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Food of Odisha Dishes of Odia Cuisine

The delicacies of Odisha, popularly called the Odia Cuisine, is a melange of assorted objects and practices. As Odisha is bordered via way of means of each North Indian and South Indian states, meals of Odisha is majorly encouraged via way of means of the meals of North India, Bengal and Assam. Rice is the staple meals of Odisha with mustard oil used as a cooking medium in lots of households. Yoghurt bureaucracy a first-rate a part of many dishes of Odisha whilst many chocolates are primarily based totally on chhena (a shape of cheese). Odia delicacies is much less oily and spice however a burst of flavours. Aptly called `the Goa of Eastern India’, Odisha is sort of a essential gourmand significant for each foodie. So, right here is our handpicked listing of Odisha’s Dishes:

  1. Khicede
    Khichdi, as we name it in different states is an clean but a healthy meal. Odisha khicede is one of the maximum essential dishes, being presented as the principle bhog to Lord Jagannath on the Puri Temple. The best mixture of rice and lentils cooked collectively in ghee offers a completely unique and relishing flavour to it.This comforting meal now no longer simply gives first-rate flavor however an excellent extra nutrition. Lightly spiced, regularly served with curd and papad, this appetizing meal is certain to make you salivate.
  2. Chungdi Malai
    Well, because the call suggests, this dish is all approximately the scrumptious creamy prawn curry, wherein the creamy element comes from the coconut milk. The richness and silkiness of this high-quality dish are in addition enriched via way of means of mild and moderate spices that upload a completely unique man or woman to it. Absolutely delightful, mouth-watering and flavoursome! Best served with steamed basmati rice, this delicacy is a need to attempt in case you are in and round Odisha.
  3. Macha Ghanta
    Fish dishes being extraordinarily famous in Odisha, are relished via way of means of each family and what higher than each odiya’s favored, Macha Ghanta! A need to provide to Durga Maa on Dussehra, this tempting curry includes the fried head of the fish and is served with warm steamed rice and salad. The curry is a wealthy mixture of onions, potatoes, garlic and the everyday spices. Vegetarians might also additionally make a plain ‘Ghanta’ via way of means of heading off fish in it. This is one dish which has no match, regardless of wherein you’re, and it’s miles probably to tempt you to devour it time and again till the time you’re in Odisha.
  4. Dalma
    Aah Dalma! You simply cannot get sufficient of dal, can you? However, this staple meals comes with a completely unique twist while in Odisha. It is made with roasted moong dal with none onion or garlic. A few everyday spices together with a cup of greens are introduced to it to offer it a lip-smacking flavour. Common greens encompass pumpkin, plantain, yam and papaya, which paintings like magic to your normal health. Mostly eaten with rice, this finger-licking meal will greater than satiate your appetite.
    five. Pakhala Bhata
    Pakhala Bhata is the day by day lunch for nearly each family in Odisha for the duration of summers. It is ready via way of means of soaking cooked rice in water and bitter curd. Typically left overnight, and regularly served with potatoes, fried fish, papad and Badi choora, that is dried and nut-like urad and black gram. This fermented rice is the proper dish to conquer the warmth and refreshes you from within. twentieth March is well known as Pakhala Dibasa (Universal Pakhala Day) via way of means of all Odias to welcome summer time with Odisha’s conventional meals. This luxurious meal is a need to attempt.
  5. Gupchup
    Known as Panipuri in Western India, Puchka in Bengal, Golgappa withinside the north and Gupchup in Odisha.
    This short snack, which has nearly grow to be a staple throughout the nation, desires no introduction. This extraordinarily famous avenue meals accommodates of small and crisp puris crafted from the dough of suji, maida and atta served collectively with chana masala and khatta Jal jeera. Probably one meals that is cherished via way of means of each age institution and loved at any time of the day. The first-class element approximately this dish is that it’s so reasonably-priced and mild which you regularly see gupchup ingesting competitions to your streets. Without a doubt, it’s miles everyone’s favored!
  6. Dahi vada-Aloo dum
    Yet any other famous avenue meals that we see after gupchup in Odisha, is Dahi vada and Aloo dum. Go out at even five withinside the morning and you may see thela walas with their massive pots of dahi vada and smaller pots full of aloo dum. While anywhere else, dahi vada and aloo dum are taken into consideration to be separate dishes, Odisha gives a specific mixture of the each. The relishing flavor of dahi vadas cautiously neutralises the spiciness of aloo dum, giving the flavor that each Odia craves for. Also well-known because the ‘Vada Pav’ of Cuttack, this dish has actually paved its manner into people’s hearts and regular lives.
