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The cave Shrine of Gupteswar, 80 Kms away from Koraput odisha, amidst deep jungle. The Cavernous interior of the Gupteswar Temple enshrines a huge lingam. The Gupteswar is also Popularly known as Gupta Kedra Shabari of great Scenic Beauty Flows by Gupteswar. Gupteswar Temple is believed that Lord Rama when the passed through this region on his way to Panchabati in Dandakaranya.

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This is one of the well-known Shiva temple of Southern Orissa. This temple is positioned internal a cave. The Shiva Linga is a herbal one exists from vintage ages. As this Shiva Linga is positioned internal a cave and it turned into now no longer on hand without difficulty in vintage days so it’s miles referred to as Gupteswar or hidden Shiva temple. After Darshan of Lord Shiva there may be a manner with the aid of using the facet to go to similarly in the cave. This location is internal deep wooded area and there may be no facility to live right here, the handiest visitor relaxation residence of Orissa tourism isn’t always in operation.

Carry a effective torch mild with you. It is higher if every member of your crew bring one torch mild. There are neighborhood youngsters who can display you exclusive formations at a price of Rs 10/-. This cave is pretty lengthy and also you want to have professional manual to project similarly in the cave.

How to attain Gupteshwar.

Gupteswar CaveThere isn’t anyt any direct public shipping to be had to attain Gupteshwar, you need to hair a automobile from Jeypore or from close by locations. Usually rugged automobile or MUV are higher desire for this hill avenue. Even aleven though it’s miles tar avenue however in numerous locations ditches are there and in a few locations excessive slops are there.

Patraput bridge

After touring 12 KM from Jeypore you may go Patraput bridge, that is one of the picnic spot of Jeypore residents. After crossing the bridge inside 1 KM distance you may attain a Y junction. Straight avenue will visit Boipariguda ( nine KM ) after which Gupteshwar, left facet avenue will take you to Lamtaput ( 22 KM ), Machakund ( forty five KM ), Jalaput ( fifty nine KM ), Vizag ( 198 KM ).


Gupteswar roadAfter touring nine KM from Patraput bridge you may attain Boipariguda. From right here left facet avenue will visit Malkangiri and instantly avenue will take you to Gupteshwar. After 22 KM from Boipariguda you may attain Ramagiri Junction. Take proper flip right here and Gupteswar is 12 KM from right here.
From Jeypore Patraput bridge is 12 KM
From Patraput bridge Boipariguda is nine KM
Boipariguda to Ramagiri Junction is 22 KM
Ramagiri Junction to Gupteswar is 12 KM
From Jaypore to Gupteswar distance is fifty six KM.
Before achieving Gupteshwar there may be a lifestyle of supplying department of go away to neighborhood temple ( goddess Dalkhae ) for secure journey, branches of leaves are to be had for one rupee.

Food at Gupteswar

There are restrained alternatives of eating places to be had close to the Gupteswar cave. One working eating place turned into not able to cater the needs of vacationer. So in vacationer seasons provide increase to this character and make certain that they maintain meals geared up for you to your go back from temple. However in the course of competition instances like Shivaratri and Mondays ( of Sravan month ) there can be extra brief resorts presenting accurate meals. Near with the aid of using river There is a river near the cave; you could go to the river after travelling the temple or earlier than that. A chain association is there to guard the devotees at the same time as taking tubtub in river.

Shivaratri competition

During Shivaratri competition devotes from nearby regions and from Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh go to Siva temple and in the course of those competition many stores open their brief retailers presenting all kinds of toys , dressing substances and lots of extra items.

How to Reach Gupteswar

By Air

The Nearest airports are Biju Patnaik International Airport,

By Train

One can reach Koraput by bus or train.

By Road

One can reach Koraput by bus or train.

  1. Gupteswar distance

    1 hr 20 min (51.3 km) via SH 65

  2. Koraput to Gupteswar

    10 hr 39 min (437.0 km) via NH326

  3. Koraput to Gupteswar distance

    Koraput to Gupteswar distance is 80 Kms
    The cave Shrine of Gupteswar nestles on a lush inexperienced hill, fifty eight K.m from Jeypore, and eighty Kms farfar from Koraput, amidst deep woodland.

  4. Gupteswar Mandir

    Gupteswar Cave is a cave shrine committed to Shiva. It is a pilgrim web website online located approximately fifty five km away Jeypore, Koraput District withinside the country of Odisha, India. It is a limestone cave, and its fundamental appeal is the massive Shiva Linga that's stated to be growing in size.

  5. Gupteswar Temple timings

    Gupteswar Temple Opening & Closing Time
    Gupteswar Temple open at 08AM – 12Noon and 04PM – 08PM
    Gupteshwar Temple closes at 8pm

  6. Gupteswar Temple Darshan Booking

    There isn't anyt any provision for increase darshan reserving as there's no need. Darshan will now no longer take a long term right here.

  7. Accommodation near Gupteswar Temple

    Hotels, visitor houses, and accommodations are to be had in Jeypore, which is set 50 km from Gupteswar Cave Temple. Visitors also can choose to live in Koraput.

  8. Gupteswar Temple History

    It is referred to as the Gupta Kedar and is endowed with uncommon herbal splendor. According to mythology, the lingam became observed via way of means of Lord Rama whilst he became roaming withinside the then Dandakaranya woodland with spouse Sita and brother Laxman, and later worshipped it calling it “Gupteswar”. The poet Kalidas too, defined the scenic splendor of Ramgiri woodland wherein the cave temple is stated in his well-known Meghadutam. However, with time, the temple became abandoned. Later, withinside the remaining a part of the nineteenth century, a hunter of the Ramgiri place determined the lingam. Since then the lingam has been worshipped via way of means of the tribes of Koraput region. In Shivaratri (a Hindu festival) Gupteswar Temple attracts over 200,000 devotees from Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. People affected by incurable sicknesses come right here to worship the God and continue to be right here for months withinside the desire of having cured.



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