Pandava Bakhara: A less explored heritage site


Pandava Bakhara

Pandava Bakhara

Pandava Bakhara, Pathapur, Banki Cuttack

According to locals of banki block(pathapur village) , the rock shelter was the abode of the Pandavas during their exile and hence the shelter is called Pandava Bakhara

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Pandava Bakhara, Banki – Tourist Attraction in Cuttack

It changed into this kind of interesting Sunday!! I were roaming round Pathapur village (in cuttack district) withinside the outskirt of Chandaka wooded area seeing that remaining one month, changed into trying to find a cave which preserves work of art from early anciental period.
By 7. 30AM early withinside the morning we have been on the foot of `Pandava Bakhara’ hill which homes the cave at its peak. There is a tribal own circle of relatives that is living beneathneath the foot hill of pandab bakhara valley & we have been assisted through younger kids, they took us to the pinnacle of the hill guiding us at some stage in jungle & displaying us the proper direction to attain the cave.

Rock art Shelter of Pandava Bakhara Pathapur

According to locals, the rock safe haven changed into the dwelling house of the Pandavas in the course of their exile and subsequently the safe haven is referred to as pandab bakhara. People come collectively on the safe haven for joyful celebration in the course of the Rajasankranti every year. The distance of the rock safe haven from the floor degree is about round 1 KM & there may be no unique manner to attain the pinnacle. The slippery direction that one desires to take to attain the cave is complete of huge trees of untamed grasses & thorns. I felt remaining 150-2 hundred meters have been the hardest a part of the adventure because the path turns extra vertical near the cave. It took us 30-forty mins to attain the rock safe haven.

Few years returned a studies group determined strains of human settlements which they said as antique as 4000 years. They agree with that there has been human habitat withinside the hill caves pandav bakhra placed withinside the north-west of Chandaka wooded area. During the three-month lengthy studies withinside the natural world reserve, the group determined historical stone carvings. The number one records found out the artistic endeavors of reptiles, guns and geometrical signs, those show that humans have been residing in Pathapur, Kusapangi and Gayalbank areas, 3,500-4,000 years in the past round 20 km farfar from Cuttack.

The artistic endeavors determined from the webweb page are assumed to be of the brand new Stone Age and Copper Age. The caves withinside the hills were named as Pandava Bakhara, Diarakhola, tiger cave, Chanchali cave, Kalia Taila cave, Narahari cave and Anahat cave wherein artistic endeavors of copper Stone Age were determined. There is a lake located adjoining to the hill close to the Mahanadi River. It is believed that there has been a civilization close to the river in the course of that period. Out of all those, Pandava Bakhara ( pandava bakhara pathapur ) is placed at the best distance from floor degree & incorporates few seen rock arts of historical period.

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Driving directions to Pandava Bakhara


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