  7. Chhena Poda
    Odisha’s very very own cheesecake! The one candy that Odisha is well-known for – Chhena Poda, additionally recognised to be Lord Jagannath’s favored candy and is regularly presented to him on the Puri Temple. The lingering flavor of burnt home-made cottage cheese and semolina mixed with sugar syrup clearly blow away your mind. This uncommon dessert is baked for numerous hours till it turns into pink and the caramelised sugar brings out the wonderful flavour of Chhena Poda. Being offered in nearly each corner and corner, this dish is simple, clean and without a doubt scrumptious.
  1. Rasabali
    The candy dished is garnished with cardamoms and soaked in thick flavoured milk. Served in Lord Jagannath temple as part of chappana bhogas, this delicacy hint its foundation from Kendrapara district in Odisha.
  2. Kanika
    A historically organized dish of Orissa product of candy pulao reveals an area of pleasure withinside the listing of fifty six gadgets in Lord Jagannath`s ‘Chappan Bhog.’ Kanika turned into the fave Odiya dish earlier than biriyani, and fried rice took its place. The fragrant basmati rice may be a substitute from the uncooked rice it’s commonly organized to make Kanika. Mostly organized as imparting in temples, the Kanika rice is a staple meal of Orissa. It is great served with finger-licking chicken/mutton curry.
  3. Pilaf
    Pilaf (Pulao) is a rice dish in a pro broth. When sauteed gently in oil the rice attains a golden brown color with the aroma of combined spices. Depending on unique cultures, the dish is ready as a range which incorporates meat, greens, dry culmination or even pasta. The culinary of pilaf unfold over states to nations worldwide.
  4. Santula
    This conventional Oriya dish is a fried or boiled vegetable curry that slurps down your tongue with each spoon. With a mix of uncooked papaya, potato, tomato and brinjal, the dish is not anything much less as compared to every other healthful food. As the recipe is low on spices and excessive on greens, it’s miles maximum generally eaten for a healthful diet. You may also need the dish to be mildly sauteed with milk and spices for a further flavor.
  5. Chaatu Rai
    Chaatu Rai or Chaatu Besara is a nutritious vegetable dish it’s very famous in Orissa. The substances that improve the flavor of it are turmeric powder and tomato with a gaggle of mushrooms cooked in a tangy, scrumptious mustard paste. Often organized at some point of unique occasions, the dish is loved now no longer simply in Oriya however additionally in locations round India.
  6. Aloo Potala Rasa
    A unique dish organized with potato and pointed gourd. It is one of the famous curries withinside the country of Orissa. Also called Parwal in North India, this dish is obtainable to God on the Puri Jagannath temple. A little bit of cashew paste or onion/ginger paste makes it greater savoury.
  7. Kadali Manja Rai
    This relishing banana stem curry pro with garlic cloves, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon, coriander with crimson chillies makes the ideal aspect dish for a meal. The aroma of stir-fried banana stem and the coriander leaves as seasoning brings a lot pleasure that lasts until you lose its flavor.
  8. Besara
    This easy aesthetic dish is a aggregate of potato, pumpkin, banana and papaya. The mustard seeds, cumin seeds, garlic and dry chilli, make it flavoury to the genuine flavor of Odiya. Cut greens and sliced onions that flip golden brown as you fry them withinside the pan makes your little coronary heart yearn to take pleasure in it.
  9. Khattas and Chutneys
    The Khatta of Odiya is available in an array of extensive type of dishes. Khajur Khatta, Tomato Khatta, Mango Khatta, and Dahi Nadia are all of the repertoire of Odiya Khattas. Among those dishes, the substances inclusive of tomato, inexperienced chillies, punch-phutana, turmeric powder, oil and salt to flavor all stay common. The number one substances upload the richness to the dish. With its flavoursome chutneys, it is great served with steamed rice and fried inexperienced chillies.
  10. Chakuli Pitha
    Chakuli Pitha is a famend dish from Odisha this is pretty like a Dosa, but different. It is ready the usage of a batter made with same quantities of lentils (Urad Dal) and rice (soaked, floor and fermented for as a minimum five hours). Even black lentils (skinless) are used as opposed to the Urad Dal at times. The batter is unfold on a griddle or pan in a round form and cooked on each facets the usage of a few mustard oil. Chakuli Pitha is softer than that of a Dosa and is relatively thicker as nicely. This gluten-unfastened delicacy tastes truely nicely with Aloo Bhuja, Ghugni or jaggery.
