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25 Indian Street Food Dishes

The listing of Indian avenue meals dishes you ought to strive in Mumbai is lengthy and varied, which include dynamic complementary and contrasting flavors that variety from warm to candy to savory, and textures that run the gamut from gentle to crispy to creamy, making the bustling metropolis a culinary paradise for locals and vacationers alike.
Located alongside the Konkan Coast withinside the Indian nation of Maharashtra, Mumbai is famous round the sector for its huge populace of 12.four million withinside the metropolis limits, which balloons to over 21 million as soon as the encircling metropolitan region is factored in. Many of these 21 million residents, which includes the ones from all financial lessons and diverse religions and ethnicities, are regarded for playing the one-of-a-kind and cost-powerful roadside meals that has made the metropolis a most advantageous vacation spot for foodies everywhere in the world, which includes myself.
After visits to Mumbai in much less than a year, I even have fallen in love with the metropoliss colourful and top notch meals scene. There are hundreds, if now no longer thousands, of meals alternatives there, that could get overwhelming in case you dont understand what to appearance for. Thats why I need to percentage my non-public favored avenue meals from Mumbai with you. These are the meals I couldnt get sufficient of, those that made my mouth water and my flavor buds sing for joy. These are the 25 avenue meals dishes you ought to strive in Mumbai!
Pani Puri
One of the maximum not unusualplace and maximum famous avenue meals for the duration of the Indian subcontinent is pani puri. This dish includes a spherical flatbread that puffs up right into a crispy, hole bread ball, referred to as a puri, while it’s far fried. In the maximum not unusualplace and maximum conventional model of the dish, the puri is punctured with the aid of using the seller, who then fills it with a flavorful aggregate of spiced, soup-like water (imli pani), chickpeas, potato, onion, chilies, tamarind chutney, and chaat masala. Many different ingenious and cutting-edge types of the dish may be located for the duration of India.
My first enjoy attempting pani puri changed into at Elco Restaurant withinside the Bandra community of Mumbai. Little did I understand it could come to be my favored Indian dish of all-time! The liquid-stuffed puri explodes on your mouth the instant you chew down on it, freeing the minty and savory contents, which wash over your palate. After simply one, I located myself yearning extra and feature made it a factor to discover them anywhere I pass in India. And at eighty rupees for 6 puris at Elco, you cant beat the charge or quality! Ice Gola With temperatures in Mumbai that frequently skyrocket into the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit, taking walks the streets of the metropolis for meals to pattern may be hard with the blistering solar beating down on you. If youre lucky, youll discover a supplier promoting bloodless treats like ice gola, a candy and salty snack to help you beat the warmth and energize you for extra meals adventures. Ice gola includes a ball of shaved ice, which the seller molds into a rectangular form across the cease of a stick. After losing the cease with the ice ball right into a cup, the seller will upload diverse fruit flavorings, relying on which type you order, and salt. And much like that, you've got got an icy deal with to experience on a sweltering Mumbai day! The type I attempted had each blueberry and lemon flavors, which made for a completely unique taste combination, particularly with the salt introduced. Just strive now no longer to get mind freeze like I did! Chicken Tikka No listing of the quality Indian avenue meals dishes you ought to strive in Mumbai is whole with out the scrumptious, roasted or grilled hen dish called hen tikka, that's made with the aid of using marinating small portions of hen in a aggregate of yogurt and spices that encompass ginger, garlic paste, and purple chili powder. Masala Vada Pav (Indian Burger) A ride to Mumbai isn't always whole with out attempting one of the metropoliss signature snacks, Vada Pav, additionally called the Indian burger. With about 50,000 meals stalls across the metropolis promoting this specific deal with, theres no scarcity of locations to discover it. The dish includes a deep-fried potato fritter this is located in a pan-fried bun referred to as a pav or pao. There are many versions of this historically veg dish withinside the metropolis, which includes ones containing cheese, mayo, onions, corn Chivda, or even hen patties! But the Vada Pav at Kalidas Masala Vada Pav isn't like them all. The bun is pan-fried on a tawa, or grill, along side butter; masala this is decreased to a rich, purple paste; onions; and capsicum. The masala aggregate is unfold within the buns and on pinnacle of them earlier than the potato fritter is introduced inside. Its nicely really well worth a ride to the Mulund region simply to have a chew of this spicy, crispy, and flavorful veggie burger. Dont leave out out on it! Nitrogen Biscuit As youre walking down the streets and lanes of Mumbai, youre certain to come upon meals which are extra weird than youre used to and the Nitrogen Biscuit from the Ice Cream Factory in Mulund is certain to be one in all them. These ordinary confections are made from biscuits or wafers which have been frozen with the aid of using dipping them into liquid nitrogen.

