Hamirsar Lake, Bhuj

Hamirsar Lake

Hamirsar Lake, a large man-made lake, is located in the center of Bhuj city. Developed by building tunnels and canals and merging them to form three river systems he was able to meet the water needs of Buj.
Hamirsar Lake covers an area of ​​28 hectares and is surrounded by beautiful surroundings. There is a beautiful and well-kept garden in the middle of the lake. It is a popular picnic spot not only for tourists but also for locals. Mornings and evenings are crowded with locals. Swimming is also a popular activity here.
Popular attractions around Hamirsar Lake include Alfred High School, Swaminarayam Temple, Prague Mahal, Aina Mahal and Kutch Museum.
Augung is a festival held in Hamirsar, Kutch, when rains flood the lakes. Celebrations have been organized since ancient times, when kings held pujas after handing out Meg Laddu to their people. The festival gives thanks to the gods and welcomes the new waters of the lake.

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Hamilsar Lake is man-made. Located in the center of Bulli city. Buj Town is the headquarters of Kutch District. The lake is located in Gujarat, India. Hamirsar Lake is where many people once swam. This lake is the perfect place to sit under the trees and enjoy the natural scenic beauty of this beautiful lake. A walk along the lakeshore takes visitors to places such as Aina Mahal, Praga Mahal, Kutch Museum, Lam Dun Temple and Alfred High School.

A brief history

The Saharad Baug Palace is located across the lake. And from there follows the road of the royal family Chattardis. It is a nearly 450-year-old lake, named after its ruler Rao Hamir. Rao Hamir He is the founder of Bhuj. And this beautiful lake was built under the reign of Rao Kengarji I. King Rao Kengarji named the lake Hamil Lake after his father Rao Hamil. Rao Khengarji chose this place as an oasis and developed canals and tunnels to carry water and meet the needs of Bhuj.
Lake Hamira is a very large lake with an area of ​​28 hectares. There is a beautiful lake garden in the middle of the lake. Hamirsar was damaged by the 2001 earthquake, but its beauty still attracts tourists from all over the world. Lake Hamira is a fresh, still water pool that contains a large amount of sari. This lake is of great importance to the Buj Indigenous people.
Getting there
Lake Hamira is connected by road, rail and air networks. Visitors come according to their comfort and convenience to visit the place. Buses are more convenient than trains to get here for visitors coming from Ahmedabad city. Visitors can find several sleeper buses, private-seat buses, and state transit buses, making travel easy and convenient. In rail mode, visitors can also come by daily express trains such as Buj Express and Kutch Express. And these trains arrive at a reasonable time and take a reasonable amount of time. There are multiple flights connecting Bhuj and Mumbai. Once visitors arrive in Bulli, they can find many state-run buses for communication.
Man-made Hamira Lake Slander in the middle of Buj. The lake has all the important and great attractions of the East. As this is a 450 year old lake, visiting this oldest ancient lake is a great way to get in touch with Gujarat’s cultural heritage. There is a colorful garden in the middle of the lake. Hamira Lake is a very attractive place. The lake is home to abundant flora and fauna including zooplankton, benthos and fish. You can enjoy swimming and fishing. It had great resources for fishing. Seafood is abundant.
Lake Hamira is a wonderful source of water. This lake has an aquatic biodiversity. Hamira Lake is the true face of Buj City. Lake Hamira has a great charisma and enchants all visitors.

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