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If you’re one some of the many who come from an area this is warm maximum of the months in a yr, you’re certain to like your go to to Cherrapunji even supposing it’s miles for some days. Is now no longer being on earth`s 2d wettest vicinity a country of bliss even supposing it lasts for a brief while? Cherrapunji, a scenic metropolis in Meghalaya, is the most effective vicinity in India to get hold of rainfall for the duration of the yr. Nature now no longer most effective showers the land with rain spherical the yr however additionally has been fabulously beneficiant to this vicinity, which is clear from the scenic landscapes right here
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WHY VISIT Cherrapunji?

Nohkalikai Falls
Nohkalikai Falls is certainly the pinnacle vacation spot in Cherrapunji. The breathtaking waterfalls is the tallest plunge waterfall withinside the united states of america falling from a peak of 1115 ft and it’s miles the fourth maximum withinside the world. Falling from a plateau that gets the very best rainfall, the waterfalls roars on its manner down, that’s a panoramic sight. It has carved a waterhole wherein it falls and the waterhole is in blue shadeation in wintry weather and inexperienced shadeation in summer. The perspectives from the falls are surprising. The plains of Bangladesh are seen from right here. The waterfalls has a legend connected to it, that’s gory and it’s miles first-rate left with out mention.

Mawsmai Cave
Like nearly the whole thing else, does nature have a darkish facet too? Yes, you may marvel while you go to Mawsmai Cave offers you a exciting enjoy exploring in darkness now no longer understanding for the way lengthy you were crawling, squeezing and attempting now no longer to get hit on the pinnacle as in a few locations the roof stage is lower. There is a mild machine though, can be it fails occasionally. However, it must upload greater magic in your exploration. When lit, you can revel in the minute information of the cave, information of the formation of rocks and their patterns. A entire paintings of nature certainly and as a result Mawsmai Cave wishes to be visited in your excursion to Cherrapunji.

Dainthlen Falls
Dainthlen Falls is placed almost five km from the city. Legend is going that the humans of the land killed a large snake that lived withinside the cave nearby. The rock carvings visible right here of the snake are stated to symbolize the symbols of evil and greed. Being a gentle waterfall, you could now no longer listen the roaring sounds of water falling however still, the environment is electric. The breathtaking perspectives are a deal with in your eyes. Right from the force to the waterfalls in itself is a surprising sight.

Thangkharang Park
Thangkharang Park is placed 12 km from the city. Overlooking the Kynrem Falls, the park is placed on the brink of a cliff. The one hundred eighty diploma view of the Bangladesh plains are beautiful. So are the perspectives of the majestic hills and the 7th maximum waterfalls, the Kynrem Falls. Yet every other view that captivates your interest is the Khoh Ramhah rock. The rock is of unmarried formation and it seems like an overturned basket of large length and as a result known as Giant Basket. The play vicinity right here maintains the youngsters entertained.

Nohsngithiang Falls
Famously known as the Seven Sister Falls and Mawsmai Falls, Nohsngithiang Falls is the 4th maximum waterfalls withinside the united states of america. It falls down from 1035 ft peak. As seven streams waft down the plateau, the falls is known as Seven Sister Falls. The view of the waterfalls with the limestone cliffs on the backdrop is surprising. The complete environment is serene making it a super vicinity to unwind. The first-rate time to go to the vicinity is throughout monsoon.

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