Mutton Roll
If what youre searching out is a warm, savory dish thats filled with scrumptious meat and exceptional flavors, head right all the way down to Mohammad Ali Road, in which youll discover carriers promoting mutton rolls. These rolls are made from the tender, juicy meat of a full-grown sheep, with an eggy roti wrapped round it. The roll is cooked on a large, flat grill referred to as a tawa and is served with a lemon wedge and a facet of greens. The roll has a outstanding blend of spices for the duration of and is pretty highly spiced as well, however the greens served with it assist relax the heat. Its nearly like a highly spiced egg roll with mutton inside. If you want highly spiced meals and non-veg Indian dishes, the mutton roll is surely for you!
Chicken Lollipop
The call of the following avenue meals on our listing of the 25 Indian avenue meals dishes you ought to attempt in Mumbai, the chook lollipop, would possibly make you believe you studied that is a candy dish, however its now no longer—its virtually a fried chook drumstick this is bathed in a vibrant purple curry this is so colourful and wealthy that it modifications the colour of the chooks pores and skin and meat! When the drumsticks are held upright, they resemble a lollipop, consequently its precise call. While you can have had fried chook earlier than, Im quite positive that, except youve been to India earlier than, youve in no way had fried chook like this! Its intensely flavorful and now no longer too highly spiced, and is served with a great ginger sauce that had my flavor buds yearning extra. I guarantee you, youll be yearning extra too after simply one bite!
Mutton and Chicken Kabab
When touring Mumbai, specially if youre going for the road meals, I advise putting apart a night time strictly for the super meals youll discover alongside Mohammad Ali Road, along with mutton kababs and chook kababs. Kababs, or kebabs, is a phrase for any sort of meat this is cooked on a skewer, over a flame, and those at Haji Tikka blew my mind.
The kababs at Haji Tikka are smooth, juicy, and tender, and fabricated from mincemeat. Theyre served with a facet of onions and different greens to settle down your mouth. Youll want it, because the kebabs also are served with a highly spiced chutney that could take you through marvel if youre now no longer organized for it! Lassi After a banquet of highly spiced Indian meals, theres no higher avenue meals dish to appease your mouth and throat than a Lassi, a creamy, yogurt-primarily based totally drink this is extraordinarily famous all over the country. The milky drink is powerful at cooling down your mouth as it consists of a excessive quantity of casein, a protein discovered in mammal milk that acts as a detergent to capsaicin, the thing in chilies that makes your tongue experience as aleven though its on fire. You can discover plenty of various flavors of Lassi round India, along with mango, however alongside Mohammad Ali Road, I attempted the authentic taste and saffron. The authentic is higher in my opinion, however each are a super manner to kill the fiery feeling for your mouth and funky down your frame after spending hours withinside the sweltering Mumbai heat! Bombay Duck Like the chook lollipop I encouraged earlier, the Indian dish called Bombay Duck may also provide you with the incorrect influence as to what it's miles. Sharing a call with the Indian town that have become called Mumbai in 1995, this succulent dish doesnt comprise any duck. Its made from small strips of fish, that are both deep-fried or cooked in a purple curry. I attempted this nearby strong point at Mata Pita Da Dhaba on Madh Island and it blew my mind. The fish is gently battered with a crispy outdoors however is smooth and flaky at the inside. It jogged my memory a number of flounder and is served with a chutney at the facet. Bombay Duck is an super seafood dish that I advise every body attempt after they go to Mumbai! Check out the ten Indian Street Food Dishes You Must Eat in Jaipur, India Fried Prawns Bombay Duck isnt the simplest deal with from the ocean that you may discover at Mata Pita Da Dhaba on Madh Island. Another exceptional Indian avenue meals dish you ought to attempt in Mumbai is their fried prawns, that are vibrant purple just like the Bombay Duck.
