Traversing the pine- blanketed mountains of Pir Panjal range, the boisterous waters of Vishav river tumble down directly 25 metres underneath at Aharbal growing a waterfall. This well-known waterfall is placed withinside the south western a part of the valley in Kulgam district, a few seventy five kilometres from Srinagar at an altitude of 2266 metres above sea level. The sheer extent of water that comes crashing down at the rocks underneath is sufficient to make its roar audible from a distance. The serenity all round publicizes the sound of waterfall to deafening decibels as one nears it. Of past due preparations had been made for site visitors to make it as much as the threshold of the fall, as a result infusing journey into the sightseeing of Aharbal waterfall.
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WHY VISIT Aharbal?

It is likewise called the Niagara Falls of Kashmir, attributable to the extent of the water that falls down. The supply of the water lies deep withinside the pine and fir forests withinside the shape of terrifi Kounsarnag Lake (13,500 toes above sea level). Aharbal acts because the place to begin for trek to Kousarnag Lake which passes via stunningly stunning multiplied valleys and meadows. All alongside the manner wild flowers, tremendous alpine trees, roaring waters of Vishav and myriad flora and fauna invigorates the trekker.

Famous for its scenic beauty, Aharbal has grow to be a widely known picnic spot for college youngsters and the locals who throng the area while undeniable regions witness sweltering temperatures.
The scenic meadow of Kungwatan lies on the midway factor of the two-day trek to the high-altitude Konsarnag Lake. Surrounded on all facets with the aid of using dense cover of verdant alpine trees, the meadow is a relaxed and tranquil area, generally inhabited in the course of summers with the aid of using the farm animals herders. One may even revel in angling withinside the Vishav river because it teems with trout fish, brought into it with the aid of using the Fisheries branch.

All it wishes is only a fishing allow which may be acquired from the Fisheries branch stationed at Aharbal.

Aharbal is without problems reachable from Srinagar and lies 8 eight km left of the Mughal Road that connects Srinagar and Poonch. It takes approximately 2 hours with the aid of using automobile or bus through Pulwama and Shopian to attain there. It is eighteen km south of Shopian city and 28 km west of Kulgam. An exchange course ends in Aharbal through Kulgam, Aharbal Development Authority, answerable for improvement in Aharbal, has constructed visitor infrastructure which include huts and a cafeteria here. Besides, accommodations and boarding centers also are available.

Nearest Attraction Aharbal, Jammu and Kashmir

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