Deojhar waterfall | Best Picnic place in odisha


Deojhar waterfall

Deojhar waterfall

Deojhar waterfall is local name called as ‘DianDhar’. Deojhar waterfall is located in Narasinghpur of Cuttack District which is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Cuttack. The Deojhar waterfall is famous for its natural beauty and lush green forest surroundings. So this place is one of the best picnic spots near Dhenkanal, Nayaghar, Bhubaneswar,Cuttack. The waterfall is located in Talapunji village close to Narasinghpur under Athagarh subdivision. The waterfall is about 30 feet in height.

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No mobile network
in this area

No snack counter, hotel, lodge in this area

No petrol pumps in this area

How to Reach Deojhar waterfall

100 km

far from Cuttack City

2 routes from Bhubaneswar

 One route will be Banki – Athagarh – Narsinghpur  122 km. The other one will go to Khordha via Kantilo  114 km

By Bus

Cuttack Badambadi
Bhubaneswar Baramunda

Nearest Attraction Deojhar waterfall

Bhattarika Temple (30 km)
Kantilo Nilamadhav temple (35 km)
Ansupa lake (75 km)
Sarankul (75 km)
Asurakumari (95 km)

Deojhar cascade is one of the lovely cascade in Odisha which is arranged in Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District, Odisha. It is around 130 kms a long way from Cuttack City through athagarh badamba root. This Waterfall is found 80 km in front of the Ansupa lake along a similar course is Deojhar, a delightful cascade set in the midst of the woodland of Eastern Ghats. This Waterfall is popular for its normal magnificence and environmental elements. So this place one of the most amazing Picnic Spots in Cuttack and waterfall near cuttack. One cavern named as Badedidhar is exactly at the highest point of the cascade where holy people were resided. deojhar waterfall distance

About Deojhar And Why It is so Popular?
The stunning Deojhar Waterfall is arranged in Narasinghpur Block of Cuttack District, Odisha.This Waterfall is found 80 km in front of the Ansupa lake ,a lovely cascade set in the midst of the backwoods of Eastern Ghats. The cascade is around 40 ft in stature and generally as yet unclear to the rest of the world.

It is a most loved excursion spot for local people. Be that as it may, as of late because of web-based media this cascade has become well known all over Odisha.

The greater part of the guests say it is nature’s heaven. This spot becomes packed during winter as many cookout parties race to here. Its normal encompassing includes thick timberland, slope, water fall and stream. Since long in a cavern named as Badedidhar at the highest point of the slope a few priests have been remaining.

One can arrive at the spot through the Cuttack-Narsinghpur street. The distance of the spot from Cuttack area base camp is 130 km.

However the Tourist Department of the State has remembered its name for the traveler map, its upkeep and advancement is a long ways behind. Around 2-3 km of its methodology street from Olab town has not yet been built.

deojhar waterfall distance from cuttack, deojhar picnic spot within 100 km from cuttack.


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