Baidyanath Siva Temple


Ramanath Dev - Baidyanath Dev baideswar

Baideswar – The Trikutta DhamThe most Beautiful Village in this region. Having 3 temples around it with a triangle shape in the bank of river MAHA NADI. Baideswar Is A Small Town In The Banki Block In The District Of Cuttack, Odissa, India.

Baidyanath Siva Temple Baideswar

The Baidyanath Temple is committed to ruler Shiva. It is arranged in Baideswar, Banki, close to Cuttack.

With regards to The Temple

The sanctuary has a Pidha Viman and pillared G.I. sheet roofed mandapa of the ruined kalinga request. The inward Parsvadevata Niches house the different Nisha holy places of the sanctuary and there is a stage well on the Northern side. The sanctuary is basic and non-improving put something aside for a couple, plaster Maithuna pictures on the Bada and the Parsvadevata specialties. The sanctuary is a Sandstone structure with the whole sanctuary thickly put and whitewashed. A laterite and block compound divider encompasses the whole sanctuary. Sanctuary is well known for commending celebrations like Sivaratri and Kartika Purnima. Salvation, Wealth, Relief from sicknesses, Knowledge and Vehicular bliss are only a portion of the reasons fans run to the sanctuary and deal petitions.


Cuttack has an Air Base named Charbatia Air Base for the selective utilization of the Indian Air Force. The closest business air terminal is the Biju Patnaik Airport at Bhubaneswar, around 28 km away. Cuttack Junction is one of the significant stations on the Howrah, Kolkata-Chennai mainline of the East Coast Railway and falls under the Khurda Road division. The transport end at Cuttack is situated at Badambadi, and is one of the biggest transport terminuses in India.

Sanctuary Address

Baidyanath Siva Temple
Kothapatana ,
The sanctuary is open from 05:00 am to 7:00 pm.

Sri Ramanath Dev – Baidyanath Dev baideswar

Ramanath Dev


Baidyanath Dev


Maa Lovei Temple


How to Reach 
  • 17 Km from Banki.

  • 70 Km from Bhubaneswr.

  • 64 Km from Cuttack.

What Are The Activities In Baideswar Ramnnath T3emple

Morning and Evening walk, Trekking, Yoga practice, outdoor recreation, botnisation, Picnicking, Album/ Serial/ Film shooting, get together party, Birth day/ marriage party celebration in day time, country swing facilities, making rock art by art students

Facilities Available

50 nos of Picnic Pindis with Tin, country tile and Straw thatched roof and 100 nos of Picnic Spots with water supply are available for picnicking of more than 10000 people in a single day. 

the historical temple, Maa Durga temple of baideswar?

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