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Patna or Pataliputra has a protracted and storied beyond; dominated via way of means of powerful kingdoms at exceptional instances in records, coveted for its fertile lands (the metropolis lies at the south financial institution of the enduring Ganges) and respected for its gaining knowledge of facilities like Nalanda. Today it leads the % as one of the quickest developing towns in India.
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One of the oldest constantly inhabited locations at the planet, Patna became as soon as a thriving middle of worldwide and agricultural trade. It became domestic to many pupils of historical India – assume Aryabhatta, Chanakya and Panini. The metropolis became additionally the capital of the powerful Magadha Empire and on the epicenter of of the biggest religions in India – Buddhism and Jainism – and an crucial vacation spot for Sikhism, any other most important faith withinside the united states of america.

Golghar, Patna
This arresting beehive-formed shape is absolutely the metropolis`s maximum iconic landmark, dominating the listing of factors to discover in Patna. A unique, whitewashed dome with a spiraled staircase, Golghar became constructed via way of means of Captain John Garstin in 1786 as a granary for the British military garrisoned withinside the metropolis. The maximum superb factor to word approximately this shape is that the big dome, 29 m in top and a hundred twenty five m in diameter, isn’t always supported via way of means of any pillars!
Golghar became supposed to be the primary in a chain of comparable systems meant to behave as a safety measure in opposition to common famines withinside the area. None of the other golghars have been in the end constructed, giving us a one-of-a-type constructing which you must-go to in Patna.
Location: Ashok Rajpath, Chhajju Bagh
Timings: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm
Entry Fee: Free
Accommodation: Hotels close to Patna Junction

Ruins of Pataliputra, Patna
Lying only a little distance farfar from the present day metropolis of Patna are the ruins of its predecessor – Pataliputra. The metropolis that became dominated via way of means of three mythical kings – Ajatshatru, Chandragupta and Ashoka – is these days only a pile of rubble, sandstone pillars, timber structures which can have supported a staircase, basis bricks of a Buddhist monastery and carved stone pieces. But dont allow this description dissuade you from touring the ruins (higher regarded domestically as Kumhrar) of what became as soon as the middle of power, trade, arts and gaining knowledge of in historical India. Youll be in proper enterprise as that is one of the maximum famous traveler locations in Bihar, attracting site visitors from across the globe.
Excavated at exceptional factors in time, the ruins require you to apply your creativeness to look what a grand metropolis it as soon as became. The scale of the systems, the opportunities in their makes use of and simply the delight in our wonderful beyond makes this an area really well worth exploring even as you’re in Patna.
Location: Kumrahar
Timings: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm all days
Entry Fee: ₹ five

Nalanda Mahavihara, Patna
A respected seat of gaining knowledge of in historical India, Nalanda became one of the earliest universities withinside the united states of america and domestic to college students from India, Tibet, China, Korea and Central Asia. Eminent Chinese pupil and traveller Hsuan-tsang visited the college among 685 and 762 AD and studied Buddhist theology, the Vedas, logic, and metaphysics. Amply patronized via way of means of the kings of the Gupta Empire, Nalanda flourished from fifth century AD to 1200 AD. One of the maximum crucial facilities of gaining knowledge of, Nalanda is assumed to have 3 big libraries – so big, they burnt for 6 months while the marauding armies of Islamist invaders attacked the monastery in 1193.
About ninety five km from Patna, this excellent scholastic and monastic organization these days tells its tales thru its ruins of stupas, shrines and viharas. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the appeal additionally functions a charming archeological museum subsequent to the ruins. Displays encompass the Nalanda University seal, bronze and stone sculptures. Also go to the Xuan Zang Memorial Hall, constructed via way of means of the Chinese in honor of the well-known traveller, even as you’re here. Spend an afternoon at this non violent factor of hobby and enjoy the super records of the metropolis.
Location: Near Bihar Sharif town, Nalanda district
Timings: 9:00 am – five:00 pm, open all days, besides Friday
Entry Fee: ₹ 15
Fees for Video Camera: ₹25

Khuda Bakhsh Oriental Public Library, Patna
A ee-e book of the army money owed of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Timur Nama, Jehangir Nama; books on Persian poetry, Sufism, or even historical scientific texts – you could discover all this and a mindboggling lot greater on the Khuda Bakhsh Public Library in Patna. A wonder discover for many, that is one of the few country wide libraries of India and homes may also uncommon hand-illustrated manuscripts, published volumes and outstanding art work from the Rajput and Mughal eras.
The -storied constructing that homes the library became finished in 1888 the use of a princely sum of ₹80,000 and became unfolded to the general public in 1891. A bibliophile`s Eden, this ought to sincerely be for your listing of locations to discover even as in Patna.
Location: Ashok Rajpath
Timings: 9:30 am – five:00 pm, open all days, besides Friday
Entry Fee: Free

