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Tripura Tourism | Tourist Places in Tripura
When we visited Tripura, genuinely we had now no longer regarded tons approximately the nation. We had handiest regarded approximately Unakoti, the capital metropolis Agartala and Udaipur. Once we have been there, Tripura opened up its splendor gradually. We had handiest four days with us and glaringly needed we had extra days in hand. So here’s a listing of locations to go to in Tripura.
Agartala, the capital of Tripura
Agartala, the capital metropolis of Tripura is the second-biggest metropolis in Northeast India after Guwahati. But the metropolis has a comfortable tempo this is in contrast to maximum of the capital towns of India. The metropolis is congested, however the tempo of existence is slow. The metropolis holds directly to its background and this is visible withinside the homes and different structures. The maximum iconic enchantment of Agartala is the Ujjayanta Palace positioned proper withinside the coronary heart of the metropolis.
Ujjayanta Palace changed into constructed through King Radha Kishore Manikya in 1901 AD. The white constructing is a beautiful instance of Indo-Saracenic structure and was the royal palace of the Tripura kings. Today the palace homes the nation museum having diverse exciting exhibits.
A background constructing in Agartala
Ujjayanta Palace is surrounded on four aspects through four temples – Laxmi Narayan Temple, Durga Bari, Jagannath Temple and Umamaheshwar Temple. It is stated that the King desired to begin his day through taking a go to to those temples.
Other locations that you could go to in Agartala are the Chaturdash Devta Temple, Gedu Miyan Mosque and the Heritage Park that has the miniature of all of the vital sights in Tripura.
Kalyansagar Lake in Udaipur, Tripura – Best traveler locations in Tripura
Udaipur changed into the erstwhile seat of electricity of the Tripuri kings and changed into previously referred to as Rangamati. Today, Udaipur is referred to as the “City of Lakes” in addition to the “City of Temples”. The major enchantment of Udaipur is the Tripura Sundari Temple, regionally referred to as the Matabari. The temple changed into constructed through King Dhanya Manikya Dev in 1510 AD. The temple is respected some of the Hindus and is taken into consideration to be one of the fifty one Shakti peethas of Hindu worship.
Tripureshwari Temple at Udaipur – Tripura tourism
Kalyansagar Lake is positioned simply behind the temple and provides to its aura. In Tripura, you’ll discover that every temple could have a lake close to its vicinity. The lake is the house to tortoises and is commemorated through the locals.
The different locations of hobby in Udaipur consist of the Bhubaneshwari Temple, the ruins of Rajbari and of direction the Udaipur Railway Station. The Railway station has been newly built and is an enchantment in itself. It is modelled after the Tripura Sundari Temple. White in colour, the station complicated appears mind-blowing and the interiors also are properly decorated.
Udaipur Railway Station in Tripura
How to attain Udaipur: From Agartala, you could both take a bus or teach to Udaipur. You gets buses to Udaipur from Nagerjala Bus Stop in Agartala.
Neermahal is one of the exceptional traveler locations in Tripura
Neermahal is possibly the maximum stunning and stylish structure in Tripura. Do now no longer pass over this region to your Tripura experience. Neermhal is positioned in Melaghar, approximately 25 km from Udaipur city. Nerremahal actually approach the water palace and is positioned proper withinside the center of the Rudrasagar Lake. Yes, you need to take a ship to attain Neermahal. The stark white shape with a purple base appears amazing and enforcing even from a distance. Yes, I experience brief of adjectives once I visited Neermahal.
Neermahal changed into constructed through Maharaja Bir Bikram Kishore Manikya in 1930 AD as his summer time season residence. The palace changed into without a doubt stimulated through the Mughal fashion of structure. You can go to Neermahal from Udaipur or you could additionally live at Melaghar.
How to attain Neermahal: Melaghar is set 23km from Udaipur. You gets buses from Udaipur in addition to Agartala closer to Melaghar.
Timings: 9AM – 5PM
Ticket Cost: Rs.80
Boat Ride cost: Rs.20 consistent with head
Ganesh bas-alleviation at Unakoti Tripura
Unakoti is one of the major motives I desired to go to Tripura. The notion of seeing big stone sculptures at the face of mountains in reality excited me. Unakoti actually approach “one much less than a crore.” There are some of legends approximately Unakoti and the way it got here into being.
Unakoti is a famous Shaivite pilgrimage of the Hindus. There are some of rock-reduce bas-alleviation pics at the hill face, the maximum mind-blowing one is the 30 ft photo of Lord Shiva referred to as Unakotishwar Kal Bhairav. The different mind-blowing statue is that of Lord Ganesha and Goddess Durga. The complete region is surrounded through greenery and forests. Visiting Unakoti were one in all our highlights in Tripura.
