Surrounded via way of means of thickly wooded forests, Tosa Maidan is located approximately 10 kms from Khag withinside the mountains of the Pir Panjal variety. The pristine Tosa Maidan valley has been a traveler appeal for closing such a lot of years. Due to its splendid panorama and pleasantly cool breeze all through the summers, site visitors throng the region in hordes. After crossing the top mountain reaches of Drang, Zakhora and a few small villages, one reaches the pasture of Tosa Maidan. From right here, a direction additionally ends in Nilnag in which a splendid lake is positioned that is edged via way of means of tall pine trees. Tosa Maidan is the biggest pasture withinside the location; three miles in duration and 1.five miles in width. Sky-touching deodars fence this pasture, providing a view of a inexperienced carpet in summers. During the summer, the tenting of the Gujjar network and shepherds with their flocks of sheep withinside the pasture gift a riveting picture.
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WHY VISIT Tosamaidan?

This fascinating region isn’t handiest well-known as a pasture however additionally for its ancient background. The Mughals used to visit Poonch the use of this path. It is stated that that they’d built a seven-storey building (Dam-Dam) right here as well. The Basmai Gali(13,000 ft) is the byskip which leads into Tosa Maidan. Another byskip – Poonch Gali – on its proper facet ends in the valley of Poonch. This byskip became deemed to be the safest, easiest, and nearest to attain Punjab in historical times. It is enroute a chief hiking path from Yousmarg that ends in this well-known spot and proceeds ahead. Tosa Maidan has lots of snow capped mountains forming its frame. Also, there may be a extensive variety of untamed plants bedecking the panorama.

The perfume of untamed plants refreshes the entire environment, casting a completely unique spell upon the site visitors. The vicinity is complete of springs; the only in its location at Khag is maximum well-known for the healing homes of its waters. One can both trek the space from Yousmarg or capture a Sumo jeep from Srinagar. The location is hooked up thru roads to locations like Gulmarg and Poonch. The pleasant time to go to this tranquil pasture is among May and September. For relaxation of the months, the valley reviews heavy blizzard and all of the connecting hyperlinks are severed.


Nearest Attraction Tosamaidan, Jammu and Kashmir


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