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Fondly referred to as the Litchi Kingdom, and one of the foremost cities of Bihar, Muzaffarpur lies on the banks of the Burhi Gandak River, at the side of the rivers Bagmati and Lakhandayee. It is known as after Muzaffar Khan, a sales officer beneathneath the British rule. The town is the executive headquarters of the Muzzafarpur district, that’s part of the Tirhut division. One of the biggest industrial and academic centres in North Bihar, the city is well-known for its manufacturing of Litchis
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WHY VISIT Muzaffarpur?

Litchi Gardens
Muzaffarpur being the manufacturer of approximately three lakh tonnes of Litchi each 12 months, the Litchi Gardens are the maximum trendy vacation spot for travelers. Bochaha, Jhapaha and Mushahari are the famous gardens placed inside a 7km radius of the town. The Litchis Shahi and China produced right here are recognized for his or her wonderful high-satisfactory and aroma. Best time to go to is from May to June at some stage in cultivation, and to witness the ripe fruit is pretty an enchantment.

Baba Garibnath Temple
Located withinside the coronary heart of the town, the Baba Garibnath Temple is every other one of the maximum famous sights of Muzaffarpur. The idol of Lord Shiva is living withinside the temple as Baba Garibnath, and consistent with nearby legends, it’s far stated that the Shivling changed into received from the Peepal tree wherein the temple is now situated. The man, who had the shrine built, changed into stated to are becoming the tree reduce down so he may want to construct a residence over it, however while the seven branches have been broken, blood and water oozed out handiest to show the Shivling. The temple now draws devotees in a massive range, and at some stage in the festive duration of Shravan, water from the sacred rivers of Ganga, Gandak, Kaveri and so forth are added to wash the Shivling in.

Jubba Sahni Park
Named after the liberty fighter and progressive Jubba Sahni, the childrens park is discovered withinside the Mithanpura vicinity of Muzaffarpur. Jubba Sahni Park is like that of some other childrens parks, however a visitor enchantment though because of the plush inexperienced trees, shrubs, and the cool grass that the adults like to front room upon at the same time as the children have their fun. The queue of tall lamps throughout the park mild up the vicinity after sunset.

Ramchandra Shahi Museum
In the midst of the Jubba Sahni Park, Ramchandra Shahi Museum that changed into built in 1979 showcases numerous artifacts, statues like that of Ashtadik Pal and Manasa Nag, which can be a divine sight to behold. There is likewise a set of historic utensils at the side of the intricately created statues which might be a primary enchantment of the museum.

Khudiram Bose Memorial
An 18-12 months-vintage fighter through the call of Khudiram Bose, changed into arrested at the side of Prafool Chaki at the fee of throwing a bomb on Kingsford, the then British Sessions Judge of Muzaffarpur. He changed into done in 1908 on the Muzaffarpur Jail and Khudiram Bose Memorial changed into raised contrary the existing house of the District and Sessions Judge. The street wherein the alleged bomb changed into thrown is known as the Prafool Chaki Marg in the front of the Red Cross Building. The ancient spot unearths itself withinside the midst of numerous travelers who want to recognize approximately the escaped progressive who changed into quickly arrested, and took the sentence given to him with a grin upon his face, as the ones of his likes did.

The district of Muzzafarpur, well-known for its academic and industrial purposes, at the side of its temples and ancient historical past paperwork an vital a part of the country of Bihar, and is a region of picturesque surroundings. One of the lovely cities of Bihar, Muzaffarpur takes satisfaction in it`s culture.

Shri Ram Temple
This well-known Lord Rama Temple is placed in small village of Sahu Pokhar. This ancient and exquisite temple draws heaps of devotees each day. In reality going through sheer range of devotees that come right here, then it's far without difficulty one of the maximum visited temples of Muzaffarpur District. The temple is likewise very massive and incorporates many smaller temples devoted to many Hindu gods. And among those many temples is a temple that has a unique Shivlinga that's 0.33 biggest withinside the entire of India. Needless to say, no traveling visitor can have the funds for to overlook this unique temple. Ramna Devi Mandir This is unarguably one of the maximum lovely temples of Muzaffarpur District.

It is devoted to Lord Durga Mata or Maa Durga. Although not like different temples of Muzaffarpur it doesnt improve any wealthy records as such, however what it does improve is aesthetic and architectural beauty. This temples production changed into clearly finished in 12 months 1941 through a nearby businessman known as Mr.Bachha babu. He changed into believed to be a faithful devotee of Durga Mata. But the maximum vital issue is this temple in depend of few many years it have become one of the maximum trendy temples of Muzaffarpur and is still so even today.

Its reputation in such quick span of time is clearly tribute to its architectural beauty. All in all, Ramna Devi Mandir is one of the have to go to non secular locations of Muzaffarpur. Ram Chandra Shahi Museum This might be the handiest Museum in whole Muzaffarpur. At least it's far the handiest well-known one. It has wealthy collections of artifacts and cash from historic records. Although Museum isnt simply in correct condition, however if youre a records buff you then definately shouldnt thoughts checking it out.

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