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Bilaspur is one in every of the biggest towns withinside the mineral-wealthy Indian nation of Chhattisgarh. It is likewise domestic to the biggest High Court of Asia. The nation of Chhattisgarh is understood for its scenic diversity, colourful culture, and wealthy history. As an increasing number of human beings are coming across the region thanks to the rampant improvement that has taken region there, Chhattisgarh is slowly evolving right into a traveller destination. Bilaspur is an crucial metropolis in Chhattisgarh simply ready to wonder you with its wonders! There isn’t anyt any dearth of locations to go to close to Bilaspur. Bilaspur is blessed with many cool getaways as well.
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WHY VISIT Bilaspur?

The metropolis of Bilaspur is ready four hundred years old. It is assumed that the metropolis of Bilaspur became named after a fisherwoman named Bilasa. It is stated that during the ones days Ratanpur became the capital of the neighborhood country and contemporary Bilaspur became only a small agreement at the banks of River Arpa. According to folklore, the king took fancy to Bilasa, a neighborhood fisherwoman settled on this a part of his country. Bilasa did now no longer go back his affections and refused to give up to the king. She self-immolated herself to break out his advances. From that day onwards, this region got here to be recognised as Bilasa ki Nagri. The call later have become Bilaspur.

Devrani – Jethani Temples
Devrani Jethani Temples are located in Tala in Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. These are the stays of historical temples right here that lie some meters other than every other. According to legend, they have been constructed for the better halves of royal brothers. Devrani-Jethani talk over with sisters-in-regulation. In Hindi, Jethani manner the spouse of the elder brother, whilst Devrani refers back to the spouse of the more youthful brother. Jethani Temple lies in a tattered circumstance presently. The temple has been rendered structure-less, and the stones and sculptures that after supplied energy and aesthetic excellent to the temple lay scattered. You can see the significant sculptures of the elephants that after used to beautify the doorway to this temple mendacity separately. The fantastically carved pillars that after supported the ceiling are actually status in isolation. But the stays inform us that this region might have as soon as been an architectural wonder.
The Devrani temple or the temple of the more youthful sister-in-regulation has its base platform intact together with the steps that result in the principle shrine.

The sculptures on this temple supply us a truthful concept approximately its architectural glory in its time. The thick partitions of this temple have intricately carved human and animal faces, likely to depict a few scenes from existence or historical epics. The pinnacle panel of the temple capabilities celestial figures. The panel underneath has a few sculptures which might be unrecognizable now. These temples, in spite of getting fallen prey to the vagaries of time, stand to inform interesting testimonies approximately bygone days .A small museum withinside the premises of the temple homes some sculptures excavated from this region.
To attain those temples, you want to pass a fixed of fairly more recent temples through the call of Shri Siddhanath Ashram.

Pataleshwar Kedar Temple
Pataleshwar Kedar Temple is located in Malhar in Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh. Malhar became as soon as the capital of the nation. It is one of the maximum respected locations for Hindus in Chhattisgarh. The temple dates again to the eleventh century and has now no longer misplaced its non secular importance and non secular allure due to the fact that then. It is devoted to Lord Shiva, and the principle appeal on this temple is the Gomukhi Sivalinga.

The temple capabilities top notch sculptures made with the maximum care and precision. There are impressively complicated carvings at the temple edifice. The temple stands for instance of the wealthy architectural historical past of historical India. The scenic splendor across the Pataleshwar Kedar Temple similarly complements its non secular appeal. It is a brilliant region to discover a few solace farfar from the each day issues of existence. Once you’re right here, you’ll enjoy a experience of unheard of calm and tranquility.

Tala is a small village located at a distance of 25km from Bilaspur on Bhojpur-Dagori Road. Besides the well-known Devrani Jethani temples, Tala is understood for its picturesque environment and a completely unique idol that became observed in the course of excavations. The idol is surely one-of-a-type withinside the global and dates again to the 6th century. Till now, the deity to whom the idol became committed has now no longer been named.

Tala is likewise recognised for Rudra Shiva`s idol that became observed in the course of an excavation. Maniyari river flows through this region, giving it a hint of serenity. The nearest railway station to Tala is Bilaspur, and Raipur is the nearest airport. You can take a bus from Raipur or Bilaspur to attain this old fashioned village.

Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary
Besides lovely temples and monuments, Bilaspur additionally has great herbal reserves. The region lies surrounded through lush inexperienced impenetrable forests which might be domestic to particular species of plant life and fauna. Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the maximum outstanding flora and fauna sanctuaries in Chhattisgarh and homes numerous species of animals including leopards, Bengal tigers, and wild bison. Other animals consist of chital, striped hyena, sloth bear, dhole, sambar deer, nilgai, Indian four-horned antelope, and chinkara. The flora and fauna sanctuary became set up in 1975, and additionally serves as a tiger reserve.

Situated at a distance of fifty five km north-west of Bilaspur, and unfold over a place of 557 sq km, this sanctuary is doing a stellar activity of retaining the herbal environment of Chhattisgarh. It is connected to Kanha-Achanakmar Corridor, that’s part of the tiger reserves of Kanha, Madhya Pradesh. Besides an outstanding kind of fauna, this flora and fauna sanctuary is likewise domestic to severa species of bushes along with Sal, Saja, Bija, and bamboo. The first-rate time to go to the Achanakmar Wildlife sanctuary is all through the summers in spite of the heat. It is due to the fact the probabilities of recognizing animals are appreciably better all through summers. But you could go to all through winters too if you want to revel in high-quality climate and an abundance of flora. However, travelers aren’t accredited to go into the forests all through the monsoon season. On the manner to the sanctuary, you may come upon a dam referred to as the Khongapani Jalashya. The dam boasts a scenic placing and is good for a fast stop.

Located at a distance of forty km from Bilaspur, Malhar as soon as served because the capital of Chhattisgarh. The region is now famend for its archaeological sites. Some of the maximum distinguished temples right here are Pataleshwar Temple, Devri Temple, and Dindeshwari Temple. These temples date returned to the tenth and eleventh centuries. Artifacts and memorials conserving importance to Jainism have additionally been excavated right here. Remains belonging to the historical Kalachuri dynasty had been discovered at this site. The Pataleshwar Kedar Temple is thought for its Gomukhi Shivling. The Dindeshwari Temple is an historical temple belonging to the Kalachuri Dynasty. The Deor temple is decorated with superbly carved idols. Malhar additionally homes a museum this is controlled via way of means of the government. It capabilities an expansive series of historical sculptures.

Ratanpur is placed at a distance of 25km from Bilaspur and is thought for its historic and archaeological importance. It bears witness to the upward push and fall of many dynasties. The second you input Ratanpur, you’re greeted via way of means of a nine-foot-tall idol of Baba Bhairavnath Kshetrapal Singh of the Haihai dynasty. Ratanpur got here into prominence all through the reign of the Kalachuri dynasty because it turned into the capital in their kingdom. Later Ratanpur additionally served because the capital of Haihaivanshi Kingdom and Bhosle.

Mahamaya Temple in Ratanpur built via way of means of Ratansen, a Kalachurian King, draws site visitors from everywhere in the us of a due to its sheer architectural class and non secular importance. Many devotees belonging to the Hindu faith come right here to are seeking for advantages of the Goddess Mahamaya. The Goddess is likewise referred to as Kosaleswari, as she is the presiding deity of Dakshin Koshal in cutting-edge day Chhattisgarh. There is an historical citadelress is Ratanpur this is pretty exciting to discover. It has wonderful gates which might be decorated with historical stone sculptures.

Ram Tekri Temple
Marathi King Shivaji Rao Bhosle constructed the Ram Tekri Temple in Ratanpur. This surprising temple is perched on a hill and is flanked on all aspects via way of means of dense greenery. It is located at a distance of simply 3km from Ratanpur and is hooked up through motorable roads. It capabilities captivating granite statues of Lord Ram, Sita, and Hanuman. In addition to this, this temple additionally homes amazing idols of different Hindu deities like Vishnu and Kaal Bhairav. Since this temple rests on a hill, you could revel in the wonderful panoramic perspectives of the environment from right here. This is likewise a really perfect spot to click on memorable pictures.

Best Time to Visit Bilaspur
Bilaspur enjoys mild temperatures year-round. If you’re a flora and fauna fanatic and need to identify exclusive species of birds and animals on the Achanakmar Wildlife Sanctuary, then you definitely need to plan a go to all through the summer time season season. The probabilities of recognizing animals growth all through summers. But if you want to discover the metropolis and close by getaways, temples, and historical monuments comfortably, then wintry weather is the proper season to go to Bilaspur.

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