Gopi Talav, Dwarka

Gopi Talav

Located at a distance of 21 km north of Dwarka and five km from Nageshwara jyotirlinga mandir, Gopi Talav is a small tank/pond that is surrounded with the aid of using yellow sand that is popularly called Gopi Chandan. Upon their go to, the devotees placed this Tilak Chandan on their foreheads and frame for the duration of their go to right here. From the historical instances it cutting-edge the Chandan produced on this vicinity remains extraordinarily clean and yellow in outlook. This location holds monstrous importance in Hindu mythology for being the location wherein Lord Krishna used to trap the gopis. It is likewise believed that Lord Krishna had killed Bhaumasura (demon) and freed all of the 16,000 princesses at this very webweb page. This webweb page is called after the princess Gopi, who had fallen in love with Lord Krishna and wanted to marry him. This location is located en direction Beyt Dwarka and may be without difficulty reached.
Best Time to Visit: – September-March

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A brief history

Located 20 km away from Dwarka Railway Station, Gopi Talav is a small sacred pond in Samrasa village near Dwarka, Gujarat. Located on the way to Beyt Dwarka, he is one of the most important religious sites in Dwarka.
Gopi Taravu or Lake Gopi has a special meaning in Hindu mythology. Because it is believed to be the sacred place where all Gopis performed the last Raas his Leela with Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna moved to Dwarka, the gopis could not bear the separation and came to visit him. After the final Raas Leela, they united with Lord Krishna at Gopi Talav and achieved Moksha on the night of Sharad Purnima.
According to legend, they turned into yellow dust, commonly known as Gopi Chandan. Even today, the bottom of the Gopi Talav is very smooth and yellowish and is believed to have divine properties that can cure many ailments, especially those related to the skin. It is also applied to the forehead as a form of chandan (sandalwood) by some Hindus.Nowadays, many tourists buy this floor to commemorate their visit.
Gopi talav Surat is located in the center of Surat. This lake covers a land area of ​​1,076,392 square feet.
Gopitalav was first built by Malik Gopi in his 1510, 500 years ago. He was a merchant who contributed greatly to the development of Surat city at that time.
Today, Gopi Lake is a popular picnic spot for locals due to its geographical location.
If you don’t like other attractions in Surat, book a night at Gopi His Tarav with friends and family. This is an urban recreational space in Gujarat which is also known for its spiritual significance. The surroundings of this lake offer lush greenery to relax you and relieve all stress and anxiety.The beautiful fountain in the middle of the lake is the perfect spot for all photographers.
The lake is also a popular spot with many fun activities and games to keep visitors entertained. Entertainment includes exciting bull rides, mini trains for kids, bumper boats, zip lines and water tricycles. Also, don’t miss the boat experience here.

Boat Ticket Price

Regular days:
-20 INR per adult.
-Rs. 10 per animal.
-Rs. 50 yen per person.
10 am to 10 pm

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