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With excessive mountain peaks, forests, waterfalls and a lake, Mahabaleshwar`s wild surroundings draws big numbers of site visitors each 12 months. During the time of the British Raj it became the summer time season capital of Bombay. The hill metropolis is positioned withinside the Western Ghats variety in which you may embark on lengthy mountain treks and notice uncommon rock formations.
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WHY VISIT Mahabaleshwar?

Enjoy an afternoon of amusing and relxation at Venna Lake, a quick power from metropolis. Go boating or horse driving then prevent for some thing to devour at one of the snack bars alongside the lake`s shore. Hike via the forests to attain Lingamala Falls.
Mahabaleshwar is understood for its many sightseeing factors that appearance out throughout the hilly terrain. From here, you may see the Balakwadi Reservoir and the large Dhom Dam in addition to the peaks of Kamalgadh, Mandardeo and Pandavgadh. Next to this lookout is Echo Point. Yell some thing into the wasteland and listen why this vicinity has earned its sobriquet.

Pratapgarh Fort
Located in Satara district and constructed via way of means of Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Pratapgarh Fort, 20 km in distance from Mahabaleshwar destination, is a famous anciental webweb page. This anciental webweb page is one of the first-class visitor locations close to Mahabaleshwar which you an go to. It is split into forts- higher castle and decrease castle.
Things to do: Photography, go to Afzal Khan Dargah and hiking
Ideal Trip Duration: 2 hours
Best time to go to: Day time
How to attain: It takes half-hour to attain via way of means of road. Catch a teach from Satara Railway Station, that’s best forty six km.

Arthur`s Seat
Arthurs seat is counted a number of the first-class visitor locations round Mahabaleshwar which can be best for a serene break. It is located 12 km farfar from the principle Mahabaleshwar market. It is likewise spelt via way of means of the call ofthe suicide point`. It has a excessive elevation that gives you to revel in attractive perspectives of dense valleys of Brahma-Aryana and Savitri river.
Things to do: Photography and hiking.
Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 hours
Best time to go to: It would, if appropriate go to the area withinside the morning due to the fact it’s far closed early. In dark, you won`t be capable of revel in spell binding perspectives.
How to attain: Catch a teach from Pune station or get any mode of delivery from Mumbai or Pune to Poladpur. From there, trap any public delivery to Dhawale.

Lonavala, one of the maximum well-known locations to peer close to Mahabaleshwar. It is a famous hill station, that’s 177kms farfar from Mahabaleshwar. It is included all round via way of means of lakes, dams, dense forests and waterfalls. It is positioned withinside the Western Ghats in which Sahyadri Hills are first-class for sight view.
Things to do: Hiking and hiking.
Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
How to attain: Hire a automobile or attain via way of means of Konya Express to Lonavala from Satara.
Panchgani: Witness Gorgeous Sunsets
Panchgani hill station may be stated as locations to go to close to Mahabaleshwar. It is mainly taken into consideration for its lovely scenic perspectives. It has many dawn and sundown factors to view the scenes. It gives picturesque photos for your digital digicam gallery. There are masses of locations to go to in Panchgani inclusive of Wai, Mapro Gardens, Table Land and more.
Things to do: Capturing pictures, hiking, scenic perspectives, picturesque valleys
Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
Best time to go to: September to May
How to attain: Located 19 kms from Mahabaleshwar. Take a taxi or lease a cab to attain there.

Marjorie Point
It is a sightseeing point, which offers a really perfect view of Sahyadri mountains and western ghats positioned withinside the Konkan Valley. It is a really perfect vicinity for nature fanatics to revel in the splendor of the mountains and valleys. The hiking component takes you diverse trails via the dense forests.
Things to do: Capturing pictures and hiking
Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
How to attain: You can attain there via way of means of doing horse driving from the closest Arthur`s Point area.

Lavasa hill station is shaped via way of means of the Lavasa Corporation withinside the metropolis. It is a assignment in order to provoke the established order of Italian metropolis Portofino. It gives picturesque sceneries inclusive of the well-advanced infrastructure of the metropolis combined with splendor.
Ideal Trip Duration: 1 day
Best time to go to:
How to attain: Catch taxis or everyday buses from Lonavala in any other case you may attain from Pune airport.

Satara is a district in itself, 57kms from Mahabaleshwar It is one of the maximum historic towns withinside the district. The call of the metropolis has been derived from Seven hills, Saat and Tara. It became installed in honor of Chhatrapati Shivaji Shahu, who became the king of Satara relationship lower back to the sixteenth century.
Ideal Trip Duration: 2-3days
How to attain: Railways and Roadway are the high-quality modes of shipping to attain the Satara district. Else you could come from Pune International Airport.

Tapola is a old fashioned valley nearest and 18 kms to Mahabaleshwar. It is likewise known as as Mini Kashmir, because of being a satellite tv for pc village. This vicinity is really well worth traveling to seize the splendor of stunning valleys and sceneries.
Things to do: waterfall sight, boat ride, taking pictures pix of valleys
Ideal Trip Duration: 3-four hours
How to attain: Take any mode of shipping from Pune or Mumbai and take a left whilst you attain Aaram Chowk. From there, you stroll down the hill to attain Tapola.

Harihareshwar Temple
Covered with 4 hills and Sacred Savitri river that flows thru the Town of Harihareshwar. Lord Harihareshwar is worshipped here. Konkan Coast is likewise close to to it, in which you could go to seashores to spend your evening.
Things to do: experience on beach, view structure and seize sceneries
Ideal Trip Duration: 1-2 days
How to attain: It is 132 kms from Mahabaleshwar, so that you higher take flight from Mumbai otherwise lease a cab.
Krishnabai Temple: Visit The Religious Spot
It is placed close to the metropolis of Mahabaleshwar. It is withinside the hilltop location this is taller than the Krishna valley. It became installed with the aid of using Ratnagiri ruler relationship lower back to the nineteenth century. It has Goddess Krishnabai`s sculpture.

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