Marjakuda Island


Marjakuda Island

Marjakuda Island, Boudh

Marjakuda Island

The Marjakud is a wonderful island of Boudh, Odisha. It is located on the opposite side of Boudh town in the river of Mahanadi. About 3k people are living here. Maa Pitabali is the presiding deity of this Marjakud place. The Marjakud is an ideal place for picnic. Marjakud Island, Boudh, Marjakud, Marjakud Boudh, Boudh Tourism, Boudh tour, Boudh Travels, ISLAND MARJAKUDA, Boudh tourist place

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How to Reach Marjakuda Island

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport

By Train

Nearest Railway station is Rairakhol – 30km. From Rairakhol to Boudh By Bus or Taxi – 30km

By Road

Nearest Railway station is Rairakhol – 30km. From Rairakhol to Boudh By Bus or Taxi – 30km

Marjakud Island, Boudh | Tourist Places

Marjakuda Island

Marjakud,An Island Village.

Once the Father Of Nation Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi stated “The Soul Of India Lives In Its Villages”. According to the 2011 census in India 68.8% human beings lives in 6,40,867 specific villages. In India few villages have a populace of 10 human beings and few have extra than 10,000. Today I am right here withinside the Island Village of Boudh district and it’s miles lesser recognized to others.

The island village is called “Marjakud” withinside the river Mahandi. The village has a populace of 4000 human beings. The village may be reached via Deshi Danga / boats. There is an thrilling peoples story approximately the village.

Marjakud Island, Boudh | Tourist Places

Once upon a time there has been a cat in Boudh. The gift Marjakud village changed into a small rock in the river.The rock changed into so closed to Boudh and it’s miles stated that the cat used to leap from the rock to Boudh. One wet day the cat did not land nicely and changed into washed through the flooded water. After its dying it cursed the rock.The rock went farfar from Boudh and have become large through size.

There are extra than seven hundred households and extra than 4000 human beings staying on this village. Few households left the village because it has a negative connectivity and this case will become worst throughout wet days.We met few antique folks that stated they even don`t recognise approximately their originality.

A properly evolved village with correct all climate avenue and strength facility. Now they’re running difficult to deliver water to each house. Most of the homes are cemented. You can discover a current village right here.

Mahadev Temple

A small temple of Maa Pitadei cand be discovered at the financial institution of river Mahanadi. Maa Pitadei is the village deity.In each activities the villagers are looking for her blessing. Mr. Mohana Meher one elder man or woman stated “Maa Pitadei usually assist the villagers throughout their terrible instances. Many instances it’s been visible that the Boudh is suffering from the flood however the village has escaped.”

Marjakuda High School

For the higher schooling the village has a Primary and a excessive school.As the connectivity is a hassle and the academics comes via Boudh throughout wet days the colleges are effected because of flood. Now a days many households are migrating to Boudh for a higher existence and a higher schooling.

Once upon a time this big island had a few unused land which changed into in a while utilized by the villagers.The most important livlihood of the villagers is cultivation and that they have all of the sources without difficulty available. There are a few wealthy farmers and that they have tractors and all of the different farming equipments.

I genuinely loved the village. The human beings are very hospitable,properly behaved and helpful.
The enjoy,a laugh and surroundings of a village cannot be discovered in a city.

Let me recognise when you have any enjoy in a village……


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