Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary, Jamnagar

Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary

Located 16 km from Jamnagar Railway Station, Kijadiya is a bird sanctuary in the village of Kijadiya in the Jamnagar district of Gujarat. Located off the coast of Kutch, it is one of Gujarat’s most popular bird sanctuaries and one of the must-see destinations on any Jamnagar tourism package.
Kijadiya Bird Sanctuary is unique in that it covers an area of ​​approximately 6 km² and has freshwater lakes, saltwater and freshwater wetlands. It was officially declared a protected area in 1982. However, before India’s independence, India became a natural habitat for native and migratory birds when the rulers of the time built a small dam on the Ruparel River to retain water. The dam created a unique ecosphere with a freshwater lake on one side and sea salt water forming a wetland on the other side, supporting a variety of flora and fauna as well as plants. The main sanctuary covers the area around the Ruparel and Kalinda rivers to the northeast of Jamnagar.

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A brief history

Among Jamnagar’s major tourist attractions, this reserve is a true paradise for all bird lovers. Dalmatian pelican, shoebill, open stork, darter, black ibis, spoonbill, indian skimmer. This sanctuary offers birdwatchers a great opportunity to see a large number of rare birds. It is known as a breeding ground for the great crested grebe. Jackals, cats, snakes, wolves, bluebells, mongooses and reptiles can also be seen.
The site is also considered of note in ecological research and education. There is a tourist interpretation center where you can learn more about the birds and their characteristics within the reserve. There are also nature trails, watchtowers, settlement ramparts and other facilities to observe winged visitors. Climb one of the three watchtowers, choose a rowboat or walk the trails to explore its glorious wilderness.
The best time to visit the sanctuary is from September-February. Early morning or evening are the best times to spot the amazing bird life of Kijadiya.

Entry Fee & Permits

However, entry to the reserve must be registered with the Forestry Department in Jamnagar, which closes at 2pm.
For permits and more information, please contact the Director General’s Office, Jamnagar, Tel: 0288 2679357
. 40 for Indians, 10 for foreigners, 200 rupees for cameras
Cars and jeeps (up to 6 people) : Rs. 400 for Indians, USD 40 for foreigners

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