Hadagarh Reservoir


Hadagarh Reservoir

Hadagarh Reservoir, kendujhar

Hadagarh Reservoir

The Hadagada Reservoir has been raised on the river Salandi, Anandapur, Keonjhar district. The Hadagarh Reservoir dam encompasses huge water source for the area for farming purpose. An splendorous natural environment beauty with high mountains range and jungles beautify the reservoir which is eye catching for tourists. Scenic beauty of the reservoir and flowing stream offers a no of tourist spots attracting visitors throughout every year. hadagarh wildlife sanctuary, hadagarh wildlife sanctuary, hadagarh wildlife sanctuary of odisha, hadagarh wildlife sanctuary in odisha, india

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The different ecological niches and environmental environment of Orissa offer extraordinary habitat for a totally wealthy fauna, now no longer to say a enormous form of flowers as well.
So, it`s quite herbal that many humans from close to and far off lands come right here lured with the aid of using the Wildlife in Orissa. One such region worth of citing is the Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa.

Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary of Orissa lies withinside the district of Keonjhar and Mayurbhanj. It is close to the Hadagarh reservoir of Salandi dam. This vicinity is wealthy in blended deciduous forests and performs domestic to a whole lot of wildlife. The extensive variety of fauna that may be visible at Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary in Orissa, India consists of leopard, tiger, fishing cat, jungle cat, elephant, langur, pangolin and hyena. Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary is likewise the homestead of numerous species of birds and reptiles.

Hadagarh Reservoir

The conservation region of Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary may be very famous with the vacationers who want to appreciate the wild and unspoilt herbal environment. The quiet tranquility of Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary weaves magic that needs to be skilled to believe. So, with a purpose to revel in these kinds of and more, go to Hadagarh Wildlife Sanctuary, Orissa at your earliest.

How to Reach Hadagarh Reservoir

By Air

Bhubaneswar(140 km from Anandapur) is the nearest Airport.

By Train

Jajpur is the nearest railway Station.(30 km from Anandapur)

by Road

140 K.Ms from Capital of Odisha-Bhubaneswar & 120 K.Ms from Dist. Headquarter Keonjhar.

Hadagarh Reservoir


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