Prag Mahal Museum, Bhuj

Prag Mahal Museum

Located near Aina Mahal, this 19th-century palace is worth a visit for its unique architectural design. The story is that the palace was named after his 1st generation Lao Pramaji who commissioned the construction of this palace in 1865. From the outside, the palace looks a little out of place. However, its Italian Gothic architecture still attracts visitors to Aina Mahal.

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A brief history

History tells that the city of Bhuj was founded by Rao Hamirji in his 1510 and became the capital of Kutch state in 1549 by Rao Khengarji. The cornerstone as a state capital was officially laid in January 1548.
After 1590, when the Rao were forced to recognize Mughal suzerainty, Bhuj was known among Muslims as Suleiman Nagar. Bhujiya Fort was built by Devkaran Seth around his 1730s and the ramparts were built by Rao Godji 1 in his 1723. Unfortunately, these walls weren’t as effective as they should have been.
They were hit by him six times, but only twice did he manage to push back the enemy. His last attack was on 26 March 1819, when the fort on Buzia Hill was taken and fell into British hands.
Unfortunately, Buj seems to be prone to earthquakes. The first earthquake was on June 16, 1818, when the town had a population of only 20,000. The earthquake destroyed 7,000 houses and killed more than 1,100 people. About a third of the buildings that survived were badly damaged, and the north face of the ramparts was completely flattened. The next earthquake, even more devastating, hit Kutch in 2001. Buj, the capital at the time, was a charming walled city of beautiful palaces, bazaars and havelis.
After the earthquake, the building was so badly damaged that talks were held to demolish the rest of the building to make it safe.

Prag Mahal Museum Ticket Details

As you enter the courtyard, you come across a small Hindu temple. The interior of the palace begins with the Durbar Hall, filled with antique tapestries, paintings, furniture and chandeliers. The whole hall looks very elegant. Once inside, there are many rooms filled with antique pieces. The main highlight of the palace is the bell tower. Climb the spiral staircase of the bell tower to the top floor. From this floor you can enjoy a beautiful view of the whole Bulli city.
Although the palace suffered little damage in the Gujarat earthquake, its ancient beauty cannot be ignored.
Prague Mahal Palace Ticket Details
Fee: 20 INR
Child Fee: 10 INR
School Groups (Children): 5 INR
University Groups: 10 INR
For Cameras: 50 INR
For Video Cameras: 200 INR
How to reach Prague Mahal Palace
by car or rental car.

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