Aul Palace


Aul Palace

Aul Palace, Kendrapara

Aul Palace

Found nearby Aul town in Kendrapara region, the castle actually contains a significant number of its old highlights like sanctuaries, the illustrious homes (rajbati, ranimahal, and so forth) ghodashala (stable) and so on A portion of the castle rooms have been changed over to visitor rooms. The castle neglects the Kharasrota River. Aul is around 100km from Cuttack, the closest railhead.

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Aul Palace

It is arranged close to Aul municipality. It is an antiquated royal residence spread north of 40 sections of land of land. Different constructions like Rajbati, Ranimahal, Ghodashala, Bhandar, Udyan, Pramoda Udyan, Debalaya, Devi Mandir are remembered for the castle. Close to a waterway, it was underlying a tranquil environment. At a closer spot, lies the internment spot of popular political dissident Dharanidhar Bhuyan.


Kanika Palace is a huge castle built by the King of Kanika, Rajendra Narayan Bhanja Deo. It is built on an area of 4 sections of land of land and the tallness of the design is 75 feet. It is arranged in Rajkanika Block and is around 50 km from the District base camp. An exceptionally lovely spot.


Badakotha an unbelievable landmark which was then named so because of its giganticness and furthermore first in the State of Odisha. Multiple hundred years back King Narendra s Palace front rise was called as Badakotha. Waterway Gobari passes in the front side of the structure and in the rear a flood of water called as Madhusagar which is presently evaporated was passing. The other different sides were covered with high dividers. The construction is a tremendous two celebrated building having pair of rooms in different sides. An entry sincerely busy structure is of 40 feet length and 15 feet width both in top and ground. The structure has front side porch and posterior colonnade. Each room is of 500 square foot. The stature of the structure is 40 feet with a bended flight of stairs. The thickness of the divider is 40 inches. On each side porches are laid on round points of support. Altogether the design stand on 5000 square feet region. In the wake of taking a break many pieces of the design were annihilated at this point the shadow actually exists. Among all vacationer spots of this district Badakotha is one of them.

Aul Palace

How to Reach in Aul Palace

By Air

Nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar Airport

By Train

Nearest Railway Stations is Cuttack

By Road

Nearest bus stand in Kendrapara.

Aul royal family Name

All Kings name 1590 to Till Date

  • Raja Telenga Ramachandra Deba- 1590
  • Raja Nilakantha deba-I
  • Raja Balabhadra Deba
  • Raja Gopinath Deba-I
  • Raja Trilochan Deba
  • Raja Kishori Deba
  • Raja Nilakantha Deba-II
  • Raja Gopinath Deba II
  • RajaRamakrishna Deb
  • Raja Prataprudra Deb
  • RajaPadmanabh Deba 1841-1888
  • Raja Jadunath Deba 1888-1900
  • Raja Pitambar Deba 1900-1905
  • Raja Braja Sundar Deba 1905-1946
  • Raja Chandrabhanu Deba 1946-1961
  • Raja Banabihari Deba 1961-1967
  • Raja Sarat kumar Deba 1967-1988
  • Raja Braja keshari Deba 1988-tilldate


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