  11. Kora Khai
    Kora Khai is a candy dish item. It is immensely famous as a shape of ‘Prashad’ (holy imparting) in temples, specially to Lord Jagannath. There are only a few substances used to put together Kora Khai. It is essentially a aggregate of four substances which are Khai, coconut, jaggery (or sugar) and cardamom. Compared to different sweets, it is a piece greater tough and chewy. However, that doesn’t reduce to rubble with its uniquely scrumptious flavor. It’s a flavourful pleasure that offers freshness from the coconuts and crunch from the caramelized Khai (fried paddy). It may be very famous in Bhubaneswar.
  12. Mudhi Mansa
    Mudhi of Puffed Rice.
    Mudhi is puffed rice, and Mansa method meat. Mudhi Mansa is a conventional, conventional dish this is cherished via way of means of the human beings of Odisha. It’s goat’s meat this is marinated in oil and an entire lot of spices. The meat is then delivered to a gravy made with tomatoes, onions and decided on spices. Served warm with crunchy Mudhi or puffed rice; garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes and sparkling coriander leaves. It is an thrilling aggregate this is pretty preferred, specially via way of means of the human beings of Bhubaneswar.
  1. Chaula Bara
    Chaula Bara are immensely delicious crispy balls which might be made with generally urad Dal and rice. Light, fluffy, and tasty; this dish is a good way to maintain yearning for more! four components rice and 1 element Urad Dal are soaked overnight (minimal eight hours) and combined right into a medium coarse paste. Ingredients like cumin seeds, carom seeds, coriander leaves, a pinch of baking soda, salt and pepper are introduced to this paste. A little bit of mixing, and it`s prepared to fry and binge on! Best served with a tangy chutney of your choice.
  2. Chhena Jhili
    Chhena Jhili is any other candy dish from Odisha’s cuisine. It’s middle factor curd cheese this is wet and crumbled (normally known as Chhena). The different elements are sugar, sugar syrup, ghee (clarified butter), wheat flour, cardamom powder, semolina, curd (optional) and a tad little bit of salt. A gentle dough-like combination is ready to make small sized balls, that are then deep-fried in oil. The balls are then dipped and covered in sugar syrup or Chashni. This candy dish is gentle, succulent and delicious.
  3. Khaja
    A crisp, cracking and really well worth cherishing candy dish, Khaja. It’s a burst of flavour and texture, with only a few elements, and an entire lot of techniques. There’s simply delicate flour, clarified butter, sugar, water, cardamom and rose water (optional). The dough is kneaded the usage of flour and ghee, to put together skinny tortillas. These tortillas are then layered one above the different, with the assist of ghee and dry flour. Around 6 layers are fashioned earlier than rolling them and slicing into portions. A little bit of pulling down from the sides, and that they get into deep-frying till golden. Coated in flavoured sugar syrup on the end, and the layered, crunchy goodness is prepared to relish!
  4. Gajja
    Chenna Gajja (Source)
    Gajja is a classic, conventional candy from Odisha that has more than one variants. Chhena Gajja, Khasta Gajja, Khira Gaja and a few others that vary via their fashion of preparation (boiled dry or fried sugary syrup ones). Most in their names are primarily based totally at the middle factor of the respective recipes. The maximum famous model is the little square-fashioned portions of Chhena (crumbled curd cheese) Gajja which might be fried and soaked in sugar syrup for approximately an hour, for them to soak up the sweetness.
  5. Palua Ladu
    Palua refers to arrowroot. Arrowroot is a plant-primarily based totally grain-loose starch, that enables paintings for a higher texture of diverse dishes. Palua Ladu is any other captivating candy object this is relished via way of means of the human beings of Odisha. It originated at an area known as Bhadrak district in Odisha. The Palua Ladu recipe has elements like wheat/delicate flour, semolina (Sooji), Palua (arrowroot powder), sugar, water, oil and baking soda. However, there are numerous different recipes gambling round with barely one of a kind elements and methods. This candy dish is visually attractive and tastes lovable as well.
  6. Odisha Rasagolla
    The Rasoaolla from Odisha is first-rate famous for all of the proper reasons, and more! It has been a warm subject matter thinking about its conflict of foundation with Bengal. With its mouth-melting texture and divine flavour, this candy dish is certain to win hearts in each a part of the world! The white goodness dipped in sugar syrup makes it one of the pleasant desserts. The sensitive softness of the chhena and the right stability of sweetness makes it a outstanding indulgence. One definitely can’t find the money for to overlook this delight! Odisha Rasogolla, Khira Mohana has been served as bhog withinside the Jagannath Temple, in Puri.



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