Tensa Nature Camp

Tensa Nature Camp

Camping tent

Accommodation At Tensa Nature Camp

The Tensa Nature Camp were built by Govt of Odisha
The cottages of Tensa Nature Camp have 2 types of rooms
The Tensa Nature Camp cotages have all the modern facilities & designed in a unique style.
veg & non-veg foods are served to the guests in Tensa Nature Camp.
Tensa Nature Camp Total No of Rooms:
Tensa Nature Camp Tribal Cottages Price: Rs
Tensa Nature Camp Entry Fee are as per actual

Nature Camps Famous & Facilities

Tensa Nature Camp Famous for:

Hill Station
Nature Trails and Trekking at Tensa
Landscapes of Tensa
Valleys and Nature Tourism at Tensa
Tribes of Tensa
Rich cultural heritage

Tensa Nature Camp Facilities:

Dining hall
Parking Place
Local Odia Foods
Toilet & Bathroom

Things to do At:

Things to do Tensa Nature Camp

Forest Trekking
Interaction with tribal people
Nature Photography
Star Gazing
Visit to nearby places
Animal Sightseeing

Tensa Nature Camp
Tensa Nature Camp

Highlights At Tensa Nature Camp:


Responsible Tourism
Sustainable Tourism
Village Tourism
Hill station Tourism
Rural Tourism
Community Tourism
Experience Tours
Engage With Local Communities
Nature Tours
Tribal tours Odisha
Countryside Tourism
Offbeat Tourism
Vocal For Local Tourism
Agro Tourism

Nature Camps

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