Barehipani waterfall


Barehipani waterfall

Barehipani waterfall

Barehipani waterfall

Barehipani is India`s 2d maximum and orissa’s maximum waterfall. The top of the waterfall is 1309 toes simply fifty five mt much less than Kunchikal Falls that’s the very best waterfall of India. The supply of the waterfall is Budhabalanga River that flows over the mountain. It is a 2 tier water fall , this means that the water falls in drops.
The river Budhabalanga falls from the stiff heights of the Simlipal stages to create those majestic falls 1200 foot (399 meters) high. Situated near the Barehipani waterfalls is the Joranda falls. Though now no longer as huge because the Barehipani, this autumn is thought for its splendor. Both of those waterfalls are complete of water all through the year.

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Located in the contours of the Simlipal country wide park, that hosts the majestic Bengal tiger in addition to the uncommon white tiger species in Odisha, the water gushing down from the falls that run in small streams withinside the complete forest, function the lifeblood of the animals dwelling withinside the forest. The waterfall Barehipani is a chief visitor enchantment and a huge variety of travelers come to go to this matchless splendor each year. A go to to Simlipal is incomplete while not having a glimpse of the majestic Barehipani falls.
This waterfall has been claimed because the tallest of India. While this declare is maximum probable untrue, it is, accordingly far, one of the tallest waterfalls withinside the us of a which we have got documented. The falls seem to drop over a huge cliff, in tiers, finishing in a huge pool below. The loss of plants across the falls appears to signify that in the monsoon season this waterfall turns into extraordinarily violent, and actions a completely huge quantity of water. The falls are placed inside Simlipal National Park, which features as one
of the principal Bengal and White Tiger preservations in India

Location –

Mayurbhanj ♥️

Barehipani waterfall

Travel Info:

Best time to go to: Oct-Feb
District: Mayurbhanj
Elevation: 578.2m
Open Time: Day Time
Popular Cuisine: Local Food
Attractions: Waterfall, Natural Views, Simlipal National Park
Nearest Bus Stop: Jashipur, Baripada
Nearest Railway Station: Baripada
Travel Options: Taxi, Bus, Train
Nearest town: Jasipur
Distance from Bhubaneswar: three hundred km

Which is largest waterfall in India?
The Kunchikal Falls

Which is the second highest waterfall in India?
Barehipani Falls

Which is the largest waterfall in Odisha?
Barehipani waterFalls is the largest waterfall in Odisha

On which Riverbed is the Barehipani waterfall located?
Budhabalanga River is the Barehipani waterfall located

Barehipani waterfall on which river
Budhabalanga River
The waterfall is placed at 21.932759N 86.380145E at the Budhabalanga River flowing over Meghasuni mountain of the Eastern Ghats.

Barehipani waterfall region
In which location in India is Barehipani Falls placed?
Simlipal National Park

Barehipani waterfall top
Barehipani Falls ; Tiered · 399 metres (1,309 ft) · 2 · Budhabalanga River …
Total top: 399 metres (1,309 ft)

Barehipani waterfall wherein district
Barehipani Falls is Mayurbhanj district

Highest waterfall in India
Kunchikal Falls
Which is the splendid waterfall in India? Kunchikal Falls in Shimoga District Karnataka is the splendid waterfall in India with a top of 1493 feet.

How to Reach Barehipani waterfall

Barehipani waterfall

Nearest Airpport is Bhubaneswar , Nearest Bus stand is Mayurbhanje & Nearest Railway station is Mayurbhanj

By Air

Bhubaneswar Air port

By Train


By Road


Why is Mayurbhanj famous?


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