Kuanria Dam


Kuanria Dam, Nayagarh, Odisha

Kuanria Dam Daspalla

The Kuanria Dam is located on the outskirts of Daspalla ,Nayagarh. It is built across the River Kuanria, which is a tributary of the Mahanadi. The basic motive of constructing this dam was to help in the irrigation of the farmlands.
The dam is just 7 km away from Daspalla and situated near to Odasar village in Nayagarh. It’s the largest dam of Nayagarh. You can find forests with incredibly lush flora and fauna, a very good nature spot with a deer park in this Kuanria Dam. kuanria dam dasapalla A beautiful picnic place of nayagarh

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Best Time for visit Kuanria Dam

November to February

Kuanria Dam, Dasapalla, Nayagarh

Kuanria, round 50 kilometers from Nayagarh, includes a big reservoir surrounded with the aid of using blue hillocks and a 1.five-kilometer-lengthy dam throughout the River Kuanria. A sizeable deer park extending over 6 acres close to the river basin is one of the primary points of interest. There are more or less one hundred sixty noticed deer, barking deer, and sambar withinside the park. During the winter, a exceptional variety of migrating birds converge to this reservoir. The serene splendor of the hills, river, woodlands, and deer park make the region a famous traveler destination. Tourists can get clinical assist on the closest hospitals, CHC Madyakhanda and CHC Dasapalla. The nearest financial institution to the vicinity is SBI Dasapalla.

Kuanria Dam – Tourist Attraction in Nayagarh

Kuanria, a picturesque getaway, approximately 50 kms from Nayagarh, contains of a large reservoir flanked with the aid of using blue hillocks and a 1.five kms lengthy dam over River Kuanria. Among the pinnacle points of interest is a big deer park unfold over 6 acres with the aid of using the river basin. The park is domestic to approximately one hundred sixty numbers of noticed deer, barking deer and sambar.
A big variety of migratory birds additionally flock to this reservoir in the course of winters. The tranquil splendor of the hills, river, forests and the deer park make the vicinity a miles prominent retreat with the aid of using the tourists. Tourists can avail clinical facility at CHC, Madyakhanda and CHC Khandapada which might be nearest to the vicinity. SBI Dasapalla is the closest Bank to the spot.

kuanria dam dasapalla A beautiful picnic place of nayagarh

Tourists can attain Kuanria with the aid of using deciding on the nation toll road this is related thru Bhubaneswar-Nayagarh- Nuagaon. It is positioned about one hundred twenty kms farfar from nation capital Bhubaneswar and 50 kms from district head region Nayagarh. Kuanria is five km farfar from Dasapalla.

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