How to attain Unakoti: You can attain Unakoti from Agartala both through teach or bus. You can take a teach from Agartala to attain Dharmanagar, a small city 20 km from Unakoti. You can live at Dharmanagar and make a experience to Unakoti. You also can take a bus from Agartala and attain Kailashahar, 10 km from Unakoti.
Both Dharmanagar and Kailashahar have respectable accommodations and visitor homes.

Unakoti stays open from 8AM – 5PM everyday.
Durga photo at Chabimura in Tripura
While we had recognized approximately Unakoti from before, we had now no longer recognized approximately Chabimura. We got here to understand approximately the location after seeing an commercial for Tripura Tourism Department. And we have been absolutely bowled out. I knew that some thing happened, we need to go to the location.
Chabimura (mountain of pictures) is likewise called Devatamura (mountain of Gods) and is placed in Amarpur in Gomati district of Tripura. The location is a unprecedented mixture of nature and history. There are some panels of pics carved at the steep rocky partitions of the hill alongside the Gomati River. These rock carvings are made on vertical rocks at a top of 250 metres. The first-class component is that you need to take a ship trip at the Gomati River to view the giant panels.
The boat will take you thru the river this is surrounded on each aspects via way of means of dense vegetation. It became a surreal feeling to take a ship trip at the Gomati River. The first panel lies right now at the proper as you’ll begin the boat journey. Finally, you need to journey downstream to peer the very last photo of Devi Durga as Mahisasurmardini. Chhabimura became genuinely a revelation for us, some other very robust purpose for falling in love with Tripura.
How to attain Chhabimura: To go to Chhabimura, you need to attain Amarpur. From there take a nearby car or automobile to go to the riverfront at Devatamura. From there, a ship trip on Gomati will take you all of the manner to the Mahisasur Mardini photo.
Jampui Hills
Jampui Hills, Tripura
Jampui hills run from north to south of the nation withinside the japanese border of Tripura. It is the best variety in Tripura bordering Mizoram and stands at an altitude of above 3000 feet. Jampui Hills is understood for its stunning panorama and captivating weather. The hills are inhabited via way of means of the Lushai Mizo tribes and the Reang tribes.
Different season gives a exceptional view of the Jampui Hills. From October to December, the orange orchards at the hills are in complete bloom and the whole place is painted in orange. Come March, the hills are complete of stunning and colorful orchids. The orchid season remains as much as May. The wet season among June to September is certainly the maximum romantic one. There is greenery anywhere and misty clouds roll over the hill variety.
The dawn and sundown from the hilltop is likewise a sight to behold. The maximum height of Tripura Betlingchhip falls on this hill variety at an altitude of 3600 feet. You can get a breathtaking view of Mizoram, Chittagong hill tracts and numerous different hill degrees of Tripura.
How to attain Jampui Hills: The location is 220 km from Agartala.
Dumboor Lake
Dumboor lake – offbeat location to go to in Tripura
This is some other vacation spot in Tripura that has absolutely bowled me over. Dumboor lake is likewise placed in Amarpur subdivision. The lake seems like a dumru (a small drum-like device stated to be utilized by Lord Shiva) and for this reason were given the Dumboor Lake. The lake is forty one sq km in location placed at the confluence of River Raima and Saima and has approximately forty eight islands in it. The small islets appear to be emerald inexperienced dots at the blue waters of the lake.
When we first reached Tirthamukh (that’s what the location is called) and went to the Dumboor Lake, the primary sight upset us. We had blanketed a protracted manner from Agartala and the ultimate little bit of avenue became genuinely in awful condition. We felt that each one the problem became now no longer really well worth it. After all, it gave the look of simply some other lake. We are in my view now no longer so keen on boating and so determined to provide it a skip. Also, that is such an offbeat location, rarely any vacationers go to here. We each have been the simplest human beings there. A boat trip could price us Rs2000! Usually, the boatman takes 10 human beings on a ship, so it will become Rs200 consistent with head. But there have been no different vacationers, so the whole quantity became to be borne via way of means of us if we took the trip.
Dumboor Lake view point – Tripura traveler places
As I stated, the primary sight of Dumboor Lake did now no longer galvanize us, so we determined now no longer to take a ship trip. But some locals continuously advised us to take the boat trip. They informed us that we have been lacking out on a few superb experience. Fortunately, some other organization of vacationers got here via way of means of at that point and that they too desired to take a ship trip. So with a chunk of misgiving, we determined to head for the trip.

