Deojharan Fall


Deojharan Fall

Deojharan Fall

Deojharan Fall

Located inside dense forest in Reamal Block at a distance of 16 Kms from Deogarh Town, Odisha, Deojharan – springs is a popular tourist place . The scenic surrounding and flowing falls presents an inviting atmosphere during winter. According to local lore this place in dense jungle was the camping ground of the forces of Bamanda when there was a conflict between Bamanda and Rairakhol due to some trade and commercial passage reasons.

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How to Reach  Deojharan Fall

By Air

Nearest Aerodrome – Bhubaneswar – 300 K.M.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station – Rairakhol – 100 K.M.

By Road

This place is around 16 KM from Deogarh Town towards Sambalpur.

Deojharan Fall


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