The castle at Udayagiri became as soon as an critical energy middle thanks to its advanced herbal defenses. According to a few reassets, it became the capital of a state based through Langula Gajapati withinside the 14th century CE.
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WHY VISIT Nellore?

The castle at Udayagiri became as soon as an critical energy middle thanks to its advanced herbal defenses. According to a few reassets, it became the capital of a state based through Langula Gajapati withinside the 14th century CE.
To attain the hill castle, head north of the Ranganayakula Temple on Seetharamapuram Road. Take the primary left in the direction of the hill. A gravel direction earlier than a small church is going to the bottom of the castle. From right here, steps had been reduce into the rocks all of the manner to the top. The castle stretches over the flat tops of adjoining slim hills.
The dargah of Hazrat Syed Karimullah Shah Qadri, popularly called Kale Shah Mastan Baba, in Kasumuru is an critical pilgrimage webweb page of Nellore district for Hindus in addition to Muslims. Not a whole lot is understood approximately Mastan Baba, the ancient figure, however there are loads of legends to fill the lacuna.
The shrine in which the ascetic`s grave is housed is a alternatively modest structure-a courtyard open to the factors and circumscribed through 4 partitions with minarets on the corners. At the entrance, there’s a stall promoting laddoos and a stand for breaking coconuts. The technique direction to the tomb is covered with stores promoting roses, rosaries, chadars and different objects used for prayers.
Mypadu Beach
The closest to Nellore, Mypadu is the maximum visited among the 4 seashores withinside the location of the town now no longer due to the fact it’s miles specially scenic, however because of ease of get entry to and the Haritha Resort nearby. The boat and horse rides on provide simplest upload to its popularity.
Although the water is at the murkier side, that doesn’t deter humans from taking a dip. Going extra than hip-deep into the water may be risky because the waves are pretty strong. There are providers promoting coconuts, (mildly fermented) toddy palm fruits, fried fish and crabs at the beach.
Bara Shahid Dargah
The Bara Shahid Dargah (actually shrine of 12 martyrs), placed at the banks of the Swarnala Cheruvu, is a charming repository of legends and one-of-a-kind practices. It became constructed to commemorate the sacrifice of 12 martyrs who died at some stage in a conflict towards British troops in 1751
The dargah hosts one of the maximum exciting and particular fairs withinside the country-Rottela Panduga or Rotiyaan ki Eid (pageant of rotis). Devotees provide rotis (flatbread) to the martyrs after their desires had been fulfilled. These auspicious rotis are in flip picked up through devotees who harbour comparable dreams withinside the desire that it’s going to assist them satisfy theirs.
Talpagiri RanganathaSwamy Temple
one of the first matters that catches your interest is the towering gopuram of the Talpagiri Ranganatha Swamy Temple, an iconic landmark of the town. It is thought to had been constructed through rulers of the Pallava Dynasty withinside the seventh century CE, aleven though different reassets characteristic it to the Chola kings of the twelfth century CE.
The shrine is rather seemed for its addala mandapam, a corridor of mirrors wherein statues of the deity are contemplated manifold whilst positioned on the centre. It became constructed through Narasimhacharyulu, an ardent devotee in 1928.
One of the maximum appealing locations in Nellore district is penchalakona, a waterfall hidden amidst the otherworldly crimson cliffs of the Eastern Ghats. As with many different waterfalls withinside the place, an critical shrine has sprung up withinside the location-the Penusila Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple.
There is a waterfall right here that you could see in its complete glory at some stage in the monsoon season. Follow the rocky riverbed which progressively winds uphill alongside one of the cliffs. Then the direction curves left alongside the ravine to some other waterfall. The hike is delightful, even if the waterfalls are simply a trickle.
Pulicat lake
Among travellers, Pulicat is exceptional regarded for 2 matters: Pulicat Lake and Pulicat Bird Sanctuary. The lake in Pulicat is seemed as the second one largest brackish water frame in India and draws hundreds of thousands of travelers each year. Coddled with ravishing nature and decorated with serene ambiance, Pulicat Lake covers a sprawling vicinity of 759 sq km.
Located at the Coromandel Coast, Pulicat is a tiny but picturesque seaside metropolis in Andhra Pradesh. As a outstanding Dutch agreement withinside the 17th century, this small metropolis boats of a colourful and numerous cultural tradition. But, the records of this place isn’t always restrained to the Dutch colonialism alone; the Portuguese and the British set up their stronghold in Pulicat at distinct instances withinside the records contributing to the tradition and historical past of the area. As a seaport and industrial hub, this area contributed hugely to the exchange and financial system of Andhra Pradesh withinside the preceding centuries. Natural beauty, distinctive birdlife, historical past homes and a wealthy cultural records make Pulicat an absolute favorite with backpackers and records fanatics alike.

Nearest Attraction Nellore, Andhra Pradesh

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