These super prawns are warm and juicy with a simply nice, curry-like spice at the outside. Its one of the exceptional ingredients to attempt in Mumbai if what youre searching out is a tasty, highly spiced, crucial Indian seafood dish. I couldnt get sufficient of it! Kebab Rolls If youre a foodie who has researched locations to devour exceptional meals in India, youve probable come upon Bademiya, an iconic meals stall and eating place chain that become hooked up in Mumbai in 1946. This culinary landmark is thought for its curries and kebabs, which encompass their outstanding kebab rolls, a dynamite deal with I become fortunate to attempt on my 2d night time in Mumbai in February of 2018. My Chicken Bhuna Roll contained clean, minced chook this is marinated withinside the eating places kebab masala earlier than it’s miles wrapped in a roti thats made proper in the front of you. The masala consists of a mystery mixture of spices this is quite tasty and enhances the chook extraordinarily well. The roti is so clean and chewy and makes this kebab roll one of the exceptional chook wraps Ive ever had in my life. It`s a ought to-attempt while you come to Mumbai!

Pav Bhaji
A famous region to devour in Mumbai after darkish is CSMT (Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus) Train Station, and one of the satisfactory road meals stalls there’s Cannon Pav Bhaji. Their namesake dish is likewise their signature, Pav Bhaji, which includes a thick, highly spiced, and buttery potato-and-tomato-primarily based totally combined vegetable curry this is served along chopped onions, lemon wedges, and smooth buns or rolls.
This heavenly, flavorful dish is famous during India and is eaten through blending the pat of butter into the curry earlier than you tear small portions of the roll, scoop up bits of curry with them, and dad it into your mouth. While the dish is sort of a mild tomato-primarily based totally paste, it’s also an explosion of specific Indian flavors that I couldn’t get sufficient of! The bread is first-rate and fluffy and the onions upload an entire new layer of deliciousness. Hands down, the Pav Bhaji at Cannon Pav Bhaji is one of the pinnacle Indian road meals dishes you have to attempt in Mumbai!
Dahi Puri
The subsequent dish on our listing, Dahi Puri, also can be discovered at CSMT Train Station. This famous Maharashtrian snack is a sort of chaat that originated in Mumbai, and includes mung beans, onions, chili powder, coriander, a sort of yogurt referred to as dahi, and crunchy chickpea noodles referred to as sev, which might be positioned in small puris, the equal puffed-up, hole bread balls which might be utilized in pani puri.
The yogurt withinside the Dahi Puri delivered a scrumptious sweetness to the dish, which exploded in my mouth and contained a mixture of such a lot of awesome complementary flavors that I in reality cherished. Its a splendid snack I urge you to attempt the instant you get the opportunity! Ragda Pattice With Ragda Pattice, mashed potato cakes (pattice) are served with gravy (ragda) and crowned with the peas and potatoes, along side inexperienced chutney, tamarind chutney, chopped onions, coriander leaves, and sev. It turned into sort of candy and now no longer highly spiced in any respect to me, despite the fact that the inexperienced chutney is stated to be quite hot. Even with out the heat, its nevertheless extraordinarily excessive up on my listing of my preferred meals in Mumbai!

