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Mahisashramardini Mardarajpur

Mundia Hanuman Temple

The Mundia Hanuman Temple in the Nayagarh district of Orissa is a unique but lesser-known tourist attraction. The temple is on a hill and people have to go through a hill tunnel, making the journey to the shrine exciting. Therefore, the number of visitors to this sacred place is gradually increasing.

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A brief history

The shrine is located on a hill in the Mardarajpur area below the Kandapada block of Nayagar and is surrounded by nature and scenic landscapes. On top of a small hill at the end of the village is the Mundia Hanuman Temple. Mundia Hanuman is the main deity of this place, but other deities are also worshiped here.
There is no firm evidence as to when exactly the temple was built. According to history, the youths of this region once became soldiers of King Kandapada and fought against the British during the colonial rule of the country. I ordered to build a village called Rajpur. Brave men are called ‘Malda’ in Odia, hence the name of the village.
A small established land structure is sometimes colloquially called a ‘mundia’. This is probably the reason why this temple was called Mundia Hanuman Temple. About 70 temples can be seen at this place. The most important of these is the Hanuman Temple, dedicated to the monkey god.

In addition to the Hanuman Temple

In addition to the Hanuman Temple

the shrine of Goddess Kanaka Durga is also located here. The beautiful decoration of this Pisa is also a feast for the eyes. It is believed that any wish made in front of this goddess will surely come true. After fulfilling their desires, devotees weave sacred garments at this temple.

Here are her two little hills. The Mundia Hanuman Temple is located on the eastern hill, while the western hill contains more mythological monuments. These are – Swayamber Saba of Draupadi, Statue of Bhishma, God with Four Hands (Chaturdha murti), Scene of Lord Vishnu rescuing an elephant from a crocodile, Nataraj, Ten incarnations (Dasabhatara), Maa Kanaka Durga, Radha Goddess Durga of Krishna statue, Mahisashramardini. Today, hundreds of worshipers flock to this place to see the shrine.
Also, with the continued cooperation of the villagers, this place has become a tourist destination. All the families at this place care about the development and safety of Mundia Hanuman Temple.
Visitors will be charged a parking fee. This fee is used to do development work for this site. Due to the efforts of the villagers and the government, more tourists have come to visit this place, but if this place is recognized as a recognized tourist destination by the government, the place will further develop.

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Mahisashramardini Mardarajpur

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