar) are the crafts which are nonetheless thriving in Bihar.

    What is the records of Bihar?
    The contemporary location of Bihar, due to its geographical region and climatic conditions, turned into the capital of many empires and subsequently noticed a growth in economic, political and highbrow pastime in historical times. The Mauryan Empire turned into concentrated round Patliputra (Patna) and unfold to nearly all of India from right here. After the third century BC, this empire declined to provide manner to the Gupta Empire. The Sanskrit language attained its nice shape in Bihar, and lots of well-known works like Abhijyanshakuntala had been written on this state.

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