Sev Puri
Another sort of chaat this is important for learners to Mumbai to pattern at CSMT Train Station is Sev Puri, a Maharashtrian distinctiveness that could be a famous road meals in each Mumbai and Pune. This snack doesnt have a hard and fast recipe, however generally includes a puri this is full of onions, diced potatoes, tamarind chutney, garlic chutney, and chili chutney, and is crowned with sev and uncooked mango (whilst its in season), lemon, and chaat masala.
Some versions of Sev Puri additionally consist of spinach, corn, paneer, and mint chutney. The Sev Puri I attempted had a pleasing sweetness to it from the tamarind chutney, a fulfilling crunch from the vegetables, and turned into additionally a bit nutty and crispy like a cracker.
After plenty of savory dishes and candy-and-savory road meals snacks, youll possibly be withinside the temper for a few dessert. For one of the satisfactory cakes in Mumbai, head over to Badshah, in which you may attempt a completely unique deal with referred to as Falooda. This bloodless dessert is sort of like a milkshake, because it generally incorporates milk, ice cream, and your desire of fruit. But it additionally incorporates rose syrup, candy basil seeds, jellies, and maximum curiously, vermicelli noodles. The Falooda I attempted at Badshah contained mango, and the instant I attempted it, it jogged my memory of different Asian cakes I had attempted in China, mainly with the little jellies internal it. Im now no longer a massive fan of Western cakes like ice cream, however I cherished the Falooda as it turned into extraordinarily refreshing, and the noodles gave it an exciting texture. If you want Asian cakes like I do, make sure to attempt a Falooda the following time youre in Mumbai! Thalipeeth Those seeking out greater veg dishes in Mumbai are in luck, due to the fact the citys road meals stalls and eating places provide a big kind of scrumptious, vegetable-primarily based totally culinary creations, such as Thalipeeth, that is a savory, multi-grain pancake this is crafted from grains like rice, wheat, jowar, and bajra; legumes such as chana and urad; onion, sparkling coriander, and different vegetables; and spices including coriander seed and cumin seed.
The Thalipeeth I attempted in Mumbai jogged my memory of a deep-fried potato patty and turned into served with a coconut chutney with a barely bitter taste, which turned into one of a kind from the sweeter types I had attempted in advance in my trip. This dish is best actually discovered withinside the kingdom of Maharashtra, so make sure to present it a attempt while you visit Mumbai!
Kothimbi Vadi
Another Indian road meals dish you have to attempt in Mumbai is an exceedingly famous Maharashtrian starter or appetizer referred to as Kothimbi Vadi. This crispy and flavorful snack is made with besan, or gram flour, as properly coriander leaves and spices that may consist of ginger, garlic, cumin seeds, garam masala, turmeric, and greater. Also referred to as a coriander fritter, this dish is normally fried, however non-fried variations may be made as properly.
This superb dish turned into harking back to a fried, potato-primarily based totally veggie burger. It turned into crispy at the outside, smooth at the internal, and every chew despatched a awesome and various array of spices washing over my palate. I attempted it with a few coconut chutney and fell head over heels for it. This dish is outstanding!

Sabudana Vada
Lip-smacking, deep-fried treats are common in Maharashtra and one in all its high-quality is Sabudana Vada, which is likewise called Sago Vada. This conventional snack is crafted from sabudana, or tapioca, in addition to potatoes, peanuts, purple and inexperienced chilies, and coriander leaves, which might be shaped into small balls or patties and cooked in warm oil. Sabudana Vada is typically served for the duration of spiritual gala’s and is taken into consideration a super choice to consume at the same time as fasting.
The ones I had in Mumbai had been served piping warm along side yogurt and coconut chutney. Even aleven though it changed into deep-fried, it changed into smooth and gooey withinside the middle. Both the yogurt and chutney paired nicely with it. The flavors had been out of this world!
