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Matheran is one of the green locations in India. Sightseeing at Matheran consists of Tourist locations of Echo Point, Charlotte Lake, Alexander Point, One Tree Hill Point, Louisa Point, Panorama Point, Porcupine Point, King George Point, Garbut Point, Little Chowk Point, etc.
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WHY VISIT Matheran?

Echo Point, Matheran
Echo factor is one of the stunning factors withinside the hill station that gives a top notch view of the surroundings. As its call indicates Echo factor is widely recognized for listening to echoes from the hills.

Charlotte Lake, Matheran
Charlotte Lake is a ordinary picnic spot, which is likewise referred as Sharlott Lake. The water frame on this lake is the number one supply of consuming water in Matheran and the neighboring region. There is an historical temple to the proper of the lake additionally magnetism. The stunning picnic spots, Louisa factor, and Echo factor are positioned near this lake. This offers refuge to contrasting species of birds.

Alexander Point, Matheran
Alexander factor is one of the famous places withinside the city, which offers cute perspectives of Palasdari Lake, Rambuag factor, Garbut Point, Chowk Point, and the downhill village of Borgaon. This web website online is positioned at the facet of Madhavji avenue at the backdrop of inexperienced forests.

One Tree Hill Point, Matheran
One tree hill factor is a famous web website online amongst travelers, that’s a awesome factor with a unmarried Jambhul tree located on the top. Hiking via the Shivaji`s ladder and hiking down from the hill to the valley is an thrilling experience. This cool and calm web website online is visited via way of means of the travelers in a huge variety for relaxation. Tent hill and Chowk village may be noticed from the One Tree Hill Point.

Louisa Point, Matheran
Louisa Point is one of the crucial sightseeing destinations, which offers perspectives of stunning surroundings. The form of this factor resembles that of the top of the lion. This factor gives stunning perspectives of historical monuments that encompass forts of Vishalgad and Prabalgad.

Panorama Point, Matheran
Panorama factor is good sized sightseeing, that’s well-known for providing a stunning sight of dawn. This factor is a really perfect picnic spot from in which tourists can sight Porcupine factor and Monkey Point.

Porcupine Point, Matheran
This factor is likewise referred to as Sunset Point, one of the principal traveller fascinations of the vacation spot.The form of this factor is preferably same to the form of the bird. Cathedral rocks positioned at the western facet from Porcupine Point Louisa Point are the highlights of the web website online. This spot is visited via way of means of nature fans, to sight mountain ranges, towns, and forests at the side of the sunset.

King George Point, Matheran
King George Point is any other first-rate factor that’s located near Charlotte Lake. During monsoons, this lake overflows and paperwork numerous waterfalls withinside the region.

Garbut Point, Matheran
This factor is the sightseeing area of the city, that’s positioned at a distance of five km from the Post Office of Matheran. This factor is visited via way of means of the travelers to view dawn and sunset.

Little Chowk Point, Matheran
This factor is one of the famous travelers places of the vacation spot which gives a view of Sahyadri ranges, Panvel city, and Karnala fort. Tourists also can spot Vishalgad Fort and Prabal Fort from this area.

Echo Point
Out of the 39 peaks that bless the hills of Matheran, Echo factor is one of the most luxurious peaks. This region is thought for its cleanliness and extraordinarily great weather. Echo factor may be readily known as as a satisfaction for meals fans because it gives a respectable variety of meals stalls that serve you with freshly organized snacks. The maximum brilliant function of this region is its echo impact that lets in you to listen the echo of your very own voice clearly. This factor is located withinside the midst of foggy clouds and takes you in a completely unique nation of trance.

Louisa Point
Louisa factor may be aptly defined because the maximum ideal view factor of Matheran and is a real surprise of nature. This factor is positioned at an excessive top and is amongst tallest peaks of this city. One can witness a stunning view of the historical forts of Vishalgarh and Prabel from this factor because it offers a shiny image of the whole japanese a part of the city. Louisa factor is sharply positioned on a plateau and offers a few breath-taking perspectives of waterfalls and lake facet parks.

Charlotte Lake
Charlotte Lake is located at a distance of 30 km from the primary city and is the maximum visited picnic spot of this city. This lake is thought for its sparkling water and scenic splendor that is living in each nook of this region. Apart from including to Matheran`s economic system via tourism, Charlotte Lake is likewise the unmarried principal supply of water deliver withinside the city of Matheran. Adventure lovers additionally respect this region, as one has to undergo a hard path to attain this lake. An historical temple committed to Lord Pisaarnath and uncommon kinds of migratory birds are different crucial functions of this lake.

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