And thank god we did. Because Dumboor Lake became out to be one of the maximum lovely lakes I actually have visited. The nondescript lake unexpectedly became out to be an attractive splendor simply as we rode the boat for some mins. The lake is actually vast, the water is definitely blue in shade dotted with some of emerald inexperienced islands. The boat trip became out to be actually spectacular. I became reminded of our boat trip at Inle Lake of Myanmar.
The boat took us to an island that became possibly advanced as a picnic spot. There is production with rooms and toilets, however now all mendacity deserted and uncared for. We stayed for approximately 15 mins at the island and had been returned to the mainland.
Island at Dumboor Lake – Tripura Tourism
The whole episode took approximately 2 and a 1/2 of hours. And we had been honestly glad that we in the end took the boat trip. We might have honestly overlooked out in this area otherwise. At Dumboor Lake, we honestly needed that we had a drone. I am positive that drone images might become marvellous. And to be honest, if I once more needed to go to Dumbor Lake, I might pay the Rs 2000 to take the boat trip and discover the lake.
There is a hydel mission close to the lake from wherein the River Gomati originates. This region is referred to as Tirthamukha. A huge honest is held right here each 12 months on Pous Sankranti (falls on 14-fifteenth January).
How to attain Dumboor Lake: Dumboor Lake is positioned in Amarpur district in Tripura. We couldn’t locate any direct neighborhood shipping to the lake. We took a bus from Udaipur and reached Amarpur town. Buses to Amarpur are to be had from Agartala as well. From Amarpur, we employed a vehicle to go to Dumboor Lake, which is set forty km from Amarpur.
Teracotta works at Pilak – archaeological web website online in Tripura
Courtesy | Wikimedia
Pilak is some other exciting archaeological web website online in Tripura that may be a treasure residence of Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. We had been pretty interested by touring Pilak, however once more time became a constraint for us. The sculptures excavated in Pilak are believed to belong to eighth and 9thcentury AD. There is a massive statue of Avalokiteshwar and Narasimha located in Pilak that appears pretty impressive. We heard there are numerous statues and sculptures located withinside the region of various Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
Pilak pageant is held right here in the course of the month of December.
How to attain Pilak: The nearest railway station is Jolaibari. You can take a educate from Agartala and attain Jolaibari. From Jolaibari, Pilak is simply 2 km. you could additionally take buses from Agartala or Udaipur to Jolaibari.
Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary
Phayres Langur or spectacled monkeys at Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary is stated to be the biodiversity hotspot of Tripura and the house to the well-known spectacled monkey or Phayres Langur. But we had been a chunk upset with our go to. The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary covers a place of approximately 18 sq km, however the area is sincerely a bio complicated having a botanical garden, zoo and eco-park. Tourists are sincerely now no longer allowed to go into the natural world sanctuary region and may most effective input the zoo.
The zoo sincerely has a big wide variety of animals like leopard, clouded leopard, jungle fowl, civets, barking deer, wild pig, lions and so on and a wholesome primate populace of spectacled langur, rhesus macaque, pigtailed macaque, capped langur, sluggish loris and hoolock gibbons. But all of the animals are stored in captivity. We actually roamed across the zoo for a while searching on the human beings touring the zoo instead of the animals. The spectacled langur is the kingdom animal of Tripura and is located withinside the zoo. If you’re lucky, you would possibly see some langurs withinside the wild.
Visit this area most effective in case you are keen on zoos.
Kamalasagar and Kasba Kali Temple
Kasba Kali Temple at Kamalasagar – traveler locations in Tripura
Kamalasagar is positioned approximately 30 km from Agartala town close to the Indo-Bangladesh border. Kasba Kali Temple is a crimson colored temple status in a serene location. The Kamalasagar Lake stands simply in the front of it, including to its charm. Just past the lake is Bangladesh. The area is precise in itself. One can sense an internal calm on this area. We sat under the massive tree in the front of the lake. At the identical instant, even as a devotional bhajan became being performed withinside the temple, we additionally heard the remote sound of “azaan” coming from our neighbouring nation. It became at that point we may want to sense the sanctity of the area.
The historical call of the area became Kamalagarh and Koilagarh. Maharaja Kalyan Manikya after defeating Surja, the then ruler of Bengal constructed a citadelress withinside the region and commissioned the development of the temple. A township step by step advanced surrounding the citadelress and Koilagarh got here to be recognized as “Kasba” (that means town). The production of the temple became in the long run finished with the aid of using Maharaj Dhana Manikya. He additionally dug a massive lake in the front of the temple and named it Kamalasagar after his spouse Kamala Devi.
India-Bangladesh marketplace close to Kamalasagar border region in Tripura
Presently, Indo-Bangladesh border Haat (marketplace) is held at Kasba close to the temple which is likewise a massive appeal for tourists. The Haat is held each Sunday among 9.30AM to 3.00PM


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