Khandadhar Waterfalls


Khandadhar Waterfalls

Khandadhar Waterfalls

Khandadhar Waterfalls

The Khandadhar Falls is 104 kilometres from Rourkela. Amidst thick forest, The Khandadhar is a glittering waterfall created by a perennial rivulet called Korapani Nala within a few kms. of its origin. 244 m in height it is said to be the highest waterfall in Odisha. 19kms. from Bonaigarh, it is approachable by a fair-weather road but the last 2 km is negotiable, Nearby the local tribals worship a deity known as Goddess Kanta in The Khandadha. The Khandadhar Falls is 65 mi from Rourkela via Bonaigarh, Odisha.
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Khandadhar Nature Camp

An risk free rivulet KorapaniNala plummets 244 mtr growing India`s twelfth maximum waterfall – the strong Khandadhar. The waterfall derives its call from its form which is sort of a Sword (khanda) Waterfall (dhara). The class of the waterfall is accentuated with the aid of using the plush inexperienced scenic forest, making for an awe inspiring sight.

The ultimate stretch to the waterfall is traversed with the aid of using foot via the jungles which provides to the a laugh detail whilst you go to Khandadhar.

Things to do

Tensa Valley: It is placed at a distance of 25 km from Khandadhar ecotourism webweb page, well-known for lovely landscape. The temperature at this area every so often is going right all the way down to 0°c at 0 point. The area seems greater lovely for the duration of wet season and iciness season.
Gudguda: It is placed at a distance of 60 km from Khandadhar ecotourism webweb page is well-known for the Gudguda waterfall.

See to Believe

Below is a visible deal with of Khandadhar Nature Camp. Enjoy the immersive enjoy and enjoy the 360 diploma perspectives and digital excursions which might be quickly going to decorate your visible journey!

Khandadhar Nature Camp

Other Things to Do

While you’re playing the desolate tract at Khandadhar, pay attention the cacophony of chirping birds and trek up the terrain and witness nature at its very best.

How to Reach Khandadhar Waterfalls

By Air

Nearest Airport is Ranchi.

By Train

Nearest Railway Station is Rourkela

By Road

The Khandadhar Falls is 104 kilometres from Rourkela.

Khandadhar Waterfalls


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