Gomati Ghat, Dwarka

Gomati Ghat

Located at the mouth of River Gomti this holy ghat is located withinside the town of Dwarka. Devotees are predicted to stroll down fifty six steps to be able to attain the ghat and take a holy dip. This ghat holds monstrous spiritual and mythological importance. It is stated that this river is the daughter of sage Vashishtha and her water includes powers which absolves all the mortal sins. People come right here to take a holy dip withinside the river water`s Gomti kund to cleanse themselves of all their sins. The Gomti kund is placed near the well-known Gomati Sangam ghat in Dwarka. Pilgrims and devotees touring this kund additionally pay a go to to the extraordinary shrines surrounding the vicinity which might be committed to Lord Krishna, Sudama, Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. Boating withinside the holy river will provide a number of the maximum panoramic and breathtaking perspectives of the surrounding.
Best Time to Visit: – October-February

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A brief history

The Gomti River is believed to be none other than the Ganges River, which flows straight down from heaven. Gomti is another desirable location in Dwarka, as it is where the mighty Gomti River meets the mighty Arabian Sea. Pilgrims love to take a sacred dip in the ghats to wash away bad karma. A beautiful place to visit in the evening to witness the sacred arti.

Gomati Ghat is where the Gomati River meets the Arabian Sea. The temple is in front of the ghat. The temple carvings are fascinating. Lord Krishna is believed to have served sage Durvasa at Gomti Kund near Gomati Ghat.
It is believed that if devotees are unable to bathe in the holy rivers Ganges, Yamuna and Saraswati, they must visit Gomathi to bathe and pray before her. After bathing in the Gomati River, all sins and evil deeds of the devotees are destroyed. This place is also known to perform ceremonies such as shraddha, pitol her tarpan, pindan, narayana his bali to please the ancestors.
At the confluence of the Gomti River, a tributary of the holy Ganges, the most revered among Hindus, is the Gomti Ghat. The river originates in the Himalayas of Nepal, crosses many Indian states, and flows into the Arabian Sea here. The Gomti Ghat is also of great importance from a religious and mythological point of view.
In mythology, the river Gomati is said to be the daughter of the sage Vashishta, whose waters have the power to cleanse her of one of her deadly sins. Therefore, pilgrims bathe in the Gomti River, usually in Gomati Kund where the Gomti River meets the Arabian Sea.
The Gomati river is surrounded by more than a dozen ghats and is home to the ruins of the Samudra Narayana, Gomatiji, Panchanada and Chakra Narayana temples. To reach Gomati Ghat from Swarga Dwar of Dwarkadhish Temple, you have to descend 56 steps.
Lord Shri Krishna is reported to have bathed here many times. Both performing sacred rituals for ancestors and bathing here are considered very sacred and cleanse one from the sins committed in previous lives.

Location & Timing

Location: Gomti Ghat is located in the town of Dwarka, it takes about 20 minutes from the city center to the ghat.
Timing: You can come to this place anytime. However, the best time to visit this ghat is early in the morning.
Best time to visit: Tourists like to come to this place during the winter months.

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