Olasuni Nature Camp

Olasuni Nature Camp

Camping tent

Accommodation At Olasuni Nature Camp

The Olasuni Nature Camp were built by Govt of Odisha
The cottages of Olasuni Nature Camp have 2 types of rooms
The Olasuni Nature Camp cotages have all the modern facilities & designed in a unique style.
veg & non-veg foods are served to the guests in Olasuni Nature Camp.
Olasuni Nature Camp Total No of Rooms:
Olasuni Nature Camp Tribal Cottages Price: Rs
Olasuni Nature Camp Entry Fee are as per actual

Nature Camps Famous & Facilities

Olasuni Nature Camp Famous for:

Hill Station
Nature Trails and Trekking at Olasuni
Landscapes of Olasuni
Valleys and Nature Tourism at Olasuni
Tribes of Olasuni
Rich cultural heritage

Olasuni Nature Camp Facilities:

Dining hall
Parking Place
Local Odia Foods
Toilet & Bathroom

Things to do At:

Things to do Olasuni Nature Camp

Forest Trekking
Interaction with tribal people
Nature Photography
Star Gazing
Visit to nearby places
Animal Sightseeing

Olasuni Nature Camp
Olasuni Nature Camp

Highlights At Olasuni Nature Camp:


Responsible Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
Village Tourism
Hill station Tourism
Rural Tourism
Community Tourism
Experience Tours
Engage With Local Communities
Nature Tours
Tribal tours Odisha
Countryside Tourism
Offbeat Tourism
Vocal For Local Tourism
Agro Tourism

Olasuni Hills

the Beautiful Olasuni Hills The well-known Olasuni hills of Odisha were an area of notable appeal for pilgrims and travelers alike however recently, it’s been dropping its appeal attributable to nearby intervention and an absence of presidency interest to hold its particular records. The shrine of Arakhita baba is placed amidst the lovely Olasuni hills, which has a lovely story to narrate.Odisha is enriched with many webweb sites redolent in records and memories of the beyond glory and thriller and one such vicinity is the Olasuni hills. This vicinity is located alongside the lovely banks of the Gomati river, additionally called the Gobari river.It falls along the National Highway five-A main to Paradeep, withinside the divided Jajpur district of Odisha. How to attain Olasuni hills: You can attain Olasuni hills from Bhubaneswar railway station, which is set 100km away, or from Cuttack railway station, which is set 73km away and the closest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport in Bhubaneswar from in which it takes you round 1.five hours to attain Olasuni hills with the aid of using avenue. Site of importance: The spiritual Gumpha yatraof Olasuni hills attracts devotees, and in this competition the vicinity comes alive with devotional and cultural activities. The cave competition or gumpa yatra is well-known for a saint named Arakhita. In the reminiscence of Saint Arakhita, on his demise anniversary, this cave yatra is conducted.Legend-Olasuni-Hills-Utkal-TodayImage- PinterestAlso Read: Barunei Hill- the exceptional Picnic spot in KhordhaThe legend of Olasuni hills:According to legends, Saint Arakhita who lived right here 3 centuries in the past become in advance called Balbhadradev. He become born in Badakheimendi, to a royal own circle of relatives of Ganjam. But on the age of 15 he determined to go away domestic and live with saints for non secular liberation.This call Arakhita become given to him with the aid of using a widow who mistook him as a thief looking to steal, at the same time as he become simply accumulating banana leaves from her outside at night.Saint Arakhita wandered lengthy and extensive till he eventually selected Olasuni hills as his Sadhna Pitha (Place of meditation).Following the Arakhita tradition:After the demise of Saint Arakhita, the cave was a holy shrine and have become an area of pilgrimage for his devotees and fans.His disciples comply with the idealism of Abadhuta Bada, in which devotees aren’t divided primarily based totally on caste, faith or creed.As in step with dictum of the saint, devotees are entitled to provide any sort of meals because the saint taken into consideration all meals gadgets ate up with the aid of using humans as prashad. Strangely, the devotees and fans of the saint pay recognize with the aid of using presenting him meat, liquor and fish. It is likewise believed paying meat and fish can satisfy wishes.And ironically, the saint become a strict non vegetarian.Cave-Festival-Olasuni-Hills-Utkal-TodayThe cave competition of Olasuni hills:This cave competition is well known for an afternoon however the honest maintains for a week. Moreover to enhance traveller capability…
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