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Hukitola Island

Hukitola is situated on Jambu island, Mahakalapara Block in the Bay of Bengal of Kendrapara District. The Hukitola building having plinth area more than 7000 sq ft , on the island was constructed by the Britishers (1866/67) during the ” Naanka” drought . This Hukitola was used to store rice imported from Burma and other places through sea route. in the 19th century, It bears testimony to advancement made in construction technology. The Hukitola place attracts students , scholars and history lovers throughout the year for its scenic location and historical significance. The uniqueness of the Hukitola palace, however , lies in its roof slope in design . It helps rain water to flow down to four big water pots.

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Hukitola Island, Jambu Hukitala, Kendrapara

This turned into applied to save rice imported from Burma and distinctive spots thru ocean course. It bears statement to development made in improvement innovation withinside the 19th hundred years. The landmark , a excellent shape with below floor water gathering framework is picture of the state`s great beyond in oceanic.
The spot hukitola island odisha attracts in understudies , researchers and records sweethearts during the 12 months for its lovely place and true importance. the port and the fort commenced loosing its importance in 1924 whilst the Britishers laid out a port at bogus point.
The specialty of the fort, but , lies in its rooftop slant in plan . It assists downpour with watering to circulate right all the way down to 4 essential water pots. The accrued water turned into applied for the quit intention of consuming with the aid of using the investors over time.
The temperature withinside the district can pass as much as forty diploma C in Summer at the same time as in Winter the temperature can lower to ten diploma C.
Best Foods
You can get meals from nearby Hotels withinside the nearby and metropolis place.
kendrapara to hukitola distance
You can go to right here any time withinside the entire 12 months. Effectively open avenue from all portions of the metropolis buddies with this spot. hukitola island is located in kendrapara Odisha

How to Reach Hukitola Island

By Road

DISTANCE FROM cuttack 100 kms by road, then 10 kms by boat to reach Hukitola

By Air

The nearest airport is located in Bhubaneswar.

By Rail


Permission of Forest Department on Gobari River Bank is mandatory

Hukitola Island – Things to Know Before Visiting

Hukitola is located on Jambu island withinside the Bay of Bengal of Mahakalapara Block in Kendrapara District. The constructing having plinth region extra than 7000 sq ft , at the island turned into built with the aid of using the Britishers in 1866/sixty seven for the duration of the ” Naanka” drought . This turned into used to save rice imported from Burma and different locations thru sea route. It bears testimony to development made in production era withinside the nineteenth century. The monument , an impressive constructing with beneathneath floor rainwater harvesting machine is image of the state`s superb beyond in maritime.

The vicinity draws students , students and records fanatics in the course of the yr for its scenic area and anciental significance. the port and the palace commenced loosing its significance in 1924 while the Britishers set up a port at fake point.

The area of expertise of the palace, however , lies in its roof slope in design . It enables rain water to go with the drift right all the way down to 4 large water pots. The accumulated water turned into used for ingesting functions with the aid of using the traders in the course of the yr.

Unspoilt nature, serenity and a anciental feel, that`s Hukitola Island for you, nestled close to the Kendrapada district. In order to attain this one-day enjoyable destination, you want to take a ship journey that is as thrilling because the vicinity itself. The manner to the Island is thickly weighted down with mangrove trees, diverse thrilling birds and boasts a specific region wherein you may view the lovely confluence of river and sea.

And after you step foot on Hukitola, you may observe that the whole thing is hanging approximately this low key Island. Its excellent property are a rice garage constructing built in 1867 with the aid of using British colonists, which remains operational for rain water harvesting and a small wind mill that stands tall on its premises. Another correct element is while you climb to the pinnacle of this shape and go searching for a 360 diploma view and additionally be surprised to get a glimpse of Odisha`s first lighthouse, The False Point!

If You Like Exploring New Places, Then Hukitola Island

Much has additionally been regarded approximately the Island`s function of retaining horse shoe crabs, that have precise medicinal values. Though there aren’t anyt any consuming and lodging provisions in Hukitola, we’re certain its magnificent splendor will solid a long-lasting influence on you!

DISTANCE FROM CUTTACK: one hundred kms with the aid of using road, then 10 kms with the aid of using boat to attain Hukitola


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