Damadamani Pitha

Places to Visit Damdamani Tangi


This spot is named after the Goddess Dam Damani, arranged in the midst of green backwoods of Dalijoda and an enduring stream streaming close by. This is an ideal spot for picnickers and devotees. Legend states, that the Pandavas during the exile had stayed in disguise close to the realm of Birat. The timberland was a hunting ground of a ruler, however today is a piece of National Forest Reserve. Tangi, Cuttack, Odisha

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Damadamani Pitha Details

Damdamani Address: Damdamani, Tangi, Cuttack , odisha, india
Best Time to Visit Damdamani : October to March

Damadamani Pitha Odisha

If you’re seeking out a great area for a picnic or organization feast (banabhoji), then Dam-Damani is the suitable region you’re seeking out. Dam-Damani has positioned approximately 15 km from Choudwar, Cuttack . Tourists from distinct components of the nation come right here each yr for a picnic .

Damadamani Pitha, Dam Damani Reservoir, Cuttack

Damadamani Pitha is one of the well-known picnic spots in Cuttack. The area is called after the Goddess Dam Damani, positioned amidst a inexperienced wooded area of Dalijoda and a perennial movement flowing nearby. This is by and large recognized for picnic and Lord Damadamani and maximum visited via way of means of picnickers and devotees.

Things to know about Dam Damani Picnic Spot

According to the ancestors, The Pandavas at some stage in the exile had remained incognito close to the dominion of Birat. The wooded area become a looking floor of a king, however these days is part of National Forest Reserve.

How to reach Damadamani Pitha

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations is Cuttack

By Road

From Cuttack regular Bus services are available

  1. Maa damdamani Pitha

    Dam Damani Pitha is positioned round 12 km distance from Choudwar and 30 km from Cuttack Town. Goddess DamDamani temple amidst the inexperienced wooded area of Dalijoda

  2. Cuttack to Damdamani distance

    58 min (25.3 km) via Charbatia Rd

  3. Dam near Cuttack

    List of Dam near Cuttack is Dam Damani, Naraj,

  4. Bhubaneswar to damdamani distance

    1 hr 21 min (50.9 km) via NH16

  5. Damdamani distance

    2 hr 35 min (79.8 km) via SH 65


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