Raghunathjew Temple Odagaon Nayagarh


Raghunathjew Temple

Raghunathjew Temple odisha

Enjoy simple living Raghunathjew Temple odisha

Nayagarh Odagaon is known for the Temple of Lord Raghunnath. It is one of the famous temples in Odisha dedicated to god Ramachandra. This temple has beautiful wooden idols of Sri Raghunnath, maa Sita and laxman enshrined in it. The Kalash top of the temple is made of pure gold. A popular legend associated with temple states that famous poet of 17th century,Nayagar , Upendra Bhanja(Kabi samrat), had composed his magnum opus- Baidehisha Vilas, here at the feet of Sri Raghunath. Ramanavami is the most important festival celebrated in this temple. It is said that the renowned poet of Odisha, Kabi samrat Upendra Bhanja mediated here and attained perfection in the Rama Taraka Mantra. This temple was built around 1903.

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