Belghar Kandhamal Odisha


Belghar Kandhamal

Belghar Kandhamal

The Belghar situated about 2555ft above the sea level in Kandhamal, odisha. Bthis place is full of scenic beauty and wild life especially Elephants. It is inhabited by Kutia Kandha tribe, who follow the age old tradition of food gathering and hut dwelling. They are very friendly and hospitable.

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How to Reach Belghar

By Air

Biju Patnaik International Airport Bhubaneswar, 375 Kms away from the spot.

By Train

Berhampur Railway Station, 270 Kms away from the spot.

By Road

Phulbani Bus Stand, 165 Kms away from the spot.

Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary

The Belghar Wildlife Sanctuary is placed in Kandhamal district, approximately 158 kms farfar from the metropolis of Phulbani withinside the kingdom of Odisha, India. The sanctuary covers a big vicinity of 16, 174, forty six acres and is placed withinside the district of Kandhamal. The vicinity is located at an altitude of 2255 ft above the ocean level. The sanctuary is domestic to a wealthy type of flowers and fauna species, out of which, the Wild Elephants are probable the maximum excellent species. It boasts a huge series of each medicinal and industrial plant species, out of which, a few are taken into consideration shed their leaves throughout the spring time. Most of the plant species withinside the sanctuary generally tend to The timber withinside the sanctuary can upward thrust to excellent heights. The thick woodland is domestic to some of uncommon and endangered species of animals. Besides the Wild Elephants, many different smaller mammal species like Deers also are located. The sanctuary is domestic to numerous hen species, as well.

Travel Info:
Best time to visit: Sep-Feb

District: Kandhamal

Elevation: 409.0m

Open Time: 9AM-6PM

Popular Cuisine: Local Food

Attractions: Doluri River, Putudi Waterfalls, Kotagarh Sanctuary, Coffee & Black Plantation

Nearest Bus Stop: Kanjamendi Chhak

Nearest Railway Station: Phulbani(158km)

Travel Options: Train, Bus, Taxi

Nearest town: Kanjamendi Chhak

Distance from Bhubaneswar: 237 km

Beauty of Mother Nature Belghar in Kandhamal

Belghar Nature Camp is located at an altitude of 2555ft above the ocean in Kandhamal. Belghar Daringbadi is the land of Hills & Waterfalls. Belghar is 158 Kms farfar from district headquarter i.e. Phulbani. It is in particular inhabited through a selected tribe acknowledged as “Kutia Kandha”. The tribals agree with in age vintage traditions of hut residing and meals gathering. Though they’re dwelling in forests for years collectively but they’re hospitable and friendly. Belghar is surrounded through towering hillocks around. The thick woodland is domestic to some of uncommon endangered species of animals and plants.

Belghar Nature Camp (Phulbani)

The satisfaction of the woodland of Belghar is the lengthy tusked Elephants that abound lots withinside the region. Many different smaller mammal fauna like deer, wild boar, undergo and so forth and forms of birds viz: Hill Myna, Parrot, Peacocks and Flying Giant Squirrels are located which draws the visitors. The herbal flora of the forests are wooded timber which rises to a excellent height.Winter is fun right here which may be enjoy from November to give up of March. Heavy mist and dew also are familiar throughout the wintry weather season. Average rainfall is 1382 mm. Amongst the hillocks one massive grass land at the pinnacle of hill at “DIMILI” is a should really well worth view factor for the visitors.


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