Poonch has had recognized records due to the fact epic age. The natives agree with that Lord Rama and the Pandavas had visited this place.
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According to a famous legend, Poonch were given its call from Maharishi Pulastya, grandfather of Ravana. It is stated that during historical instances Pulastya worshipped right here for a protracted time. After him the place got here to be referred to as Pulast Nagar, which, with the passage of time, were given distorted from Pulast to Printus, Printus to Prooms after which in the long run to the prevailing call of Poonch. In Kashmiri language Poonch continues to be referred to as proons.

According to Rajatarangini, Raja Trilochan Pal of Poonch gave a hard combat to Mahmood Ghaznavi who invaded this place in 1020 A.D. The Dogra dynasty dominated Poonch from 1850 to 1947 until the worrying occasions of partition of the country.

Poonch has witnessed many historic eras . Around 326 BC while Alexander the notable invanded the decrease Jhelum belt to combat with Porus, this area turned into referred to as Dravabhisar. In the sixth Century AD, the well-known Chinese visitor Huien T Sang surpassed via this place. According to his observation, this area turned into referred to as a part of Kashmir additionally referred to as Mini Kashmir. Around 850 AD Poonch have become a Sovereign kingdom dominated with the aid of using Raja Nar, who turned into essentially a horse trader.

In 1596, The Mughal Emperor Jahangir made Raja Siraj-ud-Din Rathore, The descendant of Rao Jodha and Rao Suraj Singh, the brand new ruler of Poonch. Siraj-ud-Din and his descendant Raja Shahbaz Khan Rathore, Raja Abdul Razak Rathore, Raja Rustam Rathore and Raja Bahadur Rathore dominated this place as much as 1798 AD. From 1819 A.D – 1850 A.D, Poonch remained part of Khalsa Darbar and it remained below the profession of the Sikh Empire untl 1850. In 1850 A.D Dogra Raja Moti Singh laid basis of Dogra Raj in Poonch. Moti Singh who served because the Prime Minister to Sikh Emperor Ranjit Singh turned into talented Poonch as jaagir with the aid of using the Sikh Emperor. Poonch remained a jaangir which had its personal jagirdar below the Maharaja of Jammu and Kashmir from 1850 till the 1940s.

Poonch is referred to as Kashmir-e-Sageer (Mini Kashmir) because of its similarity in appreciate of herbal beauty, climatic situations and geographical elements with Kashmir. It is positioned at the southern slope, Valley and Glens of the Pir Panchal variety which divides Kashmir Valley from Jammu Province withinside the southern and south-western side.

If the sector well-known accommodations like Gulmarg, Yousmarg, Aharbal Fall are positioned at the northern slope of Peer Panchal, then the maximum stunning herbal spots like Sawajian, Loran, Valley of Seven Lakes, Snow Caped Peaks, Meadows, Dhoks with colourful Tribal lifestyles are located withinside the southern slopes of Poonch. These locations are linked with every different via crucial passes like Noor Pur Pass, Jamia Pass, Choti Gali Pass and Pir Gali Pass. There is a amazing scope of Adventure Tourism in District Poonch and it’s far anticipated that Poonch District shall turn out to be the Paradise for the Trekkers, Hikers and Expeditions in future.

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NH 144A:- it is easy to attain the metropolis with the aid of using the National Highway NH 144A which join Jammu with Poonch thorough Rajouri.
Mughal avenue connects Kashmir valley which passes from Buliaz in Poonch to Shopian in Kashmir..

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