Tawa Pulao
Our subsequent avenue meals dish is Tawa Pulao, every other famous Maharashtrian dish, which I attempted on Juhu Beach in Mumbai in addition to JM Road in Pune. This not unusual veg dish, which includes basmati or long-grain rice, tomatoes, bell peppers, inexperienced beans, onion, potato, peas, ginger, garlic, cumin, masala, turmeric, coriander leaves, ghee, and greater, is ready on a large, flat griddle known as a tawa, and is much like a stir-fried rice dish.
The Tawa Pulao I had on Mumbais Juhu Beach changed into pretty highly spiced, however fortunately it changed into served with a watery yogurt, which helped relax the warmth in my mouth and throat. The masala gave it a pleasant texture and I cherished the greens in it, specially the inexperienced beans and tomatoes. Also served along the Tawa Pulao had been a few crisp tomato slices and papad, a kind of thin, wafer-like flatbread. Paneer Chilli In addition to Indian meals, you could additionally locate wonderful Indo-Chinese dishes on Juhu Beach, such as one in all my favored dishes in all of India, Paneer Chilli. This exceptional veg dish is made via way of means of stir-frying cubes of deep-fried paneer (a kind of non-melting cottage cheese this is extraordinarily famous in Indian veg dishes) with Chinese sauces and chili paste, and including the aggregate to a mattress of clean cabbage and different greens. The give up end result is a exceptional, flavorful, mouthwatering dish I simply sense like I cant oversell. Even aleven though I changed into advised it might be highly spiced and it wasnt actually warm in any respect for me, the flavors are so wealthy and complicated that I didnt pass over the warmth in any respect. This dish marked my first having paneer. Its texture and taste had been so exclusive that I notion it changed into tofu at first. No be counted how often I visit India, that is one dish I will continually are seeking for out. Its without difficulty one of the pinnacle Indian avenue meals dishes you ought to attempt in Mumbai! Dahi Kachori As you wind your manner thru the loads of humans playing meals on Juhu Beach, make sure to forestall to attempt Dahi Kachori, a northern Indian dish that has made its manner to the bustling avenue meals markets of Mumbai. This dish is made of a dough of maida flour and ghee, which is filled with a filling made of yellow moong dal, gram flour, ginger, inexperienced chilies, chili powder, garam masala, cloves, cumin seeds, and greater earlier than it's far deep-fried in oil. The type I had on Juhu Beach changed into greater of a deconstructed version, wherein the deep-fried dough, or kachori, changed into crumbled onto a plate with all the different ingredients, such as the dal, chilies, and numerous chutneys and yogurts located on pinnacle. The dish changed into candy and clean because of the tamarind chutney and splendidly flavorful, and truely one in all my favorites from Juhu Beach! Chocolate Paan One of the maximum not unusual avenue ingredients youll locate for the duration of India is Paan. This dish includes an areca nut this is tightly wrapped inner a betel leaf along side numerous spices, berries, and nuts. The dish is frequently used as a stimulant, a breath freshener, and a palate cleaner among meals, and is likewise stated to useful resource in digestion and feature medicinal properties.
While exploring Juhu Beach with some friends, I got here throughout a stall promoting a kind of Paan containing chocolate! It changed into complete of chocolate taste and additionally contained gummies, and changed into the ideal transition from the dinner a part of my Juhu Beach avenue meals excursion to the dessert portion! For its forte alone, its one of the Indian avenue meals dishes you ought to attempt in Mumbai. Dont pass over out on attempting it!
Kulfi Falooda Rabri
During it slow at Juhu Beach, you`ll locate masses of savory and candy-and-savory dishes, a lot of which might be specified above. If you continue to have room left to your stomach, give up your meals adventure with some thing candy, particularly the Kulfi Falooda Rabri, a creamy, particular dish that carries a condensed-milk-primarily based totally dish known as rabri, an Indian ice cream known as kulfi, milk, sugar, pistachios, almonds, and greater.


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