Mansar is located sixty four kms from Jammu off the Jammu-Pathankot Highway. It`s a completely picturesque lake with pine forested hills surrounding it on all sides. About a mile in period with the aid of using 1/2 of a mile in width the waters are crystal clean and really famous for boating.
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A bizarre function of the lake is the presence of a huge range of big turtles withinside the lake.
Besides, being a famous tour vacation spot in Jammu, it’s also a holy site, sharing the legend and sanctity of Lake Mansarovar. There are numerous temples positioned at the outer edge of the Lake. On the japanese financial institution of Mansar Lake there may be a shrine committed to Sheshnag, a mythological snake with six heads. The shrine contains a large boulder on which can be positioned some of iron chains possibly representing the small serpents ready at the tutelary deity of the Sheshnag. Newlywed couples keep in mind it auspicious to carry out 3 circumambulations (Parikarma) across the lake to are searching for the benefits of Lord Sheshnag.



Two historical temples of Umapati Mahadev and Narsimha and a temple of Durga also are located withinside the area of the Mansar Lake, which can be visited with the aid of using devotees in huge numbers. People take a holy dip withinside the water of the lake on festive occasions. Certain groups of Hindus carry out the Mundan ceremony (first hair cut) in their male youngsters here.

Boating centers for leisure cause is likewise to be had in Mansar Lake. With all spiritual notion and history in the back of the Mansar Lake, the picturesque lake is choosing up reputation the various travelers with all its beauty of plants and fauna. The lake has cemented direction all round with required illumination, with projected view decks to look at seasonal birds, tortoise and fishes of various species.
There is a wild lifestyles sanctuary housing jungle lifestyles inclusive of Spotted Deer and Neelgai and water birds consisting of Cranes and Ducks. One also can witness the conventional and regular awesome lifestyles fashion of Gujjar and Bakarwals sporting ethnic costumes, residing in open Kulhas withinside the hills round Mansar Lake.

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