Mahavir Mandir, Patna
One of the biggest temples committed to Lord Hanuman, Patnas Mahavir Temple is a tranquil oasis in a crowded city jungle. Most in all likelihood constructed withinside the seventeenth century, the temple began out gaining reputation after Indias partition in 1947 whilst a huge wide variety of Hindu refugees from the newly-created Pakistan began out settling down withinside the town. Besides the stunning idol of Lord Hanuman, the temple is likewise domestic to a floating stone from the mythical Ram Setu.
Location: Fraser Road Area
Timings: 5:30 am – 10:30 pm, all days
Entry Fee: Free

Takht Sri Patna Sahib, Patna
Patna is respected with the aid of using the fans of the Sikh faith as that is the location in which the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singhji become born. Takht Sri Patna Sahib become constructed with the aid of using Maharaja Ranjit Singh to commemorate the event. Also referred to as Harmandir Sahib, the holy shrine is constructed withinside the antique quarters of Patna town in a place referred to as Kucha Farrukh Khan and is thronged with devotees from all around the globe. Relics of the tenth Guru like 4 iron arrows, weapons, a couple of his sandals and a cradle with gold-plated stands are housed withinside the shrine.
Location: Mithapur
Timings: N/A
Entry Fee: Free

Choti Dargah, Patna
Just 32 km west of Patna lies one of the greatest and least recognized Mughal systems in India – the Choti Dargah of Maner. A outstanding three-storied shape, the mausoleum become erected in 1616 in honor of the Sufi saint Makhdoom Shah Daulat who exceeded away in Maner and become buried here. Its stunning dome flanked with the aid of using 4 twelve-sided minarets, age-antique partitions embellished with first-rate motifs and ceilings inscribed with passages from the Quran make for memorable viewing.
Location: Maner
Timings: NA
Entry Fee: Free

Jain Temple of Pawapuri, Patna
Pawapuri is one of the holiest webweb sites for the fans of Jainism in India. Located approximately ninety three km from Patna, close to Rajgir, that is the location in which Mahavira, the twenty fourth Tirthankara of Jainism is thought to have attained nirvana or liberation. Jain pilgrims throng the town to go to the stunning marble temple committed to Lord Mahavira and accept as true with they may be absolved of all their sins here. Visit it for its non violent ambience, stunning Jain structure and a hazard to shake off all of your sins, possibly!
Location: Pawapuri
Timings: N/A
Entry Fee: Free

Museums in Patna:
Patna Museum, Patna

A grand constructing built in 1917 mainly for the museum based with the aid of using Sir Edward Gait, the then Lieutenant Governor of Bihar; the shape that homes the Patna Museum is a domain in itself. Created as an area to show historic and archeological reveals of be aware observed in and across the town, these days it presentations over 20,000 exhibits. While here, awareness at the fossil of a 200-million-year-antique tree categorised as a Dadoxylon, the Buddha Relic Casket – a soapstone casket stated to incorporate the ashes of Mahatma Buddha, the 2300-year-antique Didarganj Yakshi, an historic sculpture, and museums numerous galleries just like the Natural History Gallery, which might be for ever and ever notable if youre travelling with kids.
Location: Near Kotwali Thana, Budh Marg
Timings: 10:00 am – 4:30 pm (closed on Mondays)
Entry Fee: ₹ 15

Jalan Museum, Patna
Would you accept as true with us if we advised you that Napoleons bed (yes, THAT Napoleon) is mendacity in a museum in Patna? That, in conjunction with Chinese jade and porcelain portions from the Han and Ching dynasties, a silver dinner set that consists of a thali, believed to had been owned with the aid of using Emperor Akbars top minister, Birbal, Tipu Sultans ivory palanquin and a cupboard made for King Henry II of France…these kinds of and extra pleasant reveals are housed withinside the eclectic personal series of RK Jalan, a cited businessman from Patna who amassed artefacts and antiques over his lifetime. Displayed on the familys personal residence (this isn’t always clearly a museum!) referred to as Quila House, the gathering spanning continents and centuries is an absolute must-go to appeal withinside the town. Do make an appointment as a minimum forty eight hours in advance, with the family, earlier than you go.
Location: Haji Ganj
Timings: 9:00 am -11:00 am (Monday to Saturday); 10:00 am – 4:00 pm (Sunday)
Entry Fee: Free

The town gives many different locations of hobby you may explore. The Bihar Museum with its huge wide variety of interesting artefacts centered at the state`s history, the Buddha Smriti Park with its massive Stupa and tranquil Garden of Memories, the Sanjay Gandhi Jaivik Udyan that’s same elements a botanical garden, a zoo and one of the maximum famous picnic spots withinside the town, and the immensely calming Gandhi Ghat at the lightly flowing Ganga.

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