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Whether you adore adventurous journeys or experience basking withinside the solar amidst nature, or want to discover a laugh and exciting sports in the course of vacation, Meghalaya has it all! Stored in its stunning landscapes and topology. As a nature lover, you would want to go to Meghalaya often, because it has a lot to offer, be its flora, fauna, spices, medicinal herbs, and whatnot! But one issue which makes this region heavenly is its majestic rivers.

There is some thing mystical and spell binding approximately the rivers in Meghalaya! Be it their serenity or splendor, you’re positive to fall in love with them at the same time as you discover this Northeast Indian state. The splendor and exceptional natural world of Meghalaya decorate to a superb quantity because of the presence of those rainfed rivers at some point of the state. We are positive you’ll be awestruck to study the rivers, flowing peacefully thru the dense valleys and hills and growing a tranquil surroundings for all around.

Umngot River
Popularly referred to as Dawki river. Umngot or Dawki, this river is actually stunning! Why don`t we begin with a few a laugh facts! This is a visitor magnet. Wanna realize the cause? Well, it’s miles the cleanest river in Meghalaya. You can be inspired whilst you see the crystal clean water of this river. The water is so clean you could see the river mattress at the lowest with colorful pebbles and stones.
When traveling Umngot, you have to pass for a ship journey. If you appearance from a distance, it’d sense like all of the boats are floating withinside the air, attributable to the readability of this river! Apart from being the Meghalaya obvious river, this river is likewise an vital exchange hub among India and Bangladesh. Now which you realize not anything compares to this heavenly and exceptional region, what’s preventing you from including Umngot in your Meghalaya itinerary?

Simsang River
Now, allow us to journey to the most important river in Meghalaya, the Simsang river. Your experience to Meghalaya could be incomplete with out traveling this river. Did you simply say a laugh fact? Here you pass! Simsang is likewise referred to as Someswari. Amidst the Garo hills, this stunning river will spiritually wake up you with its splendor and charm. When you’re here, preserve your digital digicam on hand because the complete panorama is heaven for all nature photographers. If you belong to the photographersgroup, it's miles a deal with for you. You aren't a lot into photography? Thats okay, you could delve into the terrific splendor of the river and its surrounding via way of means of going for a ship journey in Simsang river. Photography fans can experience the boat rides as properly in the event that they get time from clicking pictures! This Meghalaya well-known river is likewise a superb spot for fishing. We dont see any cause why you dont go to the river together along with your pals and spend an hour or fishing, do you?

Myntdu River
This might not be the biggest river in Meghalaya, however you may certainly omit out on loads to your Meghalaya ride in case you dont pay a go to here. Before you visit go to this region, examine its nearby call. What does it mean?Our mother or father angel, isnt that beautiful?
People of Meghalaya don’t forget this river to be a blessing because it has water at some stage in the 12 months and facilitates in irrigation in addition to enriching the encompassing plants and fauna. We will come up with any other purpose why you ought to sincerely go to the Myntdu river. There are a variety of well-known visitor spots across the river. So, after spending a while with the river, say good day to greater sightseeing!

Umiam River
Add this Meghalaya easy river on your itinerary earlier than you go to Meghalaya. Why? Let us enlighten you! The predominant visitor spot on this river is its lake. Yes, the tranquil and clean Umiam lake is sort of a dream destination. You can spend a non violent day on a houseboat on this lake even as playing the paradise-like landscapes surrounding the area. As a visitor, all of us get worn-out after touring and exploring the visitor spots, right? We propose you are taking a day without work to loosen up and rejuvenate at the Umiam River.

Before we continue any further, inform us, are you an journey junkie? Do you stay for thrill and adrenaline rush? If your solution to those is yes, Umiam River becomes your preferred spot. A lot of water game sports take region on this river, like? Like kayaking, rafting, and boating!

Digaru River
The call of the river is interesting. The call way “water of the Garo”. You have to be curious too, as to the way it become derived. Well, Di way water and the word Garo way the local community of the majestic Garo Hill. So, it’s miles the waterbody of the locals! Interesting, is not it?

Now to a few facts! The river originated from the Garo-Khasi Hills and these days have become a prime visitor spot. The environment of the river are dense and inexperienced which makes it domestic to a variety of birds and animals. That`s now no longer all! The river has grow to be a prime lifeline for the villages close by as well. We are certain you will have a amusing time even as exploring and studying greater approximately this river even as visiting in Meghalaya.

  1. Cleanest river in Meghalaya

    Umngot River
    Umngot river is withinside the country of Meghalaya placed approximately one hundred km from Shilong. The river located in India is one of the cleanest rivers withinside the world. The water is so crystal clean that you could see the pebbles and stones beneathneath the water truely seen

  2. Smallest river in Meghalaya

    Kopili River is the Smallest river in Meghalaya

  3. Number of rivers in Meghalaya

    Here`s a listing of rivers in Meghalaya consists of Simsang River, Umngot river and plenty of greater. Read directly to recognise greater approximately largest river

  4. Pollution level of rivers in Meghalaya

    Its worth to notice that Umshyrpi and Wahumkhrah rivers had been noted withinside the listing of country's maximum polluted rivers

  5. Lakes rivers in Meghalaya

    List of Lakes rivers in Meghalaya are Ward's Lake, Ward's Lake, Umiam Lake, Dawki River, Umiam Lake

  6. Major rivers in Meghalaya

    Major rivers in Meghalaya are Umngot River, Simsang River, Myntdu River, Umiam River, Digaru River,

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the conventional dance and track of Meghalaya?
The Garos of Meghalaya have a good time existence in complete spirit. The nearby folklore has unique songs which can be sung on auspicious activities using gadgets like pipes, drums, flutes and cymbals.
What are the predominant fairs celebrated in Meghalaya?
Meghalaya celebrates Wangala withinside the month of November each year. Often known as the dance of 100 drums, the competition marks the give up of the duration of labour withinside the wish of yielding a terrific harvest.
What are the famous artwork styles of Meghalaya?
The Garo and Khasi groups in Meghalaya are recognised for his or her weaving skills. Apart from weaving Dakmanda- the material in their costumes, they may be well-known for making Tlieng, a unique type of cane mat.
What is the conventional get dressed of Meghalaya?
Amidst the type of westernisation that has unfold all throughout the world, the country of Meghalaya appears to face unaffected through this trend. The ethnic and conventional fashion of the garments worn right here are what defines the exquisiteness of the country.
How are the local community of Meghalaya?
The humans of Meghalaya are hardworking, pleased and pleasant and 3 distinguished tribes inhabit the land particularly Garo (Tibetan who stay in western Meghalaya), Khasi (stay withinside the principal part) and Jayantia (stay withinside the jap a part of Meghalaya).
What is the records of Meghalaya?
Little is thought approximately the records of Meghalaya apart from Khasi country which is thought to have taken up a rift among the British authorities whilst it desired to assemble a rail line via this region to attach Bengal with Assam.
The tribes of Meghalaya persisted residing their life-style in seclusion till its leaders assented to enroll in Independent India.
What is the panorama of Meghalaya?
One among the seven sisters of the North East, Meghalaya interprets into the land of clouds. True to its name, the country is thought to get hold of heavy rainfalls.

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