Bhimkund Waterfall


Bhimkund Waterfall

Bhimkund, kendujhar

Bhimkund Waterfall

THE Bhimakunda Waterfall has a stunning spectacular natural environment with green jungles .in Keonjhar, Odisha. The majestic Baitarani river ( kendujhar) provides 2 most beautiful and scary waterfalls called Sanakunda & Badakunda to the tourist of Odisha. Further huge roaring sound of this waterfall makes the place most interesting among visitors. This Bhimakunda waterfalls is considered as a most beautyfull place in religious point of view. Local people join here during annual celebration of Makar Sankranti in large nos of people. Mythology is that Pandavas were staying some time in Bhimakunda Waterfall, Kendujhar during their religious expedition. Bhimkund Waterfall, Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar, Bhimakunda Waterfall, Mayurbhanj tourism, Mayurbhanj Tour, Mayurbhanj Travels, Hotel near Bhimakunda, restaurant near Bhimakunda

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How to Reach Bhimkund

By Air

Bhubaneswar(200 K.M. from Dhenkikote,Keonjhar) is the nearest airport.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station Harichandanpur Railway Station-37 K.M. , Kendujhargarh Railway Station – 80 K.M. & Jajpur-Kendujhar Road Railway Station-100 K.M

By Road

The place can be approached from Dhenkikote (20 Kms.) on State Highway No 11 connecting Keonjhar and Panikoili. The place is ideal for picnickers.


There is a pool in India that appears clean to see, however its strong point is that each time there may be a herbal catastrophe withinside the Asian continent, the water of this pool mechanically rises.

This Kund is stated withinside the Puranas with the aid of using the call of Neelkund at the same time as humans comprehend it as Bhimkund. It is stated that Discovery Channel attempted tough to degree the intensity of this tank however they couldn’t locate its intensity.

Bhimkund Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Bhimkund is a well-known pilgrimage site, close to Bajna village, seventy seven km from Chhatarpur district in Madhya Pradesh, wherein there may be a cistern which is an issue of interest for geologists.

Bhimkund waterfall and stream

Looking on the Bhimkund from above, this Kund(tank) appears 50 to seventy five meters wide. Researchers have dived commonly on this water tank however nobody has been capable of get its intensity so some distance.

What is Bhimkund`s story?

According to antique stories, Bhimkund belongs to the Mahabharata period. The forests and mountains was once a safe haven for the Pandavas at some point of the unknown. Due to the absence of a reservoir for numerous days, in the future the water that they’d become exhausted. Meanwhile, Draupadi become thirsty after attaining a mountain, so she expressed a choice to drink water however there has been no water supply some distance and wide.

Bhima moves his mace, the floor collapsed withinside the center of the mountain, and the torrent of water bursts. Then the Pandavas such as Draupadi drank water. It become named Bhimkund due to its production with the aid of using Bhima.

Depth of Bhimkund

The intensity of Bhimkund stays mysterious even today. No one may want to degree its intensity up to now. Many humans attempted to degree its intensity in lots of methods however failed. Bhimkund is assumed to had been fashioned because of the robust contemporary flowing withinside the floor.

But up to now, no geological scientist may want to discover from which water supply this water move is connected.

You should have visible that once someone dies with the aid of using drowning, after a few time, his frame comes over water. But the useless frame of the drowner by no means appears up on this tank. Rather than the individual disappears forever. People say that each time a herbal catastrophe occurs, the water stage of the tank begins offevolved growing in order that the humans right here already assume the herbal catastrophe.

The thriller of Bhimkund, who has now no longer been capable of boost the curtain up to now
The strong point of Kund is that its water usually seems clean and obvious blue color, because of which matters may be visible to a completely deep extent. It is stated that its water is the mineral water of the identical exceptional as Himalayan water.

People take their water in bottles and take it with them. This water tank is internal a cave at the mountain. In which there may be an erosion that once the rays of the solar fall at the water of the pool, the water of the pool shines like many colors.


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