Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir


Jammu and Kashmir

Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

Prevalently known as the “Heaven on Earth”, Jammu and Kashmir is world popular for its beautiful wonder, snow-covered mountains, abundant natural life, perfect landmarks, neighborly individuals and nearby painstaking work.

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Jammu and Kashmir Capital City : Srinagar

Jammu and Kashmir


Gulmarg in a real sense signifies “Glade of blossoms”. Gulmarg is found 60 KMs from Srinagar which is an hour and half excursion via vehicle. Gulmarg has drawn in huge number of travelers all through its presence with the picturesque magnificence of the Himalayan Mountains in the scenery. One of the fundamental attractions in Gulmarg is the Gulmarg Gondola, the Highest Cable Car on the planet. The first period of the Gondola takes vacationers to the tallness of 8530 ft to Kongdori Station and the second phase of the Gondola goes up to the stature of 12293 ft.
Vacationers can appreciate horse Riding and can go riding to the glorious “Strawberry Valley” , Leopards Valley and ride up to “Kongdori” to see the frozen pool of “Al-Pathar”. Gulmarg in winter is a heavenly encounter, completely shrouded in a white cover of Snow which transforms it into a skiers heaven. The normal inclines here are immaculate and end up being a test to expert skiers! Other than the picturesque side to Gulmarg, winter time in Gulmarg is a period of merriments with festivities of “White Christmas” and New Year celebrations.

Gulmarg has been a retreat for the lords like Yousuf Shah Chak and Jahangir who used to visit every now and again. The old name of Gulmarg was “Gaurimarg”, the name of Lord Shiva’s better half. Yousuf Shah Chak changed its name to Gulmarg, which means the spot of roses. During the early piece of the twentieth century the well known Central Asian wayfarer Sir Marc Aurel Stein (1862-1943), made his home here in a tent between his campaigns. It was a most loved summer occasion objective for the British positioned in India

Tulip Garden

In the event that you wish to watch 2,000,000 tulips more than 20 sections of land of the Kashmiri Landscape at 5600 feet elevation, you should visit Asia’s biggest Tulip Garden – the Indira Gandhi Memorial Tulip Garden. Rambling over an area of around 12 hectares at the lower regions of the transcending Zabarwan Mountain Range, and ignoring the excellent and the world renowned Dal Lake in Srinagar, the tulip garden is one of Kashmir’s most popular vacation spots. There are numerous assortments of Tulips here. The sight is basically brilliant.
The nursery, which was prior called as ‘Model Floriculture Center,’ was the work of the ex-Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Ghulam Nabi Azad, to support eco-the travel industry and gardening in the valley of Kashmir. With 70 unique kinds of tulips, the nursery is among the most famous traveler destinations in Srinagar. The nursery additionally has a few rose beds. It opens for around three weeks, for the most part in March however may get deferred in view of the climate.


Organized at a rise of 2730 m, Sonamarg is a hypnotizing slant station in the Ganderbal locale of Jammu and Kashmir. 

Sonamarg is comparatively the support of a basic trip that passes along several mountain lakes – Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and Gangabal. Sonamarg is additionally the take off station for the drive to Ladakh across Zojila, a tremendous pass in the Great Himalayan Range, through which the Srinagar-Leh Road passes. Sonamarg is additionally a base for undertaking the yatra to the sacred Amarnath cave, during Sawan Purnima.

The typical least and most prominent temperature of Sonamarg is as given underneath. The best an optimal chance to visit Sonamarg is moreover demonstrated.

Dal Lake

DAL LAKE TOURISM is Known as the Jewel in the Crown of Kashmir and Srinagar’s Jewel, Dal Lake is the main milestone of Srinagar. It figures high on vacationer agendas and each traveler to the Kashmir valley makes it a highlight visit the water body. There are two speculations for the beginning of the lake – one expresses that it is a post-chilly lake that has gone through a great deal of changes in size throughout the long term. 

Dal Lake has a normal profundity of right around 5 ft and a most extreme profundity of 20 ft. Covering an area of 18 sq km, the Dal Lake is essential for a characteristic wetland that covers an area of around 21 sq km which incorporates drifting nurseries. The drifting nurseries are known as ‘Rad’ in Kashmiri language. The drifting nurseries are known for the lotus blossoms that bloom during the long periods of July and August. The Dal Lake is partitioned into four bowls, Bod Dal, Nagin (likewise a different lake), Gagribal and Lokut Dal. There is an island in Bod Dal known as Sona Lank.

Dal Lake is lined by gardens worked in the Mughal period and many parks. Mughals, who were stricken by the excellence of Kashmir, laid broad nurseries to increase its magnificence. The best perspectives on the lake should be visible from the Shalimar Garden and Nishat Garden that were worked during the rule of Mughal Emperor, Jehangir.

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The excellence of Dal Lake has drawn in movie producers and north of 20 movies have been shot in and around the popular water body.  Seeing entertainer Shammi Kapoor frolicking on a shikhara in Kashmir Ki Kali or Shashi Kapoor deploring about bombed love in Jab Phool Khile have advocated and romanticize the Dal Lake in the well known creative mind.

Shikaras are a social image of the lake and seen generally in pools of Srinagar. It is regularly called the Gondola of Kashmir and has accomplished notable status. While the boats are a piece of day to day existence on the lake and utilized for a huge number of purposes including moving individuals and products, it has become extremely well known with sightseers. A ride on the lake is an unquestionable requirement for vacationers visiting Kashmir.

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Not at all like the houseboats of Kerala, houseboats on the Dal Lake are generally fixed. Made of wood and with complicatedly cut wood framing, the houseboats are of various sizes, some even have three rooms, parlor and kitchen. Remaining on a houseboat gives an exceptional encounter. Houseboats shift in level of extravagance and have been in like manner reviewed by the Department of Tourism. Regularly the proprietor and his family offer customized administration.

Wild the travel industry and populace development have expanded contamination levels of the lake.

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Places to visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Best Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir

Places to Visit in Jammu and Kashmir

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