Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park, Bhuj

Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park

Located on the grounds of the Vande Mataram Memorial, Hiralaxmi Craft Park is a non-profit facility built to provide a platform for local artisans and promote sustainable shopping that supports local village communities. Everything a visitor purchases at her Hiralaxmi Craft Park goes directly to supporting artisans and their families.

Hiralaxmi Craft Park consists of 12 beautiful ‘tents’, stone houses designed to mimic the rural mud huts of the region.

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A brief history

I felt that the tradition of
should be preserved, further developed, and inherited. Thus, Hira Lakshmi Craft Park was born. The Hiralaxmi Craft Park complex is located in the village of Bhujodi in Kutch and spreads over 10 hectares of land. The park has been open to the public for free since its opening on December 18, 2005. Apart from the established organized forums for exhibiting and selling products, artisans are provided with free meals, meals, lodging and per diems during their stay at the craft park.

A schedule based on a monthly rotation of artists has been devised to provide exhibition and exhibition opportunities for all art forms and artisans. The response from both craftsmen and visitors was overwhelming. The park receives an average of 4000 visitors each week. Craft Park is already a learning center and information resource for students, critics and NGOs. Recently, an independent NGO called Ashapura Bahuvividha Trust conducted a study on Kutch Arts and he praised Hiralaxmi Craft Park for promoting and preserving this irreplaceable Kutch cultural park. NIFD students used to work here. Students of the Faculty of Social Work enjoy studying fieldwork in this park. There are motorized rides for children and a cafeteria to attract more visitors to the park. The beautiful Radha Krishna Temple and lotus pond add to the atmosphere of the craft park. So all ages can enjoy this place.
Hiralaxmi Park Bhujodi is also a great place to buy all the handicrafts and other Kutchi artworks you want at very reasonable prices with guaranteed authenticity. There is a wide selection of traditional clothing and furnishings, especially for women.

The wide variety of arts found at Hiralaxmi Park Kutch include non-textile crafts such as tie & die bandhani, embroidery, weaving, block printing, mashru, wool namda, batik printing, logan painting, beadwork and metalwork. is. Lacquerware, pottery, mudwork, wood carving, leatherwork, silverwork, patra weaving, penknives, nutcrackers.

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