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Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak

Qila Mubarak,Patiala

The colourful and exuberant country of Punjab, the new seat of India`s cultural extravaganzas is lush in grand palaces and majestic forts.
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WHY VISIT Qila Mubarak?

Of the innumerable palaces and forts, the country boasts of, the Qila Mubarak Patiala, surely holds a unique place.
The erstwhile house of the famed Patiala dynasty, the Qila Mubarak Patiala is a rampart citadelress cum palace, surrounded with the aid of using crenellated walls, battlements and turrets. The fortification but does now no longer in any manner lessen the splendor or the imperial grandeur of the palace.
The palace turned into constructed below the benevolent auspices of Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764. During its days of inception, QilaMubark turned into simply a kuch-garhi of a dust citadelress that turned into later renovated right into a rambling two-storied mansion with an implementing front with complex arches. A huge a part of the citadelress but has been transformed right into a background museum.

Patiala town of emperors, gardens and palaces has a massive background. Quila Mubarak a Historical National Monument of Patiala is located withinside the coronary heart of the town and the oldest a part of Patiala. The palace turned into constructed with the aid of using Maharaja Ala Singh in 1764 .In in advance days, Quila Mubarak turned into only a kuch-garhi of a dust citadelress however later it turned into named as Quila Mubarak. It turned into reconstructed with baked bricks. It turned into once more renovated right into a sprawling two-storied mansion with a grand front with complicated arches. A massive a part of the citadelress turned into modified right into a background museum. The production of the internal palace turned into finished with the aid of using Maharaja Amar Singh (1765-1781 AD).

The royal participants of the Patiala reign occupied Quila Androon or the Inner Fort. Maharaja Sahib Singh (1781- 1813 AD), Maharaja Karam Singh (1813 AD – 1845 AD) Maharaja Narinder Singh (1845 AD to 1862) additionally lived on this citadelress. The Quila Mubarak complicated stands in 10-acre floor withinside the coronary heart of the town and has the principle palace or Quila Androon the guesthouse Darbar Hall or Ran Baas.

The Quila is observed with the aid of using the Quila Chowk and surrounded with the aid of using 3 most important industrial markets, Bajaj Bazaar, the Gur Mandi, and Shah Nashin Bazaar. The Adalat Bazaar begins offevolved from the Quila and ends on the Anardana Chowk.

The Quila Mubarak Complex consists of numerous buildings, particularly the Ran Basa, Quila Androon, Darbar Hall, Sard Khana, Jalau Khana Quila Mubarak Gateway and the boundary walls. Quila Mubarak Gateway is the simplest front for Quila Mubarak Complex which ends up in Quila Androon Chowk. The entire shape of Quila Androon may be watched from this area. It is made from crimson sandstone and includes the outdoors of a more than one domes. Androon Gateway is withinside the internal boundary of the Quila Androon Chowk. The entire gateway is built with stucco work. Upper part of this constructing turned into probable utilized by the king to direct over the features achieved withinside the court.
This constructing turned into built withinside the first 1/2 of of the twentieth century; the Quila turned into utilized by numerous human beings for numerous activities. Today, because of loss of courting among the local community and the Quila, the constructing is loosing its that means for the outsiders or visitors. The cultural significance of Quila Mubarak nevertheless lies in its shape and the manner wherein its area has been applied inside it.

Quila Androon has a grand gateway as referred to above. Central axis is placed with its northern the front wall. It is nearly in a rectangular shape. It is quite simple in outer appearance however the gateway is embellished with stucco work.

The Quila is split in more than one courtyards. Each courtyard is indicating as a palace. Three axis are placed with each court. These are called crucial, the jap and the western axis. West courtyards of the crucial axis are private- residential in nature. The east axis sector is extra for public use which include acting track and art. A passage among crucial and east axis ends in the homes the jyot—a sacred flame that turned into added from Jwalamukhi with the aid of using Baba Ala Singh, the founding father of Patiala and it remains lit until date. The jyot is saved in raised court. Design of the rooms suggests the cause of the production. The Rang Mahal is an elaborately painted chamber and huge in length supposed for royal audience—Diwan-i-khas. Whereas Quila Androon itself is a Diwan-i-am or the general public court.

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